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Donna A

Professional & comfortable atmosphere. Employees are very kind, helpful & very knowledgeable. Recommend highly.

Stevie Dogwood

Applebees is charging for condiments. Obviously the brand is desperate to generate revenue so instead of raising prices they are resorting to backend charges on the customer. What is next, rationing toilet paper in the restrooms?

hbomb2579 Thaman

Pancakes, Pancakes, sometimes breakfast is perfect with pancakes. Don't eat too many though, you wouldn't want diabetes...just ask Wilford Brimley.

Donna Alejandro

Professional & comfortable atmosphere. Employees are very kind, helpful & very knowledgeable. Recommend highly.

luor ps

Equity in this company may mean shares and stock. Dollars. Applebee's IHOP have very little to offer deplorable service, the late weekend night vomit display from all the drunks coming in for coffee. Horrible wifi connection. Staff unable to pronounce words on menu. And cooks not chefs who have a difficult time cooking prepared frozen food. Buildings in horrible condition. And the smell in some of the bathrooms is sickening.


drove far away to come to a testing to be turned away, they did not specify that I can't come in if I was late. there's traffic at 5pm!!! I got out of work early, missed class to be left out. Total loss! wasted my time!

Kristy Woelfel

I am the owner of a small cupcake business and received a phone on Friday from someone named Carmen Williams who works for Dine Equity Inc. She wanted cupcakes for a Monday delivery at 8am to the corporate headquarters on Brand Blvd for a birthday. I rearranged my Monday schedule to be there at 8am. She gave me a phone number to call when I arrived and she would come down and pay for them with a credit card. I phoned it went directly to voicemail. I waited a few more minutes and phoned again and it went directly to voice mail. The PBX operator was very helpful and tried to ring her desk line, no answer. I tried texting, no response, the operator kept trying her desk and anyone in her department nothing. Finally the operator located someone in her area and she came down to talk with me, but now I had 2 minutes left on my parking meter which was a block and a half away. She said I could come up and talk with "someone", I said if you could take the cupcakes, I will run down and put more money in the meter and come back to speak with whoever I needed to, she replied no. I knew a parking ticket would be costly, so I told her it will be my loss. I think this is terrible, I am a small business, I am the only employee, so not paying me for an order that was placed by someone in this company is a loss for me. Not sure if this was a phony order, but people seemed to know Carmen. This does not make me want to support IHOP or Applebee's in the future. The 1 star is for the PBX operator who went out of her way to help me.

Rick Mahnn

These morons Own Applebees and IHOP pancake house. Dine Equity isn't "Equality". I have done some recent work on finding out just how "equal" oppurtunity businesses are to newly hired people and prospective employees. Dine Equality FAILED at all standards for equally hiring people. Most businesses this day in age resort to using automated hiring systems, because managers lack the ability to use common sense and leave it up to a bunch of botched programmers from outside the normal methods of hiring. Dine Equality did JUST that. They have an automated system they use for prospective applebees employees, and this system is extremely fraudulent.

David Kleaver

Applebees Kapolei Hawaii I have eaten at Applebees in many locations across the country and have always been overwhelned with cheerful faces, great food, and overly attentive staff. However, my experience at Kapolei began with a not so friendly gentleman and seated with my wife, daughter and grandkids. Let me say that this was New Years day and the restaurant was less than half full and appeared to be adequately staffed. 10 minutes before being approached. Ordered drinks and 5 waters but only recieved 4 waters. After another 10 minute wait No drinks. Had to remind the shift manager and had observed that the drinks were sitting on the bar the whole time. Beer was already warm Margaritas tasted watery. It went downhill from there. Kids meal was wrong and was told so but they left it on the table. Another 10 minutes and the right kids meal is brought out and placed next to the wrong meal, neber offering to remove it. Then it gets better. Twice they tried to give my wife wrong orders. She never did get her meal. All food that we did recieve was warm not hot and we waited over an hour elapsed time to get the meals that were served. No water refills or drink refills the entire time. No one approached our table until I had to loudly request the shift manager. I have never written a negative review nut this restaurant is defunct as an eatery. Another couple had the same issues when we first sat down and we played it off....until we experienced it ourselves. This was by far the worst dining experience at any chain ever. After wasting over an hour and a half we walked. They did not charge us for the food but did charge us for the drinks. I'm ok with that. We had to go to Chili's so my wife could eat. Totally unsat. Staff totally ignored the patrons even when waving directly at them. As am after note, all restaurants (and there are many) had half hour wait lists, except Applebees. Think this might be an issue that corporate needs to address. The whole experience could be categorized as "catastrophic".. Thank you and I am sure this is correctable on your end

Christopher Black

This is one of the best AB's I've ever been to. The service was top notch & their kid's menu left NOTHING to be desired.

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