3826 Foothill Blvd, Glendale
(818) 249-9402

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Shant Garabet

Great lunch spot for a quick bite.

Hilary Petrizzo

My husband first grabbed me their grilled chicken salad in April of 2020 and it has become my ultimate COVID times comfort food. Healthy, yummy, and there for me. Plus my kids love the cheeseburgers and root beer floats.

Arman Zograbyan

Hash brown? I don’t think this looks anything like hash browns. Asked for well done crispyLooks like a pill of chopped up potatoes not even cooked

jimmy yee

This place consistently has great service very friendly food is good and tasty and always consistent breakfast burritos are our go-to we grab a few before we go to the game grab some burritos when we don't want to cook morning breakfast been coming here for over 12 years

Raymond Paul L.

Best 2/3 burger , pastrami. Omelets, gyro. Staff are nice , place is clean . Quick and good service

Billy Bob 6.

Good breakfast burritos and they give you a buttload of French fries. Everything else is just...weird and kinda gross. Their bean and cheese burrito has lettuce in it, for instance...wtf? Nothing more delicious than soggy, hot lettuce in a bean and cheese burrito, right? Their burgers are odd as well...I taste cinnamon in the seasoning...bizarre. Another negative: this is the longest drive-thru wait time you will ever experience. If there are more than a couple cars get ready for a 15 minute wait or longer.

M. L.

Tonight we decided to order dinner from Everest got the burger and fries and they were okay. Also ordered a Caesar salad that had tomatoes, kalamata olives and everything was so salty


Loved this place except for the cashier. I chose not to mention her name because it's hard to find a job now a days. She was rude. No smile no sense of humor. She looks like shes pretty annoyed to herself or somethingOtherwise. I loved the fried mushrooms and they served a lot. For $10 dollars I can feed my parents and two kids. Will definitely come back again

Team t.

Always messing up chili fries and they always ask no cheese and I say yes and those fucks always put cheese not to mention I got some weird stomach virus from eating just the fried zucchini and ranch fuck this place I understand messing up one or two times but it's every damn time I come and get food

Peter C.

I enjoy the food. BUT, in this days of covid and hygiene awareness, I am disappointed to see the workers not wearing their masks while preparing the food. I also saw only one person wearing food handling gloves. The cashier shook hands with a patron, handled money and also packaged foods. I think Everest can do better training and practice of hygiene.

javier rivera

Delicious burgers (pastrami burger add avocado is the best) and when I want to be on the healthier side I order their chicken cesar salad it's the best.

Brian S

Everest has a wide variety of food, but the best of the lot are the burgers and fries. The burgers are tasty and the fries are plentiful. All of their sides are pretty large. The staff isn't particularly friendly, or helpful, but the food is good. There's plenty of seating, plenty of parking, and a drive-through. The bathrooms and dining area are both very clean. If you're looking for a good burger and sides, or fair other cuisine, this is a great place.

Kellie Gray-Escobar

Food is always hot fresh and delicious . Family loves eating here

Shannon S.

9/2021 update: They started watering down the dressing. Great. Their salad dressing was the #1 thing I loved about Everest. First they changed their crackers. Then they stopped giving you crackers. Now they water down the dressing to where you can barely taste it. Thanks. Just charge more if you have to! Don't destroy the quality of your food morons!

Juice Daddy

Quick service, great prices and the food goes hard! I always know where to get good fries and onion rings...WAY better than McDonald's!

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