Karina's Cake House

515 S Glendale Ave, Glendale
(818) 240-6718

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Adriana H.

This place is amazing! We got the opera cake for my grandmas 96th birthday! It's to die for! Best Hye bakery! I love you guys! Thank you!

Icko M.

Very good cakes and delicacies. Staff are very friendly as well. Love this place. Thanks

Michael H.

Ordered a Kievsky cake for my wife's birthday. Upon entering, you take a ticket and wait your turn. The place had a good amount of people inside. Customer service was great. My number got called out, and I ordered what I needed to order. There was someone who tried to cut in front of me when I had to pay, but, the cashier was able to explain that I was next. The employees were wearing masks. Didn't feel uncomfortable being inside the store. Parking can be tricky. I would avoid parking in the back due to the small driveway.

margaux S.

The cakes here are delicious. Customer service on the other hand is not good. They know they're good so people will come in. But rest assured, I will not becoming here anymore nor would I even eat it if someone else buys their cake. We're in a PANDEMIC and nobody in this establishment cares about it. Of course. It's Glendale. Here's proof. I brought it up to the register person and she said "oh it's okay, I'll tell them, don't worry". LoL. Yes I wouldn't worry about it because I'd be dead.

Elle D.

I got a cake for my birthday very beautiful and tasty. As soon as first piece was cut and served a long hair came out of it. I was so super embarrassed in front of my guest

Amber R.

Karina's is my go-to. Their customer service isn't the best, but their cakes are good. However, when I came here the other day, I saw at least 4 bakers in the back not wearing a mask and the 2 women in the front only had their masks covering their mouths. Given our situation right now with COVID, I think it's pretty careless. They have signs around the entire shop that say masks are required yet their own staff can't even wear it.

Gabriela S.

Hranoush provided absolutely the worst service possible. She was not only incredibly rude, but cut off my mom's sentences every chance she had. She did not listen to what we wanted, mind you, today is my birthday, and I did not want to become upset over something so simple like my birthday cake. There was just no attempt to listening, and just someone who talked over us. This is not the type of place I wanted to give my business to. I felt completely disrespected.No options of what was available were offered at ALL. I then came back in for my deposit because clearly I was upset due to her attitude during attempting to order my cake. And she asked me "Why" I was canceling my order. Simply because she was rude and she STILL gave me sass and attitude while canceling. I'm not giving my business to a place that doesn't even respect their customers. Not to mention, makes me angry on my special day. There's plenty of other bakeries in Glendale. Ones with much friendlier people. Service, friendliness and kindness really makes a business stand out. Something that this spot does not have in the slightest. Oh yeah and no social distancing control.

Jogina M.

Amazing cakes and pastries! Karina's did an absolute incredible job on my daughters 18th birthday cake!! The details were spot on! And the cake was delicious!

Princess S.

Ok... so I've been coming here for a few years now. And I normally order their meringue cake, almond slice, & birdroll slice! Those are my favorites of them all. But this visit, I was really dissapointed! The reason why I gave them 2 stars is, well 1st- their almond slices went up again ( about 50c) ; 2nd- customer service sucks!And lastly, as you can see on the receipt, they OVER CHARGED ME! I ordered total of 12 pieces, but I was charged with 22 pieces!!!!! Can you believe that?? Almost doubled!!! That's insane! Not sure if they did that on purpose... maybe thinking I won't check my receipt.. ! I don't know! Anyways, my husband was about to leave and good thing I looked at the receipt. I was wondering why it cost me about $45 for just 12 pieces. So my husband went inside and told them about over charging us. So the owner or manager refunded about $15 back to my credit card. Afterwards, we left and I calculated it again. Turns out, they were still short of $5!!!! Sigh** Anyways, I didn't bother coming back because we had to go somewhere already. ( That's an extra 2 or 3 more pieces! )SO JUST A WARNING TO ALL......PLEASE CHECK YOUR RECEIPT WHEN ORDERING!!! CHECK IF THEY ARE CHARGING YOU WITH THE RIGHT AMOUNT AND QUANTITY. THEY CAN OVER CHARGE SINCE A LOT OF TIMES PEOPLE DON'T CHECK THEIR RECEIPTS!

Gea T.

We are so disappointed. We are long time customers to Karinas and fell in love with the Kievsky cake. We always order the pre made Kievsky cake with walnuts for family birthdays and have never had any issues. The great thing about Karinas cakes, are that their cakes and slices are big and can serve many people. This is the first time we ordered a two tiered cake from them and we decided to ordered the keivsky 2 tiered cake for our small wedding. We asked for the cake to feed 40 people so we can serve the bottom and keep the top half for the bride and groom. When it came to cutting the cake I was surprised that the knife only went down 1/3 , maybe less of the cake. We had no idea their cakes were made with such a huge 4" layer of styrofoam on the bottom of each layer. This type of cake is very solid and could have easily been made without the styrofoam on both top and bottom layer.Karinas is really ripping people off by reducing the amount of cake they are giving. I know it is made to give the cake support, but those types of things should have been mentioned when we ordered the cake. We even had cut the bottom half first with smaller slices to make sure everyone got a piece and had to cut into our top half to make sure everyone got a slice. I'm glad we postponed our big formal wedding and ordered this small cake for our tiny wedding. Because if not , I would have never known how they make their tiered cakes. We were going to order a big 4 tiered cake for our wedding in November and we would have been so disappointed to see this on our special day. Sadly we will be looking somewhere else now to order our wedding cake.We love Karinas cakes, the quality, and flavor, but this was definitely disappointing to see:(

Jasmine R

Pretty designs on their cakes but their cakes are not fresh, in fact the cake we received was frozen, I was surprised to find this out when we served it immediately and all noticed the cake was frozen.

Hannah O.

I first tried Karinas Cake House bc a coworker brought a bunch of their desserts to the workplace. Their desserts were suuuper delicious! I liked it so much I decided to go to Karinas Cake House myself and get some for my family. Then I saw that they make beautiful cakes! I started following them on Instagram. I order a custom cake from them and it was the most beautiful cake I had ever seen. They are truly talented. Would definitely recommend them to anybody!

Elya Meloyan

Delicious, yummy

Elya Meloyan

Delicious, yummy

Fashionista B.

If I could give 0 star that will describe better what an awful service this people have. Their attitude is like you come here take the bad attitude or leave.The cake was not great for me to say wow I will endure their nasty attitude because cake taste so good. Is just simple cheap pastry overprice .Before I go there I called them to order a cake , they never got back to me , HORRIBLE .I am sure they don't need my business and that's fine but if you guys want a taste of bad attitude , bad service this is the place.Forget to mention nobody keep their distance everybody is pack inside close to each other .No wonder the city has such a high vases of Covid-19

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