Better Fresh Burger

140 S Brand Blvd #118, Glendale
(818) 945-5551

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Nash Ochoa

This place is superb and roomy, the menu was enchanting and the prices were very fair. rapidly, effective service and very attentive staff members. I highly recommend this place.

Wendy J.

We love this place, especially my husband, anytime I ask him where he wants to eat it's always better fresh burger! I'm hoping sometime I can meet the owner because I hear that he started off at Bob's big boy and Toluca Lake, as did I! We highly recommend any better fresh burger, we will be back looking for you Frank

Adam A.

Good juicy burgers. Next time I want to try their breakfast.

Sung P.

I heard this place closed down!! their customer service! And burger Since like they have no customer , it's very slow! Employees keep changing and changing! I guess the business is slow and their rent and minimum wage is going up

Sophia W.

Came here two days ago with my brother and had a great experience. The working staff showed excellent customer service and they were very attentive and friendly. The food was very fresh and I have never tasted such a tasty burgers like this one's.The selection of the burgers is awesome here. I will definitely return here again.

Dominic J.

Honestly this location is horrible compared to its Burbank location. The workers are just there to be there basically. And they're literally ALWAYS out of their green sauce that they carry at the Burbank location. We live walking distance to this place and would rather go to Burbank. I don't understand the point of this location.

B C.

Burger was just ok. Everything seemed fresh but not terribly special. Fries were meh. I could only eat half the burger as it was mushy. I tried but not great. Service was wonderful, restaurant seems clean and organized. Maybe just caught them on a bad day.

Lauren Braun

I really like this place, but I hate it when places don’t open they say they did. I sat from 845 until 905 waiting for the store to open at nine, no one came in, no lights were on, and now I’m not gonna be able to get breakfast before work. This is happened on multiple locations, if you don’t plan on being there at nine to open your doors, I suggest moving your open time.

Al Apodaca

Great burgers, burritos, always fresh, great prices!

Jimmy Rosas

Got very good reception and my food was not only made quickly, but was also very good.

Rudy H.

I had a chicken burger and it was not good at all. The jalapeí±os on the counter were very dried as were the banana yellow peppers....terrible taste on the burger. Just head out to in n out which is across the street.

Norman J.

I kept passing by and seeing this new spot across from Americana and finally decided to try it out for lunch. Inside was spacious and very clean. I decided to go with the classic burger and fries combo. They didnt start making the burgers until the order was placed and the patties looked quite large in the grill so I was glad I didnt order a double patty. When the burger came out I was surprised how well put together it looked and after opening it up, the ingredients looked so fresh! They put lettuce, tomato, red onions, and cucumber on the burger! For the spead they use a very light application of their "special" sauce which seemed to be like a light miracle whip. The burger was seasoned well and durring the first bite my tastebuds said WOW! As for the fries, they were plentiful, soft inside, and crispy outside, with just the right amount of seasoning to not be overpowering. I felt that the proportion of the meal was very good and the price was very reasonable. No tiny overpriced meal like the local competition! This will probably be my new go-to spot in the area for burgers but they also have a large assortment of other items, including breakfast, when you're feeling like something different.

Cece L.

Ordered breakfast and liked the pancakes and bacon. The eggs were 'scrambled' but looked like minced eggs. The drink choices were okay. They don't offer half and half for coffee only the flavored creamers in packages. The iced tea was good. It was nice that they offered breakfast at lunch time but the eggs were gross!

John Q.

Just a old fashioned, juicy well seasoned burger with juices flowing down your face. The ingredients here really make all the difference. The beef patties are from grass fed beef and the veggies are fresh and surprisingly, the cucumber instead of pickle works for that nice crunch. Fries are crispy and comparable to curly fries. Service has always been prompt and super friendly! I love this place , I might even say In N out has got nothing on these burgers :O

Cheyenne Klascius

Great burgers and fries ! They also serve breakfast all day like the blueberry pancakes.

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