3826 Foothill Blvd, Glendale
(818) 249-9402

Recent Reviews

Omar Huerta Tobon

Is always good,no matter what u choose taste good!!!

hyunie kang

good food when you're craving fast food~ great chili cheese fries and sandwiches and burgers~ great variety of foods for when you aren't sure what you want~ highly recommend getting the ranch dressing!

Nick Fox

Nice place with great service.

Jamie C.

I've only visited once because I was craving chili cheese fries. The drive-thru was a bit long even though I was only the third car there. But they are super generous with the fries even for a small! Totally worth it! I also ordered the pastrami dip. It had a lot of meat and soft bread. Overall I would go back for the chili cheese fries.

Tom K.

The is consistent and the portions are generous. I don't mind waiting in the slow line too much as you know your food is being made fairly fresh. Vegans would not enjoy Everest and that is a good thing in my opinion. My wife likes the taquitos with rojas sauce and I usually get a chili burger or the Gyro. Good food.

Home Q.

The best of the best interior I've experienced with a cafeteria. Their desserts were perfectly awesome and admirable. A loyal customer here forever! I won't forget to recommend this cafeteria to my colleagues and relatives for sure. The most attractive place to visit. Trust me! You will never be disappointed for sure!

Melody Paulino

That fried mushroom is really good and I love their Greek Salad

Rebecca Durán

Really good! 1st time here but I'd go back. Amazing burger and fries along with a great menu to suit anyone's food desires. Outdoor seating in the shade for now. I'm glad we stopped here for a bite to eat.

Sam Schofield

Super juicy angus burgers that are worth the money. They always give you a huge heap of really nice fries, and never skimp on anything.

Rommil F.

This is our first time coming here. My wife ordered her tuna salad. And I ordered their bacon cheeseburger and a side of onion rings. Wow!! Their servings are really big!! And of course, really good!!! We didn't expect that much food. We don't usually frequent fast food joints and burger places but today, when we saw it, we decided to just check it out. It didn't disappoint The service lady behind the counter, Mirella, was very friendly. Very good service! Very good for a first impression. Good job Everest!! 5 stars definitely! Highly recommended!!!


This is a great sandwich shop This is a must stop when we are in town. There are tables outside for those that eat in.

Young No

GREAT burger place with spectacular menu! Highly recommended.

Anna S.

Anytime you are craving a burger this is the place to be. I enjoyed my cheeseburger today, meat cooked perfectly and full of flavor. My husband got the chili burger which was his first time trying. He enjoyed it as well. We got side of fries, onion rings and fried mushrooms. Onion rings where my favorite mushrooms my husbands. Food is always fresh, which sometimes you don't find with a drive through fast food place. Definitely a must try!

Chaton Irvin

The employees were fantastic! Answered every question. Big smiles and my orders were correct.

Bill W.

Everest has the best burgers on the hill. Cooked to perfection with onion rings to die for! Everything my wife and I have sampled has been 5 star all the way. Lots of local plumbers and craft people know about this place. Try the pastrami sandwich, spectacular choice. Nothing better on the hill. I've tried other restaurants but Everest rules them all. Good Jewish deli quality pastrami. We stop by at least once a week for lunch. Can't stay away.

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