Fish King

722 N Glendale Ave, Glendale
(818) 244-2161

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Drew F.

Excited to find this spot! Sushi grade fish & everything you need to make sushi ready to go. I ordered sushi grade salmon, yellow tail, salmon poke & tuna poke. Also purchased ginger, ponzu sauce & large seaweed sheets. They even slice the fish fir you no extra charge. Got home & tried all. Exceptional! However the salmon poke was def "fishy." We couldn't finish the salmon poke. It was the only disappointment in the experience. But, I'll give it a pass & hopefully be better next time. Do they do samples? I doubt it. How can one gauge fish smell level before purchase? Hmm.Extremely clean interior & exterior. Very friendly & knowledgeable staff. I didn't order anything from the "cooked/restaurant" side but looked nice. Covid precautions taken here, spaced out & only so many ppl allowed in at once. Great attention to detail. Looking forward to another visit.

Karla B.

The food is delicious and fresh! The customer service is superb! There's an employee- Eddie, he's the best! He greets with a warm smile, remembers my name and knows exactly how I like my poke bowl. I simply love this place!

Jen B.

Updating in Sept 2020--came for pickup and they're doing great, food's still amazing, employees doing great work. I'm writing this specifically to hopefully reach out to the clientele who come to this place for pick-up now.I personally witnessed at least four consecutive Karens in the span of the 25 minutes I waited for my order today, all of them finding new ways to harass the employees in some way. Impatient, unkind. Totally self-absorbed. No "please" or "thank you". Hovering over employee order stations, staring at them and making them uncomfortable. Flagging them down for updates on their order when the employee is clearly occupied with another customer or sanitizing areas. Getting upset with them when their order will take longer than they want.Please for the love of god stop doing this. GLENDALE, WHY ARE YOU LIKE THIS. We're in a goddamn pandemic, and this restaurant manages to be efficient, consistent, and safe. Please have some patience with these people working to serve you. Management, please give your employees TIP JARS. They deserve it for putting up with such insane people.

Cody K.

Legendary place that lives up to the hype. Had their lobsters and they were delicious.

Mark W.

I feel like I should be able to put Fish King = 5 stars without explanation. If you haven't been here, you really should go. They have great prepared food, fresh fish to take home and cook yourself, and really great sourdough bread also (definitely grab a loaf). There are so many good things here. I've been a customer for 20 years more or less, but have probably only tried a very small percentage of items. Honestly it's hard to not keep ordering the same thing over and over, since it is all so good. There are a handful of other seafood places in LA that I would say are as good as Fish King, but none that I would say are better.

Armando T.

Amazing fresh seafood. Definitely not cheap but why go cheap with seafood? Was amazed that they offered three different types of fresh oysters, definitely going back!

Lily L.

The staff was very friendly and meticulously picked out every single one of my mussels for my 2lb order. I would definitely come back here to get more fresh seafood!

Christopher S.

Great quality fish and service. There's usually a long line but I would suggest calling in before so you can wait in the VIP line to the right of the door. Or you can get a free farmers tan from the walk in line. All the employees behind the counter are friendly and willing to answer questions to help. Never encountered a bad attitude from anyone here.I want to try their poke one day heard good things!

Anni L.

10/10 authentic Hawaiian style food. Poke, fried fish, crab cakes, oysters, etc. would highly recommend this place / would def go back. Line was not too long, and goes by fast. Nice service, staff handing out water while you wait (cuz LA heat + smog is a struggle). Stop by here if you're near Glendale, it's a must try.

Melanie D.

Went there a little before 11AM, there was a line outside. Not too bad though, probably around 7 people in front of us. Waited maybe 15 or so minutes. Once we were let in, you grab a ticket and wait for your number to be called. It went by very fast! The guy who was helping us was quick and friendly. They were out of the Hawaiian Style Poke but luckily they were just finishing up a new batch! We were even able to get a bag of ice to keep our poke cool on the way home. -Hawaiian Style Poke: 9/10 - Very fresh, nice simple flavor!-Dynamite Poke: 10/10 - My fave! Everything about it was good, I especially liked the sweet onions. -Dynamite Scallop: 8/10 - If you like scallops, you'll like it. The scallops were big and sweet. -Salmon Poke: 5/10 - My least favorite. I can't really describe why I didn't like it but it wasn't the best. My bf said it was really fishy for him. Will definitely come back for more of the Dynamite Poke!!

Brittany S.

Yes, this place deserves 5 stars!My coworkers love this place so I decided to try it. During COVID, they have a line set up in front and they admit people in a few at a time. You can also order online but this time I didn't. They were so sweet and offered us bottles of water while we waited. Once inside you get to choose from the delicious selection. I came for poke and was pleasantly surprised by the variety. I got half Hawaiian poke/half salmon poke. It comes with rice, salad, seaweed salad and crab. It's a huge bowl for $12! More fish than I got from other places. I was in poke heaven! I also ordered the lobster bisque at the suggestion of other Yelpers. Creamy and thick with good flavor. I haven't had a lot of lobster bisque to compare it to, but it was good!I'm definitely coming back and looking forward to trying other items. Thanks for taking care of our fish needs during the pandemic, Fish King!

Kristal G.

Fish King is as good as it gets.I've been coming here with my family for years and years, and it is hands-down one of the best eateries/markets in Los Angeles county, and the place to go for a little special seafood treat.Some of my go-to usuals are:Spicy tuna roll (cut, pre-packaged, better than most sushi restaurants)Totorrito (I prefer The Honolulu to the Hamachi Shogun, only in that I feel that the avocado competes with the rich savoriness of the hamachi)Hamachi sashimi (sliced)Salmon sashimi (sliced)They also have a very good wine, beer, sake, and non-alcoholic beverage selection, as well as a few types of poke, live lobster, unshucked oysters (shucking has an additional fee), other fish, and a "galley" where you can get cooked food, as well as a little sushi section where supposedly they will make it on the spot prior to a certain time (possibly 5:30 p.m.).There is abundant parking in the lot, as well as adjacent street parking, and on a typical day, there is a line that wraps around the building, covered in canopies, six-feet apart and masks required, and a doorman that allows you in and often offers you ice-cold water as you wait.The COVID procedure now is that you wait in line (if you haven't pre-ordered online), and at the front, tell the doorman whether you want the fresh fish or the galley, and you get directed in to either the left side or the right side (galley.) Sometimes you will be handed a numbered ticket for the galley, though at other times you press down on a lever of an old-fashioned ticket machine, and wait for your number to be called, then rush over and make your order. They take credit cards, and can split a charge between two credit cards if asked.Excellent value, quality, and service.

Rocky Aikens

This place has devoted regulars for a reason. They sell fried bay scallops for a great price on the restaurant side (if you haven't had fried scallops before you are missing out). Their poke (many kinds) is also highly recommended. A reliable source for a special-occasion seafood splurge, but also a good source for everyday tasty options that won't break the bank. Whether you like eating prepared seafood or cooking it at home, this place is likely to please.

Oscar Montana

I have gone here a handful of times and it never seems to disappoint. I've had their spicy salmon rolls, spicy tuna rolls and they're poke totorritos and they all taste so fresh! I have yet to eat something that was not good! Will definitely come again and again to try other foods on their menu!

Hamlet O.

For all your seafood you gotta come to Fish King. Forget the rest this guys got everything and every kind of fish or any sea creatures you wanna eat lol. Got some clams, sushi, lobster, shrimp, and oysters. The quality was fresh and very good. Will be back from now on to Fish King

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