Montrose Town Kitchen & Grill

2276 Honolulu Ave, Montrose
(818) 248-1881

Recent Reviews

Raymond Flores

Beyond happy with the food. Absolutely delicious. Great variety. Customer Service has been fantastic.Highly recommended!

Estella A.

Tasty foods, great beverages, and amazing attendants! These guys are really amazing not only with their foods but their services as well. This place is a nice spot for big families who love to try delicious foods and any other menus. These guys have everything, and I would like to commend them for that. Thank you for the great food and service! I highly appreciated it!

Al B

Food isn't bad but the customer service there needs a lot of work. I personally won't be coming back due to a terrible experience I had with the manager, front desk girl, and the whole outdoor seating situation. You don't place your customer under the sun on a very hot day when there are available tables under a shade. It was an easy fix but no matter how hard I tried to be moved to a shaded area, which happened to be available at the time, none of the workers were willing to help or accommodate.

Lindsey D.

We've had date night here (pre COVID) and just ordered takeout. It was amazing. Sometimes takeout doesn't translate from the dining-in experience, but we found everything to be just as it would be if we ate in. The kids pizza was a hit (no whining, yay!) and our steak and burger were AMAZING. Quality is superb, as usual. It made our Friday night. We'll be ordering again - soon.

King Camacho

This restaurant is excellent and broad, the meals was yummy and the prices were very reasonable. quick, productive service and very affable waiters. Will definitely recommend this place.

W Andersen

The food is always fresh and tasty, employees hands over good customer service. I really like how clean it is and vibes. Will visit here again.

George Koutsoukos

Great seating outside!!The lady at the front is very welcoming and helpful! As always excellent food!

Joe S.

Had a great meal at this local place here in Montrose. Great food, good service and a pleasant evening out to dinner. My Town burger was the most delicious burger I ever had!! Big enough to share. All their dishes are well prepared. Highly recommended.

Ojamojam J.

I was very disappointed tonight with our dinner. We ordered two burger bowls, to be cooked medium. The first burger was burnt outside and raw inside. The second burger was completely burnt. I have never seen burgers like that not even at a fast food restaurant . We also ordered a buffalo chicken bowl and that was horrible. The chicken was cold and old and the bowl had tasteless quinoa and raw shredded carrots with no flavor. We're never going back there.

Marcel Benson

This place always delivers. They have excellent food for affordable prices, there no long wait even when they are full.

Alyson S.

We just ordered the Pizza Pasta Dinner, stated that it serves 2-3 people. Such disappointment! The pasta was for 1/2 serving only. This was our first time ordering and we want to help our local restaurants, but this false advertisement made me wary of supporting further.

Kate Scoggins

This great neighborhood restaurant is one of our favorites in Montrose! The food is always yummy and much of the food is purchased through small farms. Dine-In: The ambience is great! Warm, welcoming and the buzz of a small town enjoying the evening. Service has always been stellar.Take-out: Upon quarantine during Covid, they started offering takeout as an option. We ordered our date night dinners here. The process to order was easy on their website and my husband picked up our food with no issues. I was pleasantly surprised by how our food was stored and the extra mile Town went in thanking their “guests” from afar. I want this restaurant to stay around for quite some time due to their great customer service and deliciously cooked meals. It’s a no brainer when we get the option to go out! Choose Town!

Maxwel Russo

I go to this unique restaurant once a month because I like the special atmosphere that is outline this restaurant. The crew is very loving and experienced. The service is impressively fast. Not to mention, the food you get is first-rate. I visited often and I was always delighted. The expense is honest. I highly recommend this restaurant to my friends and family.

Roy Crain

This site is my preferable restaurant. Of all restaurants I know I favor it most. I never miss an opportunity to go to that place. when I I need a fair lunch, this is the place that comes straight to my head. superb and food and a rich cuisine.well mannered staff members, and agreeable vibes. Also, the pay is decent. I tell about this restaurant with pleasure.

Karen T.

Very good steak but they need to work on the service.

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