Bacari GDL

757 Americana Way, Glendale
(818) 696-1460

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As an overall experience it was really disappointing to be at a restaurant for the holiday to deliver such a poor experience. I believe the only decent part was an employee I believe his name was Jesus did good best to make sure he was accommodating and we were happy & warm. To get our first initial order it took about 10 minutes to be approached and have an order placed. The food came out at completely separate times and the ones who ordered 2 beverages didn’t even get them. The food was mediocre at best and when we sent back the burger to have a fried egg put on top they sent us the same burger which was cold. The lamb and eggplant had minimal flavor and way to much sauce. All in all I know the place has outstanding potential but was really disappointed. I’ll definitely give it another shot because you can tell it was just a really busy night.

opentable dinner

We were celebrating my friend passing the California law board exam. The server was great, even though it was hard for him to hear us through our masks. He brought out a dessert with candles and sang a “happy passing the bar” song he made up on the spot!

opentable dinner

Bacari is consistently excellent. Love the food, flavorful cocktails. Brilliant staff and cool vibe.


Pros: The pizzas, mac & cheese, and brussel sprouts were good. The atmosphere was decent. We were seated in the outdoor tent with heaters. Cons: Our server was either having a very bad night or he does not like working with the public. We brushed off his indifference to us during the meal, but at the end of the meal when we discussed the bill he had a bad attitude. He found it strange that we wanted a printed copy of our bill. He thought he would just verbally tell us the bill was over $200, not give us a print out of it, and expect us to pay it without looking it over. When we insisted we would like a printout of it before paying he got huffy - actually tossed it at us when he returned with it. Who pays that high of a bill without seeing all the charges? Bacari also adds 4% service charge for benefits. My issue with this is, I have no idea who is receiving these health benefits. I would rather tip generously and let the server have the money.


good selection on the menu, good service, adds up so be careful - we had just 4 side plates and a glass of wine each and it was $$$


Great food. We were seated outside and it was raining, so the way it was set up under the tents made one of our guests get wet. We were one of only a couple of tables seated outside, yet oddly enough they sat the other table right next to us. It was an odd set-up for Covid and not great for rain... but both these things are easily solved.


Beautiful bustling setting. Food is delicious and brought to you when ready by whatever server is available. Makes it fun. Every server was so nice and friendly. Love this place. Quaint and friendly restaurant / be nestled in the huge Americana. It’s a sweet escape from the commercial bigness all around.


Food was really good and fairly priced. Service at this location was fantastic.

opentable dinner

Table was ready, quick and friendly service, delicious tapas! Went for Christmas Eve and it’s at Americana at Brand so it was great to walk around. The doors were open and felt trendy and clean. The staff was great! Happy we made reservations!


Mushroom pizza ?


Great tapas! Brussels sprouts my fav and that Pear pizza. Bread pudding was Amazing. Stopped here on our way to Decansco Gardens. Great service too.


The service was amazing and their recommendations did not disappoint.


Best outdoor dining experience! Great ambiance and the waiters/staffs were friendly and helpful on which dishes to get!


AMAZING food and service and vibe! This is honestly one of my favorite restaurants in LA.


Very crowded and busy place. The menu offered many interesting dishes and the best we had was the mac & cheese lobster. Just perfectly prepared with right amount of seasoning and crunch to cheese. We were offered a new wine bottle menu and the $28 for a cab was surprisingly very nice. Inside was packed and we sat in their tent dining area which was cool even with the gas heater running full blast. Many of the guests kept their coats on during dinner. More heaters needed. Food pricing is reasonable and the staff very friendly and helpful

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