Tarme Mediterranean Grill

744 S Glendale Ave, Glendale
(818) 696-2053

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Anna F.

Delicious food and fast service . I was in a rush grabbing quick lunch for my employees . Will definitely come back

William L.

Wow it really was as good as it gets!Had the Angus Beef Kabob plate. Wife had the chicken kabob.-Beef was soft and tender filled with juices and flavor. Super fresh!-Chicken kabob was as delicious, but I preferred my beef :)-The hummus was good but kind of lacked that garlicky flavor I like in hummus, so I mixed in the garlic spread that is given. It made it 1000 times better.-The salad (forgot the name) is similar to the shiraz salad (lettuce, tomato, cucumber, onions). Delicious with the dressing-The Basmati rice was cooked perfectly with just a slight flavor of butter-Garlic spread was just right and not too strong which was a plus for the wife, hehe...(she hates my garlic breath after eating Mediterranean) Portion was GREAT and everything was fresh!!! I know this review is simple, but I have ZERO complaints and I will be returning here in the future. No more Zankou which got TOO commercialized over the years, and that caused it to lose quality IMO.

Ginny Y.

Their employees were nice, and their food was okay. The restaurant was clean and followed safety protocols. I'm glad I tried it, but the food didn't stand out. I tried:Beef Shawarma: It was okay. The quantity is good, but there wasn't much flavor in the beef or the hummus. I didn't care for the salad/dressing. The pita was just okay, sort of thin and dry.Limoncello cake: It was good, but wasn't very limon tasting. I did like that there's shavings on top of the cake.Jinger Peach tea: it's not sweetened. And I couldn't taste any flavors. It just tasted like a regular unsweetened tea.

Alexis F.

I used to order from this place frequently when I worked in the area and their food is always the same quality. Recently came back since I was in the area. The food is always fresh and made to order, which I appreciate it. If you live in or happen to be in the area definitely check this place out.

Colt E.

We enjoy the plates from here. We've been using the online order options from their website and have had no issues. Food is usually ready for pickup pretty quickly. They take care with packaging the food to go as well.

Vicki McCarron

The food was good, reasonably priced, friendly service.

Ted B.

Really nice modern building and atmosphere.The food is decent, but overpriced, especially for the size of the portions. They are on the small side.

Gwen G.

They have some great food (falafels are gross though. Don't bother!) here but really need help with their customer service.They are completely rude.We give them a try every few months + are then treated poorly so we go elsewhere. Maybe we will stop giving them a chance.

Vickie V.

I was feeling the craving for some Mediterranean noms and this place was said to be popular on Postmates. I read the Yelp reviews and gave this place a try for the first time. WOWZERS! The positive reviews are legit. The pic depicts the luleh kabob plate (sorry, I cut a piece of the meat off before taking the pic). As you can see, it comes with 2 kabobs and you get to choose 3 sides (you also get two pieces of the pita pictured). The meat was perfectly flavored and not overly salty. The hummus was also just right - not overly "lemony". The cucumber mint yogurt was on point on taste but I like mine a little thicker - the flavor is what matters though. The salad was also yummy. Rice is rice so no review needed. The plate also came with a tomato and the usual pickled beet/pepper combo.I should also note I also ordered one piece of cheese boreg but I was not impressed. My first boreg was had at an Armenian wedding at some hall in Glendale. I recall it being flakey and the tastiest thing ever. That day I disregarded the rest of the food served and focused on having endless pieces of boreg. I don't know how manyI had but I recall the waiter continuing to replace the empty boreg dish (as well as other plates). Until I have another boreg like I had that day, my tastebuds will not be placated.In sum, if you love Mediterranean cuisine like I do (be it Persian or Armenian), check this place out. You will not be disappointed.

Vincent S.

If you're in the mood for Mediterranean that uses quality ingredients, this place is awesome. I love coming here for lunch and I'm always excited to see what their monthly specials are. The falafel wrap is straight fire and the beef lule burger for the August special has so many flavors going on. Each bite keeps you coming back for more. I don't know what the dining situation for covid is, but I always take my lunch to go. Employees are always sweet as well.

Allen H.

Lives up to the name. Fresh baguettes and ingredients. Sandwhich was pretty tasty. I got the angus beef. Portion was ok could of had more meat and fries included for being $10. I got a sandwhich and a mango drink and it was $15. A little pricey for not even having fries. Should of been $12 tops with fries and a drink.

Bota Z.

I love Tarme!!! The best Mediterranean food in La county! Beside the fact that food is so delicious, they serve only antibiotic free, organic beef and chicken! They make organic French fries. And one more reason to love Tarme is that they use paper containers for food! Absolutely love it! Everything non toxic, safe for you and for the planet How cool is that?!

Cindy F.

Amazingly FRESH and Delicious food. I got a salad and chicken kabob on side. I also got a kale drink, and cucumber yogurt. It was all delicious. Customer service was great as well I will be back

Daniel K.

Who loves Mediterranean food!? If tender meat, well seasoned veggies, and garlic paste galore is what you need....Tarmé is the place to go! They have a nice shaded patio during covid 19 that you can eat at just to enjoy this great weather.


I had there falafel sandwich and it was delicious. It tasted fresh, and delicious. I'll be going back there again soon.

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