China Garden

14825 Jeffrey Rd, Irvine
(949) 653-9988

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Jon Snow

I would give a zero if i could. I have not seen any service worse than this one ever in the states. Very few servers was friendly. The manager was mean and very disrespectful, dissing and cursing their customers in front of other customers. Food is fast food quality at best, . Just a place you should definitely avoid.

George Cadenas

The service was quick and good. The food wasn't too expensive and the quality was high.My wife and I ordered the Peeking pork and some seafood noodles. I'm not sure if they were the exact names. It set us back roughly $40 and was enough to feed 4, possibly 5 people.The restaurant was also very clean and kept up. Which is unusual for traditional chinese food restaurants. They always have and old and outdated look. Not that it looks modern.I will go there from now on!

Eileen Gizara

Great restaurant with authentic Chinese food. I've been here a few times and always had a positive experience. They were take-out only during the pandemic but are now back to dine-in. I came here with my mom recently during early dinner hours and ordered the mapo tofu and fried green beans. Food was delicious as always, would definitely recommend to others!

David Jansson

Been coming here for years...They seemed a bit off today...Some.of the dumplings were not cooked enough. Still doughy...other ones were over done when the dumpling contents just fell apart.All that being said...It still had the tastes you want when you have a dim sum craving.

Roger Ng

The best dim sum here at affordable prices!!!

Brian C.

I've been coming here for quite a while. Their dim sum is fantastic, though their prices are way too expensive. I'm not sure how they could justify charging $17-$18 fried rice, even if the portion is larger. Their dim sum is very expensive as well. Though in my opinion it is some of the best in Orange County so that is more justified

Benjamin S.

Horrible service. We used to go to this place a couple times a month. We just remember why we stopped going. The staff does not care. We had to walk out after sitting for 15 minutes. It was not even busy. The food is overpriced by about 15 percent. But it's Irvine. Food is average at best. Although my wife is Asian it's best to go here if your Chinese. Your service may be upgraded to just bad.

Leroy T.

Well Date of Visit : July 11, 2021 and it's been awhile since I have been to Irvine so today I felt it was time to go back !! So First we head to an beautiful park and after that we were feeling hungry and so we decided on Irvine China Garden because we wanted to see how this restaurant dim Sum compares to others !! So here is my prospective of how it stacks up against others !! Now as I walk in I kind of look around and no one approached me and ask if I needed help !! So that was not good !! I was standing there and looking for help but still no one came up to ask !! Well my wife was already in and I finally seen her across the room and I walk over and sit down !! Now As we look over the menu It was time to get down and enjoy this Dim Sum !! We ordered About six different Dishes of Dim Sum !! Well as we take our first bite of each here is what I can say about the food here well it could use more flavor and each dish is kind of low of flavor !! What I mean is there are other dim sum restaurants that are much more better but they had a special going if you order 6 or more Dim Sum Dishes then you can order the Lobster Noodles for only 15 Dollars !! So why not do it !! So we added on the Lobster Noodles and that was Delicious !!! It's one of there more popular dishes and I do suggest you give it an try !! As for parking it was no problem and the restaurant was fairly clean and nice inside !! Overall I enjoyed the food here and it gets 3 Stars out of 5 because Customer Service is always number 1 and they kind of lack it !! But if I happen to be in Irvine again I shall see if there is any improvement and I might have to try there other dishes !!

Roger Ding

The server didn't give us all menus at the beginning. We are in trouble.

Don Noble

I've been coming here for 10+ years. Today I went back after Covid for Dim Sum lunch. When I say it was OK I mean just barely OK. No more carts. That would have been OK as long as the food and service was good. Service was horrible almost non existent. Food was not as good as usual. If this is the way they intend to reopen and get business back, they will be doomed. I hope the straighten their act out. Service 1 out of 10. Food 6 out of 10. Ambiance 5 out of 10.

getty Gan

great dim sum


The worse Cantonese restaurant I have ever taste. Came all the way from SF and will never recommend this restaurant to anyone. The second that I see foods that from other Chinese style such as Sichuan style then I knew something must go wrong with this restaurant. If I wasn't hungry then I will literally only have one bite on every dish, split on it then leave it on the table. Their dishes have no taste and only looks good. 这什么玩意 白切鸡不入味 牛肉炒河粉不入味 铁板牛仔骨不入味 这三个基础的粤菜做的都很差 就算去吃也要找这个mall旁边的两个餐馆

Kieu T.

We come here for dim sum a lot. The food is great, but the service is not as with most Asian places. I think you get better service if you speak Chinese though. We had to ask several different people for a menu so we could order extra stuff off the menu and die water. The dim sum though is excellent. My favorites are the shrimp dumplings and shumai. But really everything is pretty good. The noodles with lobster (which you have to order off the menu) is also very very good.

Brian L.

The staff seemed indifferent about their customers and the food was a bit too salty. The price IMO is a bit high. There are definitely better options, especially considering the price.

Joe T.

This should be the best Chinese restaurant in IRVINE. Always crowded and serves quality of Chinese food. (I'm not a Chinese nor Taiwanese, but I love most of menu they have.

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