Original Yaki's Teriyaki Bowl

3750 Foothill Blvd, Glendale
(818) 957-7781

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Jorge G.

Picked up some dinner for the wife and I. Its good stuff, was expecting something less bit it beat our expectations. I choose the steak and chicken combo plate and it was good, she had the yaki chicken and it was good as well.

Vanessa G.

Hours say open until 9:00. We walked in just before 8:00 pm. No greeting by the person at the register. We stood there looking at the menu about to order only to have her say they are closed. Seemed pretty inconsiderate to me to let someone stare up at the menu before saying anything. They still were cooking food so it seemed odd they would send us away before closing time. Maybe lock the front door if you are closed?

Nina R.

Do I come here for the best service on the planet? No, service is fine, but it's basic. Their job is to take your order and make the food. They do a great job at those two things and they don't have time to chit chat with you. I accept this. And I have plenty of friends, so I'm good. Do I come here for the ambiance? Nope, takeout only. I mean, they have a small indoor area with some tables and chairs that have seen better days, and they have a small outdoor patio at a busy intersection so you can see, hear, AND smell lots of cars go by as you try to enjoy your chicken bowl, but my house is much more comfortable. Do I come here for consistent pricing? Also no. I've been going to Yaki's for more than 25 years and the total always seems to be different, even though my order remains the same. But that's okay, too. Take an extra 60 cents or charge me 20 cents less, whatever. Do I come here to get the correct order each time? Also no, but listen, any busy restaurant is going to make the occasional mistake, so check your bag before you leave regardless of where you order your takeout. This is no exception. I come here for the food, and the food is GREAT. The chicken is consistently tender and juicy. Being flame-broiled means you also get that delicious char on the outside that just enhances the flavor. YUM! The rice is always perfectly cooked. The veggies, too. And that darn teriyaki sauce is the best I've EVER had. It is simply unmatched and unparalleled. Every restaurant has its strengths and its shortcomings. You learn what they are and adapt. But as far as I'm concerned, I will place my order by phone, head over to the shop when I'm told to, I will greet the employees and give them my money, then I will check my bag before I leave and call it a day. It's delicious and reasonably priced (whatever the price may be that day!), the staff is efficient, and they send me on my way quickly. I'm a big, big fan!

Carrie C.

EVERY TIME we go in here to order, they give us the WRONG order! When we call them to let them knkw, they want us to drive all the way back (35 mins round trip) to refund us or replace the order! CHECK your orders BEFORE you leave!!!

Nelli S.

Not good at all. The chicken is overly charred which gives off a bitter taste and hard to chew. The consistency of the sauce was too thick and bland.

Jo Harvey

Tasty Yaki Chicken bowl. Crispy onion rings.

Edo K.

Place is trash. The most tasteless & hard to chew meat. I asked for extra saice but got none.

Kay L.

Honestly the people that work here are gross. Not sanitary at all. They don't wear gloves and they use their hands to smash the food down. Its so gross. How do they have an A? Eww!

Emil M.

Beware. Scammers that overcharge with below average food. I ordered a "big" aloha chicken bowl with noodles for advertised at $8.90 on the menu. You can buy the same bowl with rice instead for $8.35. They charge an additional $1.25 for the noodles that's not stated on the in store menu. So they charged me $8.50 + $1.25 without my consent. I'm writing this review because this isn't the first time I've had pricing issues with this establishment. They list one price and always overcharge you. When you speak to the manager on the phone (because they're never in the store) they say some excuse that the POS system charges you that way and refuses to reimburse. I work in retail, I know how POS machines can be headaches but we don't falsly advertise prices. This happens EVERY TIME I visit this store. Do NOT eat here! 0/5 Beware. Scammers that overcharge with below average food.

frank silva

The beef burgers are delicious and so is the teriyaki bowls l. Although the chicken n bun burger is a bit dry but the great place to hit for a quick lunch

Roxanne M.

*review ONLY on customer service * My husband and I walked into Yaki on 5/20 around 6:30pm. We weren't greeted. Instead, the cashier just glared at us. Silently, just staring at us. My husband greeted her with a hello and no response. Anyhow, we placed our order. Moments later, I asked for a slight adjustment to my chicken bowl, "can you please sub out the thigh meat for breast meat". She acted like I was requesting an impossible task. I understand the attitude had the shop been busy or my bowl already made, but neither were relevant to this situation. Anyway, I do hope the owners read their reviews and..... I might suggest having an uplifting conversation with your less than friendly staff. Food was delicious as always!

Alan Romansky

They have a great selection of teriyaki bowls and burgers. I also like getting the bulldog. The staff provided good customer service.

Walter D.

The teriyaki, whether it's chicken or beef, is charred (not in a good way IMO) and tasteless , seems barely marinated before being grilled. I didn't try the other stuff, but still very curious where all those 5 star reviews come from. The portion and price are okay.

Andrew B.

Order a Yako!!! The perfect super burger. It has grilled chicken and a great burger patty on one great sandwich with a great secret sauce and toppings. A must try. Yaki's is a local dive restaurant dynasty!!! Definitely something special.

Eric O.

Definitely one of the best in the neighborhood. Come and get it it's delicious. Good vibes all around.

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