Don Tacos

4665 N First St, Fresno
(559) 906-0955

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Guadalupe De Paz

(Translated by Google) It is not the best flavor but they are clean, the attention of the staff is good but they are very slow in terms of service.(Original)No es el mejor sabor pero son limpios,la atención del personal es buena pero son muy lentos en cuanto al servicio.

Isaac Bueno

(Translated by Google) Very good tacos recommended by your friends sushi and seafood all 100%(Original)Muy buenos tacos recomendados de sus amigos sushi y mariscos todo al 100%

Yesenia A.

3 mins away from my place and the food was superb! Tacos were amazing, the chile wasn't too spicy either. They're not greedy at all with the meat nor the toppings. Not to mention the staff were very welcoming and sweet. Last but not least hands down the best horchata I've had in a long time!

Shoutout beautifulwords

Best tacos in Fresno! <3 you have to get birria tacos (mulitas) and ask on the side of their consome:) oooor you could just get the asada tacos and those are just as good !the only thing is you have to pay in cash:/

Jessica Arreguin

(Translated by Google) Best tacos in town! Onion and roasted chili peppers !! Vampires are delicious! Everything you have is very tasty! I recommend it!!(Original)Best tacos in town! Cebolla y chiles asados!! Los vampiros están deliciosos! Todo lo que tiene esta bien rico! Se los recomiendo!!

Juan Castaneda


Soraida A.

We went on a search for red tacos and Don Taco and this man is truly one of the most humble and truly has a genuine heart. We will be going back!

Kathleen D.

I love this taco truck and I'm not a person who eats from taco trucks ever. Ever! I had a bad experience from one before, but this one is good and clean and the food is omg great!!! Nice people , not getto. The tacos are with meat and not fat. Lol price is good. You get what you pay for. That's what makes me and my husband always come back for more. It's the bomb dot com. !!!!

Brian H.

I'm hoping I caught them on a bad night but if so it is a horrible night. The quesidilla I got with just chicken and cheese by the time I got it home and went to eat it, I pull the foil off the plate and the entire tortilla is soaked in grease, flip it over so is the other side and other half of my tortilla completely inedible. Then the vampiros tacos I got 4 adobada the entire bottom part of the tortilla underneath the meat had this black char from the grill they decided was either a topping or some extra wait in my taco and to top it off the asada fries I got the topping were decent and the only thing I ate because the fries were soooo undercooked they looked clear and just crumbled when I picked it up.

Neil G.


Best tacos I've had in town. Everything is served hot and fresh at an exceptional value. So glad it's in the neighborhood. Don Taco will be our new spot!

Christina G.

Love this taco truck! We grab food here often. Prices are good and the food is consistently good. The workers are always friendly and work fast.

Ray M.

This is a great food truck.

I've struggled to find a half way decent taco truck in Fresno. It seems like all the taco trucks that I've been to just serve mediocre and inconsistent tacos. Then I found this place and decided to give then a try. They exceeded my expectations.

So it's a food truck, but it's pretty much always there. I've eaten the chicken, pork, and Shredded beef. By far, my favorite is the shredded beef. It's perfectly spiced.

Not only is the meat good, but the toppings is great. All the horns stuff you'd expect (cabbage, cilantro, lemons, chopped onion, cucumber and radishes, but also items you wouldn't expect (boiled lento breads, grilled Serrano peppers, and grilled onions). Oh, and of course, fresh red, green and avocado salsa.

This place not only had great flavors, but gives a generous amount of food for the price.

Nelson Hernandez

Great and affordable. They have grilled onions, jalapenos, and beans on the side for your tacos. Doesn't get better than this.

Estrella Zavala

Great service and delicious food, everything made fresh.

Valley R.

Some of the best mulitas (loaded quesadilla like tacos) vampiros (loaded tostada) and carne asada tacos you'll find in Fresno! All of their meat options are next level. They have a great menu with other items such as burritos, quesadillas, bacon wrapped hot dogs, and nachos to name a few. They also have specialty items such as posole on certain days! Their fixings bar is also on point. You need to check this place out!

That's just the food....the owner and his family are some of the nicest people I've met. They remember you by name and already know what you like. Hard working and dedicated to the craft!

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