Hello Antique

10761 Hood Franklin Rd, Hood
(916) 690-1374

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Cathy Baker

Always fun

John E.

Love this place. But if you're looking for a retail store, no. This is like going to a garage sale. Plus you never know What's in the box ??.... It is what is. Made many many purchases there ever since we found the place.


Great stuff

Bee Estes

Bring a truck when you go to carry all the cool stuff you'll want to get.

Brenden Nogosek

LOVE this place!! Staff is always soooooo sweet & helpful. Even yesterday with a headache, I was helped to my car with my heavy stoneware crockery pot along with a smile!!! Can't wait to go back soon for another adventure!!! ?

Gina Williams

Other than being so over piled with items upon items, and so far out of the way, I can't help but to advise the following:Take a sunny, Saturday road trip out to Hood, Ca. for a picnic lunch, along the delta. Afterwards enjoy scavenging through a treasure trove of unique antiquities. Aaron & his staff are very friendly & he's willing to negotiate on most items.*I may post an updated pics of my finds.

Nichole M.

For being a shanty shack out in the middle of hood, you would think these people would be more welcoming and polite with the few customers they do get. I was in there a week ago and I can't even tell you how rude the woman working was. I don't know if she's the owner or cashier was, but she made a racist comment to me, she was beyond rude ....this place is filthy and none of the items are tagged. I walked out of there feeling like I needed a Tetanus shot, or like I was on an episode of horders. I felt like a complete inconvenience to her pile of trash. Do not go here spend your money at Goodwill at least we know it's going to a good cause, and I can assure you it's going to be cleaner!

Lee Fernandez

A little pricey for some common item. My second visit to this location.

Maribeth Krueger

Great place for creative people

Greg Rinaldi

A bit unorganized but that's what makes it fun. Strongly recommend that you try it.

Mike W.

Fun place to shop I liked seeing on Good Day Sacramento not the best place to wear white pants but if you like to pick this is your place !

Word to Mouth

Think American pickers.That explains most of it.

Kelsey C.

The woman at the door was nice. Most of the stuff doesn't seem to be cared for well. Some stuff outside should have been inside and would have gone to a good home. Not sure I'd come back for that reason - there was so much potential.

Bobbie R.

Driven by here many times over the years. They were never open. Today they were. It is called an antique store so that is exactly what it is. I'm sure there were some treasure to be found here. It just had a whole Sanford & Son feel to me. 3 stars because the lady at the door was nice.

Cool The Devil Slayer

Think American pickers.That explains most of it.

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