Reborn Coffee

3747 Foothill Blvd, Glendale
(747) 255-7190

Recent Reviews

Jay L

The guy that helped me was great.Iced Americano was high quality and tasty with slight smoky flavor, and no bitterness.Seats inside and outside.Parking shared with other small business but otherwise free to park.Also the pickup counter has all your essentials, napkins, straws, lids, sugar, etc. +1

Physical Therapy Elite Jessica Snyder

Very clean. Excellent service. Delicious coffee.

Jose Sotelo

Great coffee. Must visit when in the area

Richard M

Cool new drinks to try and laid back atmosphere. This place could become a regular spot I get my coffee from!

Mia W.

Wow. I have come here several times but this time needed a review. Excellent coffee selection and the lattes are beyond expectations. Fast service and the facility is very clean. Can't wait to try the mocha next time!

arnold c.

Visited during the pandemics, so still no seating available. The place is so clean you dont want to touch anything. The workers are very friendly and they seem to be happy working there which gives a great positive vibe. I got the Ethiopian Cold Brew and I love the taste. I don't know if they didnt have tables and chairs outside due to the rain, but some tables and chairs outside would be great.

Scott J.

I know coffee tastes are very personal but my wife and I did not like our coffee.  It had too strong of a bite at the end.  We prefer coffee with a consistent flavor and no bite at the end.  Donuts were ok.

Cami S.

Reborn is super fast with their online orders, we got the caramel sweet cream cold brews and will be back for more. Service is great, nice and fast.

Justin Tichy

Second time going to Reborn Coffee. Awesome coffee, great sweets and the people that work there are super friendly.

Minimalist S.

Pricey but tastes wayyyy better than Starbucks. I'm happy to support a local shop and will continue to do so. Looking forward to trying more things from their menu. The place is always clean and the coffee is fresh.

Cindy A.

Coffee was very average here. I was expecting fresh roasted premium espresso, but it felt like Starbucks quality charging for fresh roast quality. I may be spoiled from Stumptown... Espresso is weak and milk was not steamed right... Place has potential, but the coffee needs to be much better.

Maddie S.

Delicious! We visited this coffee shop almost daily when we were in Glendale visiting family. The staff are friendly, the coffee is delicious, and the pastries are so good too.

Michelle Sarai Vega

Great coffee. I got the chagachino latte.

Ana A.

Coming from the Bay Area and visiting LA from time to time, you don't really find good coffee houses. Reborn however is amazing and the coffee tastes like actual coffee not a processed burned cup from Starbucks (sorry not sorry).

Sharon H.

Fairly standard third wave coffee place. I had the nitro cold brew and found it to be as good as the attendant said it was. Very rich and slightly sweet. I would recommend it. The place was clean and the wifi was free. Definitely worth a visit if you are in the area.

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