Myung Dong Tofu and BBQ

3231 Foothill Blvd, Glendale
(818) 275-3595

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Taylor Byriden

I love having yummy Korean food options without having to drive to town! DH and I got some take out from Myung Dong Tofu & BBQ, and we were very satisfied. The restaurant is a family restaurant, and they were all very nice. We ordered the pork cutlet and seafood pancake and both portions were generous. The katsu was crispy and not like some other places where it's all breading and no meat. The pancake had a lot of seafood and definitely satisfied my cravings! We will be back to try some of their soon tofu next time. Recommended!

Danica B.

I love this place! I've been coming here for awhile and each time the food is amazing!

Al O.

I recommend this place. I have tried different restaurants for Soon Dobu or tofu soup and this is a great place to try it. For sure they beat some of the places even from Koreatown.

Elle L.

I would actually increase my rating even more from my earlier review. They seem to have their menu items down to a science now, where every time I order, even if it's the same meal, it comes out amazing. Very clean, and feel very comfortable ordering carry-out from here during the pandemic.

Ana J.

We were very hungry and really craving hot tofu soup. This place did not disappoint! We came close to closing and the food came out very fast. We got the kimchi beef soup and beef short rib soup. Pretty tasty! Good customer service. Generous with the side dishes and good quality banchan at that. The food satisfied our cravings and my whole family was pretty happy with the overall experience. Would definitely come back!

Karen A.

This place is a gem. I love their Soon Tofu and Hot stone rice with vegetables and beef. Their side dishes are so tasty. Kimchi is so fresh and delicious.

Connie C.

Great place for soon tofu and bbq items. They have very good kimchi and other side dishes and they will refill if you ask for them. I like their mixed rice too, it has a nice nutty flavor. And the staff is always friendly.

Young Hoon K.

BIG fan of soon tofu, but wow this place absolute NO taste, ive tried this place three times now and 2 pieces of dumpling, barely any flavoring in the soup, very very disappointed these guys need to try BCD or CHO DANG soon tofu and step some game up.

Luv E.

The boss man that literally does nothing but stand there started bitching at the kitchen workers about something then bitched at the poor girl that was working alone calling her crazy and out of her mind. But she couldn't understand because she doesn't speak Korean. Then he involved the customers thinking they'd take his side and put them in an uncomfortable situation. He continued to bitch for 30 minutes and then we heard him say he's going to take money out of the girls pay because she messed up. He must not make enough business to take money from his workers pay. That's fucked up

Romster R.

We came here last night for dinner at 8 but one of the servers told us they were closed... they close at nine and then she went and started to take an order from another table. No explanation and just left us waiting at the entryway of the restaurant. I walked up to another server and he said they ran out of food. Very odd. We left and would not ever return to the establishment.

Rob Wilkins

Excellent food. Good and friendly service.

Anita Sood-Mankar

Try the Tofu Soup. Its fabulous. Just the right flavors and tofu. Meat was little but that's ok for me. The accompanying kimchi was great.Does not look like much on the inside but def stop.

Jacky B.

Vegetarian eaters beware. You need to make sure you specify that you want the vegetarian broth as all of their tofu soups are beef-based. Ok I get that, I even saw it on the menu so I specifically told the waitress that i wanted the vegetable broth based soup for my vegetable dumpling tofu soup. 1/2 way finishing up the bow I started noticing bits of pork meat in the soup and spit it out. I asked the waitress what is up with this and she brought the owner over. He said yes, it's vegetarian and even brought me the Frozen Vegetable dumpling bag over and showed it to me up close. Great! thanks for confirming its frozen dumpling your got from the market down the street. Yes but there is meat in my soup. Aaaah the soup is beef based and you need to tell us you want vegetable soup based. Aaaah I did!! Waitress said she did write it on the order! Owner looks at waitress then at me and said aaahh new waitress.....OK? so WTF?? It's my fault? At least the waitress apologized and the owner just walked away and did nothing. I am not trying to get a free meal from you, you dumbass! It just pissed me off that you can make a mistake like this even when I already went out of my way to tell you how to cook it. I have driven by here so many times and finally decided to give this place a try and this is the type of service I get. I will keep on driving by this place from now on. First and last visit.

Matt Cantley

The food tastes great and is authentic Korean. The service is not great. They are trying but something always goes wrong. This time they didn't cook the dumplings through before adding to my soup. Biting into raw frozen pork is not pleasant.

Anita M.

Did not feel like driving to Ktown and then finding parking, waiting to be seated, so we decided to Yelp and stay local. I think we found a gem here, I was a little hesitant but was looking forward to tofu soup. Not much to look at inside, strip mall decoration if any. We parked on the street., got a table and ordered the Tofu Soup and combo bibimbap. Loved the accompanying kim chi and pancakes. The soup arrived bubbling and boiling over. I thought the wait staff would have cracked the egg but I had to do it. The flavors were super and the broth rich and nicely thick. I ordered the mixed rice (fantastic). The beef pieces were too small and fish adequate. Definitely going back for the spicy pork that looked good on another table!

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