Moon Mart Kabab

400 S Glendale Ave A, Glendale
(818) 241-2314

Recent Reviews

Hyganoush A.

Great I love the gegher!!! Been coming here for 25 years, my dad loved this place. I recommend it to everyone

Matt C.

This was a super nice place! The owner was kind and seemed super passionate. The food was amazing and definitely did more than satisfy my hunger. I'm incredibly glad that I stopped by and I recommend you do too!

Timur A.

This guys are doing lip-smacking luleh kabob. I love it so much. There is no way to explain the best way to understand it just to try once and you are going to understand what I am trying to say. Highly recommend them if you are planning to get some tasty food. Definitely, will come again.

Salvador Viesca

Just stopped by with a few friends while visiting the area. Had the beef kebab sandwich, and paired it with the delicious eggplant dip. With great seasoning and flavor on the sandwich alone, the smokey eggplant dip was the icing on the cake. Perfectly hit the spot, and I hope any who visit enjoy it too.

Ramon A.

Was craving Mediterranean and found this spot by my girlfriends house! Went in and got the Luleh and chi ken kabob as well as the chicken chunks and I was not disappointed! Food was delicious and fresh, made to order! The man who attended me also threw in potato salad and beans at no extra charge! I was surprised at how generous the portions were considering the quality of the food and how inexpensive the meal was! This is def going to be one of my regular spots now!

Shailesh Calib

Good taste and very good quality

Joe L.

What restaurant claims it's open until midnight and then when we get there at 10pm it's pitch black? Ridiculous

Anthony D.

I've lived a walking distance from here for 8 years and it was my first time coming in today. I think I found myself a regular spot to walk to. The food was delicious (got the Kabab wraps in laywash) not sure if that's how it's pronounced. It's Armenian and it's delicious alternative to pita. I'll be back next week. Thank you!

Juan Dyer

Great and fresh food, I loved the mood this place has, and the workers were welcoming. Will surely visit here again.

cali banks


Alexis Small

This place constantly delivers. They serve great dishes for reasonable prices, there are no long waits even when they are full.

Abdullah A.

It shows that they're open until midnight, I drove here from Los Feliz and arrived at 10:30 and they're already closed

Areg A.

Called to ask a question about the ingredients. I have health issues so I really need to know. I Was yelled at cussed out on foreign language. Obviously the guy who works there doesn't speak English and not professional enough to work there. Your customer is calling to ask questions and you cuss him out on Turkish. Won't recommend this place. If they don't know how to treat customers. Would go there just to look at that dudes face who cussed me out.

Aigerim Baidalieva

So fresh and tasty food, delicious. Low prices. Compliments amazing. Thank you for your service and good experience.

Krystal Universe

Food is sooooo delicious. Thank you

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