77chicken Dessert cafe

3630 Foothill Blvd, Glendale
(747) 255-7299

Recent Reviews

Ana Estrada

Food it’s delicious. And the owner it’s so kindly.


The owner got jokes. She seems to have a good heart. I really enjoyed jjam bbong

Alex Ruacho

Food was amazing and the service great!

Stephen B.

Friendly owner and good food. Reasonably priced for the quality. Aside from the chicken, the Dokbokki is very good. I know Chimek, and these guys do it well. It's a small operation so there are times when things could run a little more smoothly.

Samantha Parkin

their food was good but their customer service too slow

Megan Lucas

Fast and great service! and the staff are so nice!

Rachel Turner

Fast and great service! and the staff are so nice!

Mark B.

So yummmy. I love getting the real hot pepper chicken and the honey butter.

Isabelle K.

So unkind lady who took the order and all the menu online were not updated and changed frequently.This was not the first time having hard time ordering takeout and they never improved.The food was okay first few times but it was horribly over cooked and/or not too fresh this time.Definitely not going back.

Erin L.

I ordered half and half and they put it in a separated box! It was crispy, fresh, and delicious! Very nice service and I will be there again for sure!

Gabby P.

77 Chicken is our go-to chicken spot in La Crescenta. If you love Korean style this is the spot. My boyfriend and I have been going there at least every two weeks because he is so obsessed with their Honey BBQ Chicken & Garlic chicken. The quality is so good, there is no need to drive all the way to KTOWN or go to the San Gabriel Valley for some bomb chicken. The food is worth going there alone, but what caught our attention was the excellent service. The owners are the sweetest people I have ever met, the lady who runs the front of the store is so nice! Pre-COVID we would go inside to eat just because of her hospitality. But since we're not allowed to eat inside the restaurant any more we just continue to order to-go.

Jisun Shin

The food was delicious, and we will definitely be coming back. The place might have had a rocky history, but this new business with a new manager, being open for only 7 months, has been a great experience for us. The sweet and spicy chicken and tteokbokii was so addicting!

Sydney L.

We made a pickup order for 4 different flavors: fried, garlic, chinese (Kung Pao), sweet & spicy. We ordered a whole fried chicken, but we got all 4 flavors boneless.All of the flavors are very good, but my favorites were garlic, chinese, and sweet & spicy. Since the sweet & spicy isn't spicy at all, we are going to order spicy or Hot Pepper Spicy next time.All the chicken orders come with complimentary thick cut french fries and perfectly pickled radish. Their wings are ssooo good! Boneless chicken are tender meat.The portions are very generous, not like some other chicken restaurant nearby. Very kind people. The order took less than 30 mins to pick up.

Dana M.

First time here. I have wanted to try for a while and today worked out. I ordered the half order of Chinese chicken wings. It came with French fries and pickled radishes (?). Three bites and I was definitely a fan!! I had never had this flavor before so it took a a couple bites to get past the initial spice (medium) and really appreciate the delicious flavor and very satisfying crisp breading. Yummy! The fries were fresh and delicious. I also had never eaten pickled radishes before and they tasted so good (the pickling took away all the heat and bitterness). I am excited to come back and try their "signature" sweet and spicy next time.

Michael D.

I wanted to provide a review on 77 Chicken & desert Cafe for some time now. If you are looking for an excellent place for chicken or wings with a Korean flavor, this is it! My favorite dish here is the really hot pepper chicken wings but they have other flavors such as soy which are really good!

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