China Garden

14825 Jeffrey Rd, Irvine
(949) 653-9988

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otto corzantes

The worst customer service that I have received in the last 12 years. People ignoring calls, dirty tables, rude servers, cashier demanding tip. Food it was ok, I could have gone somewhere else for a better quality.

Alvin Nguyen

My ex wife wanted to eat breakfast with my son to build a family feelings for my young son. i recommended her to have dim sum. We drove here because i ate here before. I came to eat around 10:40am. I picked my favorite shumai, chicken feets, stripes, shrimp dumplings. I ate shrimp dumplings first and it was not good like i ate before. I ate the shu mai and noticed sour taste with the shu mai. I ate chicken feets and this time it was very sour. I told the waiter that chicken feets taste sour. I asked is it normal to taste sour. The waiter just said he cancelled the order. I was no mood to eat anymore cuz too embarrassed

Leona Wong

I like the beef tendons, other than that its an okay dim sum place. Mid quality but affordable

Vivi Goenawan

I ordered the lobster and once it arrived on my table I didn't take any pictures. The yummy smell coming out of the lobster house special overcome my need to take the picture. That's how I spent my Valentines with my loved ones. Just good old lobster dish. The other 2 dishes that we ordered were also good,but not as good as the lobster . We just had dim sum in April 2022 and we think the restaurant has pick up pre pandemic level somewhat based on the amount of patrons eating.

Shin Kim

Been here several times.Comparing to the price, the quality of food is a little low.The lobster was badly seasoned.

caroline lajoie

There was nothing special about the bland fried rice which was very dry and the noodles which were typical of fast food. The only exceptional thing I could find was the price, which was extremely high. I won't be coming back.

annie look

Dim sum is good , so is the lobster noodles. Service was good today. Glad that the one server who usually gives bad service is not on duty today.Thank you China Garden!

Heavenly Trial

We ordered egg noodle wonton soup which soup is tasteless and under seasoning and noodle is overcooked and clumpy together as well as overcooked vegetables. The pordrige is tasteless and under seasoning. The yang chow fried rice is nothing special about it. Fried egg noodles with seafood is actually okay with good seasoning and good portions of seafood. Services are friendly. First time last time and won't come back and won't recommend to


Its a great establishment, a little old looking but it adds to the overall atmosphere. The dim sum here is always amazing. The evening selection is also great. Highly recommend eating here.

Daniel Repasky

The dim sum is great, but you can have trouble getting them to bring the carts around lately - the variety has gone down. When we asked to order specific stuff they said to wait for a cart that would never come. That said, it's a pandemic and they're doing to-go orders, so it's understandable.

Judy Flattery

Everything was SO GOOD. We did dim sum for lunch. We are dim sum novices. The servers did a great job with recommendations and with having us feel comfortable when we were a little unclear how it all works.

Luis Huang

So GOOD. Authentic Guangzhou Canton style Chinese cuisine. Best deal is the Lobster Yee Mian Noodles, comes discounted after 6 dim sum orders. Perfect for 3 people or more! Come here for the yummy daytime dimsum, or come for amazing wok hay dinner menu dishes, with wide selection of seafood dishes.

Jon Snow

I would give a zero if i could. I have not seen any service worse than this one ever in the states. Very few servers was friendly. The manager was mean and very disrespectful, dissing and cursing their customers in front of other customers. Food is fast food quality at best, . Just a place you should definitely avoid.

George Cadenas

The service was quick and good. The food wasn't too expensive and the quality was high.My wife and I ordered the Peeking pork and some seafood noodles. I'm not sure if they were the exact names. It set us back roughly $40 and was enough to feed 4, possibly 5 people.The restaurant was also very clean and kept up. Which is unusual for traditional chinese food restaurants. They always have and old and outdated look. Not that it looks modern.I will go there from now on!

Eileen Gizara

Great restaurant with authentic Chinese food. I've been here a few times and always had a positive experience. They were take-out only during the pandemic but are now back to dine-in. I came here with my mom recently during early dinner hours and ordered the mapo tofu and fried green beans. Food was delicious as always, would definitely recommend to others!

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