Korean BBQ King

3731 Foothill Blvd, Glendale
(818) 957-1442

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Evelyn G.

The meat selection was very poor, the service was mediocre, and the venue was gross. The place was absolutely freezing indoors, the doors of the restaurant were open and even mentioning how cold it was to a few employees, they shrug their shoulders and moved on. Overall a bad experience, won't be coming back.

Dymaris Gonzalez

Brisket under seasoned, bugolgi over seasoned. Rude customer service

Steven Yang

Pretty good meat, nice sauce, nice staff, I would come eat here again. It’s $23.99 per person for all you can eat of a list of like 10 diff meats, there’s like 30 more but you have to pay separate for those. But the original alone are already plenty, me and my group of 4 were surprised we were all stuffed in like under 3 full rounds, 7 platters. The only thing you could dislike is the music is kinda loud and ... unfitting? The staff is honestly chill and they replace the grill thing often so you don’t taste burnt

Yadira G.

Great food and great service. Clean environment. Green apple soju is cool with a sprite chaser. The beef tongue is also yummy.

Natalie Jensen

Good Korean BBQ. My husband and I got the ABC AYCE deal, and the service was great. There were 2 ladies helping us out--one looked like the mom and the other the daughter?--large facility, no smoke and we were seated right away around 6:50pm before the crowd got here. I liked their side dishes (it wasn't anything extraordinary, but still pretty good). Just wished they had more kimchi. Beef short rib and steak were really good.

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I celebrated my birthday last night in this fine place. Well we passed a marvelous evening and the place was definitely the reason for the outstanding evening. The crew helped in a very nice style, the cuisine was yummy and my buddies were so pleased. We shall surely come back again for more celebrations. Thank you very much.

Alyssa Cohen

Very clean, fast and friendly service, the meat is all seasoned well and tastes very good.

Geoffrey Frank

Lots of food and the extras too; good service, and reasonably priced.

Justin D.

5 stars! This place is so good. The meat is delicious, the prices are reasonable, and the service is great! The restaurant is very clean and checks all the boxes for your typical ayce kbbq. They never disappoint! Definitely check them out if you're into all you can eat meat and seafood, the side dishes are awesome too! Well worth the price. I will definitely be coming back!

Ty Simon

I admire this place a lot. It has a unique feeling. The cuisine is good. the service is effective and the stuff is professional. The cost is fair. deeply recommend.

Ruth Herrera

This location is such a good place to eat at. Too bad their service is terrible. The man always working has a terrible attitude, he doesn’t serve well and he is bothered when asked for little important things like a FORK or some chopsticks. I’m currently here now and he’s so upset because our table needed 5 chopsticks & he brought us 2. Too bad he lowers the quality of this great place, the food is so good. ?‍♀️

Lambo X.

Korean bbq king? More like Korean BBQ Feces. Place is trash. The quality of the meat resembles the scraps of dog food you can find in the trashcans of skid row. Almost none of the meat is good and they charge you $35 for ayce. Just do yourself a favor and to to ktown which has way better ayce for half the price of this awful embarrassment of a restaurant. The only reason I'm giving it a two stars was because the servers were pretty good and would always change our grills on time.

Arelle Ann F.

This is my second time to dine outside in this place the place is superb and the portion is excellent as well! I hope you also open up a branch that closer to home in Burbank..

Araceli N.

Just moved to the area and wanted to try this Korean BQQ near my place and I will have to say will definitely come back. My group and I got OPTION A and  we ordered the beef brisket, beef bulgogi, garlic pork belly, soy and teriyaki chicken. My bf asked for the rice paper and they gave me radish paper (so good). The portions are HUGE so as I was getting full just had to tell them to bring smaller portions so I wouldn't leave anything left over. The sides are good and the service was good too! They are really on top of their service. I would be coming to this place many more times.

Henry Solis

A little difficult to cook the food but overall great food super great service ?

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