Hot Fried Chicken To Go

2517 Cañada Blvd, Glendale
(818) 791-0707

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Max P.

It was after 11 PM: I had not eaten dinner and I was very tired. I never had heard of this place and found it listed on Yelp. This restaurant was still open and very nearby. The Grubhub delivery fee was very low, so I ordered a combo-chicken sandwich, Cole slaw and fries. This was the best value.The order arrived on time about 30 minutes later. My meal was delicious. The only change I will make next time is to have the Cole slaw put on the side. This is just my personal preference. Had my sandwich not been eaten promptly, the slaw dressing would have made the bun very soggy. It was also midnight and I am sure my order was the last of the day. I assume the description said the slaw came in the sandwich and i did not catch that. Overall, my expectations were exceeded.I now have a new neighborhood place that is both open late and serves tasty food.

Zach K.

I'd give this place less than 1 star if I could.... I never write reviews because I love food, I'm not picky and I'm not one to complain. That being said and seeing as there's very few reviews especially recently, I couldn't let it slide this time. A review this bad may seem fake or like slander but I assure you it's not (I've attached photos of receipt transaction from about 30 min ago). Firstly, I understand covid and everything but this place HAS been a wreck since way before all this. The front door/patio area is a train wreck. Junk everywhere, a makeshift wall with patio umbrellas on their side, yellow propane gas lines in the middle of the walkway , it doesn't end... plus I walked up to pick up my order and the guy (from behind a black curtain inside the place) shouts "what's your customers name?". They didn't ask over the phone btw. Again I understand covid and staying behind something but then he came around with no mask and grabbed my card barehanded soooo he was just lazy and didn't want to walk the extra 4 steps to me, get my order figured out then walk back 4 steps to where the ready orders are waiting. Second it reeks of being a "front". They literally go by 3 names. Ones "Leon" as well as "Hot chicken to go" and "O.M.G. Pizza". Different menus as well. Which brings me to the beyond cheap, shortcut, overcharged, filling ingredient ridden, slop they call food. As you can see on the receipt I got the chicken sliders and the large "garlic" fries with a few sauces. Starting with the fries.... my god. These things are worse than the picture believe me. It's those wavy frozen kind out of smart and final that you nuke or stick in the oven until they're nice and limp. Then these people loaded them into the container and I kid you not, slapped a dollop of chopped garlic on them. Nasty seriously. Then the sliders, which is why they call the main chicken sandwiches because they don't deserve the real label. This chicken was Frankenstein. I mean how do you screw up Nashville chicken?! It's 1 google search away. These (again frozen smart and final) chicken tenders were microwave soft, coated in this weird dry rub that was like 103% brown sugar, 2% cyan which was probably for color, and about 35% salt. Pickles were the cheapest ones from the grocery outlet, lettuce was chopped ice berg which is nice and cheap, the sauce was all mayo with a pinch of color/cyan, and the bun was your standard college student cheapest on the shelf burger bun. It comes with 2 but god bless your soul if that brown sugar chicken doesn't get to you after a few bites. I actually started to get nauseous. For a total of $20.70 I feel robbed. All in all this is a place that maybe should go under. Stick to one thing that doesn't involve food or just cut your losses and let the ship sink. Complete garbage all around. AVOID AVOID AVOID P.S. "Furai Chicken" on foothill one La Crescenta does it right, save the wasted dinner or lunch and call them instead.

Dennise Z.

This is not fried chicken! The chicken strips in the slider were soggy and it tasted like a high school chicken patty. Would not recommend. The fries are good though which is why I am giving it 2 stars.

Tania Fraga

First timer ordering from this place. I order 8 wings buffalo , had the weirdest taste ever ! The wings were black in the inside when I bit into them . They had thick nasty skin on it . Very disappointed, I was really excited to try the rest of the menu because it looked delicious online , but I will definitely not be going or ordering anymore . I order 12:51am pst. Maybe they thought I was drunk and would not notice and taste how nasty the wings were . Would not recommend it to anyone . I really hope no one has a bad experience like me .

Edd E.

Honestly this place was a let down. The wait time was 30 minutes, and I wish I would have read the review before. Friendly staff, however the food is definitely not worth it. Last time I go there.,

Pat D.

This place is on GrubHub and I have gotten it from there a few times. I have only tried the chicken on a stick, essentially chicken tenders on long slender wooden stick with sauce on top and fries. Chicken tenders are solid and a lot of fries. They are in no way the best chicken tenders ever, or probably even in the area, but solid value, a lot of food, and certainly convenient delivery from GrubHub makes it a solid choice.

Brian S.

The fried chicken slider with something to write home about as they say LOL I was up late at night and it happened to be one of the only restaurants open on DoorDash. So I decided to give it a shot. To my surprise I was absolutely satisfied with the food. The potato wedges were perfect and delicious Lee seasoned, and the slider was extremely flavorful. I got the mild sauce which had just enough space to complement the sandwich. Give them a shot,You won't be disappointed!

Mariana O.

I can't believe I paid for this bad quality of wings, the smell was so ugly that I put them in the trash right away, the most horrible I've ever eaten, the size of a peanut, never spend your money here, it's not worth it ,, 1 star just cause aI have no choice


Let down. We also got patties instead of chicken breast etc. Weird... Not like the photos!

Alex L.

The chicken was decent. I like that it wasn't soggy like a lot of other chicken places and that it was crispy. The baller fries are delicious. They did mess up our order and mislabeled the mild with hot, which in my opinion is bad because you literally have one job.. They also forgot one of our sandwiches and were annoying about making it for us to the point where we offered to pay again just to get the food and leave because we were starving. I don't think they should argue with the customer when we have the receipt and we're showing you that you clearly forgot and you're still questioning us. Might give them another chance only cause they're close by but might not.

Sergio T.

Disgusting... poor wings.. look at the size. And dryer than the sahara desert.. horrible. Overpriced

Chad G.

I'm here to stop you from what you are about to do. This is a review for delivery only, never been inside, who knows, it might be so much fun that I don't notice that the chicken looks like a bleached sponge. I'm not surprised when I see this stuff in the midwest, but out here, gtfo. Have some respect for yourselves and your ingredients. I had the munchies at 1am, happily paid $40 to get 2 chix sliders, mozz sticks, and a "mango lemonade" which I can promise is juice they bought at Jon's. I ate 3 bites of a slider, 2 under protest, and 2 cheese sticks which were gross but the best things in there. The rest is in the garbage, and I HATE wasting food. And yeah it's really dumb that they show pictures of good sandwiches and then make you crap ones to eat. Someone should tell them that if they made good ones, people would order more than once.

Connor Beatty

Bro this place was not good. I expected a chicken place to have much higher-quality chicken than this. I got a nashville hot chicken sandwich which was basically two oversized cafeteria chicken nuggets fries and slapped on a cheap bun with orange mayo. Needless to say I was pretty let down by how weak the chicken was. Looked a lot better in the pictures. I gave 2 stars instead of 1 for the coleslaw. Helped mask the fakeness of the chicken.

Wayne G.

I'm not exactly sure how long this place has been around but as I came to visit this establishment it is now called Leon. A little misleading for this page to be up.

Dan A.

Nothing looked like on yelp - Ralph's bun, soggy fries, fried "chicken" that came out of the frozen food isle that was just processed grainy meat. Nobody inside, creepy vibe. I'm guessing it's a front for something else going on in the back, probably why the music is blasting and lights are off. Don't bother, just go someplace else. There's no way this place survives.

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