Coco Ichibanya

2710 Alton Pkwy, Irvine
(949) 553-1082

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Jinsmr 金糖伍

Large selection of Japanese style curry plates. You can adjust the spice level. I was pretty satisfied with what I got and the wait for takeout was only 10-15 minutes.

An Tuan N.

Make sure to check the wait list and join on this app if you can! I really wish they would let you order the omurice plate combo for take out but it's understandable why they don't. (Egg) My favorite will forever be the classic fried pork with white rice but all of their options are good. Reason to why it's only 4/5 stars is I'm starting to notice that they're giving you less and less meat for take out orders now. Expect even LESS chicken than pork when ordering so. Service is good, could use a bit of improvement during rush hrs (dinner/lunch) Expect to bump shoulders and walk past lots of chairs, for spacing is very limited and tight in there.

Angely Z.

Pork cutlet omelette (8/10) Pork cutlet w/ white rice (7.5/10) Pork cutlet w/ brown rice (7/10) Coco ichibanya serves amazing Japanese curry with a wide variety on their menu. Their pork cutlet was cooked perfectly but I wished the pork was a little more tender. All of the curries were served with rice underneath the cutlet. I wouldn't recommend the brown rice because it was undercooked and hard. I would recommend a spice level of 4 for a good amount of heat without being overbearing.

Mary N.

Always love eating here! I'm a recurring customer and will always be a recurring customer coco! The flavoring of the curry is always so satisfying and tasty. The only thing is the spice level tends to change? I always get between level 4-6 and sometimes level 6 would be less spicy than level 4 and vice versa. I wish the spice level would be a little more consistent, but it's not a huge deal breaker for me. My go-to plate is the veggie croquette with the omelette, with extra cheese! I tried the chicken one this time around and it was still just as good. I love their baked Keema friends, which is pretty much like chili cheese fries but on a whole new level! I want to try other items because it looks so good but I'm comfortable with my go-to dishes! Between two people, the fries might be a lot if you're getting the omelette option with your plate. Servers are normally friendly and quick to help you out! Food comes out pretty quickly as well and if the servers see that you're close to finished, they are most definitely quick to bring you your check to get the other guests in, which is nice if you've been waiting for a long time. I would try and go before the rush because you'll be waiting at least 20-30 minutes. Parking is pretty easy but again, if you're going at a popular time then parking structure is the way to go!

Kayla Legaspi

While it doesn't have the full menu that Japan does, it is still good! They have naan that's made differently that the Japan Coco Ichibanya's but is tastey in it's own way. We enjoyed this place a lot and our host was very friendly. It's definitely worth a try!! We will be back!

Niu-Niu N.

Had been wanting to come try Coco Ichibanya for a while, and finally got the chance to try this Irvine location. For a party of 5, we waited for around 1 hour at dinner time, which wasn't too bad given the abundance of shops at this plaza. Since we were all about to order a curry, which was going to be quite heavy, we opted to have the green salad for a starter. So simple, yet it was very refreshing. For the size given for a chicken cutlet omelet, I'd say it's very reasonably priced. Definitely able to finish in one sitting, but if you wanted, there is also more than enough space for leftovers to take. If you can handle spice, upping it to level 1 or even 2 would probably not be a lot, but still give you a slight ting. Hearty and comfortably filling, Coco Ichibanya lives up to the hype!

Brian K.

This place is the Curry House replacement that we were looking for. We have been bummed since the old curry house in Irvine closed and we had high hopes that this place would be just as good. Happy to say we have a winner. The curry had a great flavor but the sauce was thinner than the old curry house. Not a bad thing, just different. End result is that we all really liked the curry flavor and the omelet style with egg on top of the rice. Food came out really fast and the waiter was really cool.

Sarah P.

If you are ever craving curry and katsu this is the place to go. I ordered the Chicken Cutlet with curry with level 4 spiciness. The spiciness made the dish much more flavorful and not as bland. This restaurant is kind of small and does have a pretty long wait time. I got here at 5pm on a Tuesday but I still waited about 30 min to get seated. It would be best to come early or go at an off time when they aren't as busy. This restaurant is definitely worth trying!

Victoria P.

Hands down my favorite curry house! The spice level is ranked 1-10. If you're into spicy food and want a level just a little past mild, I would choose "level 3" There are so many sides that you can add to your curry plate, which makes this house more unique than others. You can order sides of bread, corn and even fries. I like ordering either the pork or chicken cutlet as my go to. If you're trying to go for lunch during the week, I recommend coming before 11:30 to avoid the lunch rush. Nights and weekends are typically busy all day long. The service is good and food comes out pretty Fast!

Dora L.

Unfortunately they don't offer any of the omelette curries to go. Bummer! We were super looking forward to the omelette after a long day of traveling, and it was too late to dine in as they were closing soon. This is your standard, authentic Japanese curry! Which means it's mostly curry sauce and rice, with a few toppings and side salad. The salad dressing is super yummy. My boyfriend got the beef curry and I got the vegetable croquette. The croquettes were alright but not my favorite, as they were just filled with vegetable mash and fried. Overall the meal could have been more satisfying if there were more fresh veggies or an omelette. Not bad though! Worth a visit for sure, it's such an simple and convenient and hearty meal.

Bc Tee

Best chicken cutlet, creamy curry, 5 star service

Jeannie B.

Maybe I'm impartial to curry house (rest in peace) but the curry here is a little watery to me. The cutlet was good and crispy and the fries were just skinny fries that you would get at random burger joint or from your local freezer section at the store. The utensils and plates were a little dirty which is was irked me and the place seemed a little understaffed but overall the food was good

Eric Kim

I ordered a Curry pork Cutlet with Omelet. The Curry and Omelet was excellent. However, the meat is too dry and doesn't taste good.

Ann V.

I had just recently gotten into Japanese Curry and this was one of the first places I went to try it out. This was the first time dining inside the restaurant. Last year we would just order online and pick it up at their Torrance location. Their Irvine location was a pretty decent size. I joined the waitlist on yelp and we got seated maybe 20-30 minutes later. I got the Pork Cutlet Curry with level 2 spice. Food came out within 15 minutes. Their curry is so good and the plate size was pretty big. You definitely get full after eating it all. My kids love the food here as well so that's always a plus! Because of Covid, they don't want you staying too long to eat. I believe the maximum time they would like you to spend there is 60 minutes.

Janette N.

There's nothing to complain about CoCo besides the long wait lines. Truly one of the tastiest and most consistent katsu joints in the world. I highly recommend their pork katsu curry with omelette fried rice. If you aren't a fan of spice, I would suggest you to either opt for the mild version or to only go up to level three spice. 10/10 reccomend to anyone who's a fan of japanese curry or katsu!

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