Boiling Point

14140 Culver Dr, Irvine
(949) 733-2211

Recent Reviews

Mr. Hippobear

Good is very stale, wait is extremely long, bad customer service. I also found a hair in my food. Would not recommend; wasted our time and money.

peng zheng

Their food is good and all, it’s just frustrating when I come here at noon then get told that they don’t offer dine in before 4:30, hopefully the picture can save others who wanted dine in some time

Omead Pooladzandi

The house special is a solid go to. I also really like the beef flavor. I go for a medium to hot spice level. Don't go higher than 3 stars for hot unless you are a true chili head.


Food is good for one person, meat is a bit small in amount unless you add extra. The hotpot I'd go to when there's no companion.

ahmad r

I post these 'time lapse' pictures so you know what to expect. At first, it seems like a very thin dish, but actually it is a wok, not that thin. The food was good. The AC was on, which made the burner heat very unnoticeable.

Alejandro Foucault Monterrey

My friend absolutely raves about this place, putting it in a category of its own, so we decided to come check it out together. I had the Tonkotsu Miso, and she had the Taiwanese Spicy. Mine, I requested it with the lowest spicy level and it was manageable. Hers came only with the highest spicy option, but she enjoyed it. Overall, a great place for Hot Pot lovers in general. 100% recommended.

Ronald Yang

Terrible customer service. First of all, their phone ordering system does not work. I called about 30 times over a half hour period, and no one picked up my phone. I then had to order on GrubHub for my order to go through, and I wanted to get boiling point rewards for my order, but they wouldn’t let me because it was ordered through GrubHub and their policy was to not track rewards for GrubHub orders. Even after I explained my situation to the workers and asked for the manager, they were not apologetic at all and rather just dismissed my frustrations. I understand it’s policy, but at least try to understand my situation. Also they never sent me a notification that my food was ready. Used to come here often, but now will never come back.

Lee Lance

Remarkable food served in a delicious soup. It's crowded... people line up outside before it opens

Karlee G.

It's super busy here, but it's all worth it! I love coming here, it is so filling. I love their green tea especially when it's free during lunch time.

Ryana T.

Omg! Moved to Irvine was the best decision coz I finally can eat Boiling Point again! I love Boiling Point much!!! I used to drove to San Gabriel or Pasadena just to eat this hot pot... the waiting lines always sucks but it's worth it!

Cherry S.

Horrible, we had two people called to see the wait and they said 5 mins to no wait. We got there 5 mins later and it's a 45 mins wait all of a sudden. You can't tell me in 5 mins 10 group is guest arrived and put there name in. They use this lie to get people to come.

tk p

The place is usually pretty good but I noticed that you make a lot of mistakes since they're so busy

YL Chuang

The food is literally so good but they really need to work on how to keep customers in line before they open. It’s always chaotic. And please get customers seated as your priority, what’s the point of asking your customers to be standing outside waiting in the heat when 80% your seats are still empty.

Alisa N.

Boiling point is usually my Togo for hot pot until I had a recent bad experienced with them a couple days ago. I ordered a Hokkaido Milk tea. Which was my most favorite up until never again. I don't know what was in my drink until I poured it into a bowl. Now I been sick and trying to recover. So please be careful when ordering from them. (Here's some picture below of my drink ) (No add-ons in my drink. I just ordered plain Hokkaido milk tea)

Baby Blue

I been here many time and it's always tastes good

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