Berolina Bakery & Pastry Shop

3421 Ocean View Blvd, Glendale
(818) 249-6506

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Theresa C.

My sister bought a Princess Cake from this bakery for my birthday & it is the best birthday cake I've ever had. I will definitely order from this bakery the next time I need a cake for any occasion.

Christine H.

You can place your order online and pick up your order to go. It's super convenient and easy to do. This was my first time trying Berolina's after my brother's girlfriend introduced us to it. We had the Princess Cake, and it was delicious! I had TWO slices. The fondant tastes like actual fondant with that yummy almond taste, and the cream is so fresh and pairs well with the custard and raspberry filling. The cake itself was moist and fluffy, and didn't harden after being in the fridge. I will definitely be buying from Berolina's in the future, it's is very affordable, and better than any cake I've ever had (even better than Porto's!)

Beverly S.

My mother and I have been coming to this bakery for a while now. By a while I mean years, since I could remember. Service was always good so I'd usually go in there and request a couple items from time to time. I am unsure why this person in particular has changed her attitude completely towards us. To back what I'm saying here's the back story to this. I go in there request two sandwiches roughly at 7:00-7:10am or just anything aside from a pastry. They say "we don't serve sandwiches until 8:30am." So I simple say okay that's fine and I proceed to order pastries. Long story short 15-20 minutes go by I'm enjoying my coffee and bread and I see a costumer sitting down next to me eating a sandwich. Which to me does not add up at all, since she had just told me they don't serve them till 8:30am. Moving forward I request for a butter to put on my bread, this person states "next time we're going to have to charge you for the butter." Same thing, I see people request it and it's free of charge. At this point I am unsure what the situation is here, but I simply ignore it.Some might say why I continue to go there, well I love some of the pastries they carry and it's convenient for me to go there. However, it is very unfair that this person in particular acts the way she does. I honestly have never experienced this with any of the rest of the workers there. As they give satisfactory costumer service. I guess I'll have to wait and see what time tells. As a result, this is why I give this place two stars.

Elizabeth F.

My daughter and I now regularly visit this cute bakery. The fresh loaves and curry chicken are wonderful. The staff is courteous and listen to your needs with a friendly smile- even during fires and COVID! We were saddened when an impolite customer came down on the staff for insisting we enter a few at a time, but they handled the situation well and kept the store, customers, and staff SAFE by sticking to the guidelines of our county. That is EXACTLY why I as a teacher and my daughter return to this bakery. Bravo!

Susan M.

Wow. I'm new to the neighborhood and feel like I've hit the jackpot! Charming store. Clean. Touchless checkout and an electronic customer loyalty program tied to your phone number. There was so much to choose from, but I ended up getting their fresh fruit Danish and an oatmeal cookie. Both were amazing. The Danish was LARGE. Great value. I think I've found THE neighborhood bakery!

Hannah H.

I found Berolina Bakery when I was trying to see if any bakeries sold individual slices of princess cake. It's an unusual request so I wasn't expecting to find anything, but I'm so glad I did! I placed my order over the phone and did a contact free pick up in the back without even needing to find a parking spot. Everything went smoothly and my order was perfect. Aside from the cake I also got a couple old favorites, mazariner and dammsugare, and everything was fresh and so delicious! I can't wait until I have another excuse to stop by and try more!

Mike O.

Due to the current circumstance with COVID, I decided to bake some bread and chose for my first attempt Olive bread and then on a Zoom call with some friends one of them said that she buys her Olive bread from Berolina and it was great. Well, I thought mine was good, but since I wanted to make sure I wasn't biased we made plans to visit.The bakery definitely sticks to safety and do not allow any mask free people inside and only three people at a time. They have the outside marked off with designation points, but then also have some umbrellas to combat the heat since there is no shade trees (nice touch).When we went inside we could see they definetly had bread as many types were stacked up for view and purchase. We bought ours in advance on their website in advance to make sure it did not sell out but they had a lot. In addition they have a number of pasteries and other sweet and savory treats. They love their poppyseed items there and I joked around with the nice lady to helped us to that effect. While I'm sure those are good, I'm not big on poppyseed items, but we got a number of other treats that we were eating days later. The bread was good for sure and I can see why my friend buys it there so we have now bookmarked Berolina and look forward to future visits.

yodotdog c.

Still delivering high quality products despite the covidd pandemic. They follow all the sanitation guidelines. A few tables out side for getting a sammy, salad, pastry and coffee.Best staff!Thank you Berolinas for all you do to keep us stocked up with great bakery goods.

Shay A.

I love my neighborhood bakery for so many reasons. This past weekend was my bday, I called them to see if they had the princess cake in stock around noon. The gentlemen I spoke to said we don't have it at the moment but don't you worry I'll make one for you today !! I was pleasantly surprised and so happy when he did that. I love the princess cake !!! when you go there don't forget to get their fresh baked breads. They are always so fresh. My favorite is the rosemary bread. I'm also so thankful that they take all the precautions to keep us safe during the pandemic. Shop local support your neighborhood shops. They are working so hard for us.


Amazing food, bad service, if you call to order they say you have to do the order online, their website always have problem. It gives messages that the order will be ready in 2 hours or so or next day. Every time we were there either that were out of egg for egg sandwich or out of princess cake slices... this is on Saturday morning... very disappointing And the worse thing is they forget to tell you after waiting 30 min for your sandwich and asking them... then they remember that they forgot to tell you they ran out of ingredients...Some of their workers are very incompetent

Talissa M.

The princess cake is always delicious. Their sandwiches are tasty too. Their staff is friendly and helpful.

Scout B.

Such a cute little place! Stopped in to get my doctors office something sweet! Their prices are amazing. Nice little patio dining out front that I'll have to come back to and try their lunch!

Ron F.

My mom was Swedish and I lived in Sweden for a few years. So when I saw there was a bakery close to me that had Princess cakes and Limpa bread and Dammsugare etc I had to try it. And WOW.... I was not disappointed!! Everything I've had here is incredible. I can not recommend them highly enough.

Barbara-Jo Carlon

Cleanest place I shop in and staff is friendly, courteous, and make sure everyone wears masks and are safe distancing. Also like that no cash is involved. We use credit card. Thanks for being there for us.

J Muraoka

I love Berolina Bakery! They are so kind and friendly! They have gluten free items which are delicious! I love how they have adapted to change and we can still get all the things we love and stay safe!

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