Del Frisco's Grille

772 Spectrum Center Dr, Irvine
(949) 341-0376

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Michael Dallas Havener

There are many better steakhouses in the area that offer superior quality steaks at the price point of Del Frisco’s. Steak was not cut like a true NY Strip…looked more like a small ribeye. Truffle Mac had no flavor and I added salt to make it more palatable.

Alan Bliss

. . . a GREAT place to relax and chill for awhile, at the bar . . . with delicious appetizers and drinks. The fried artichokes were especially good, and even better when adding some blue cheese dressing on the side, per our bartender's excellent recommendation!!!

Donee Chabot

The prime rib sandwich is excellent primarily because of the excellent au jus. Avoid the ribs, mine were lukewarm at best, very dry and had such a hard crust I couldn't cut through it with my knife easily. Have had better ribs from the supermarket after sitting under the lamps for hours. Cream Brulee also disappointing. There was no crispy Carmel crust that you break with a spoon...just a Carmel sauce that tasted like it was from a can. Very disappointed.

Jay P Sin

This restaurant has great food. Really good atmosphere. The service was spectacular.

Acer C.

This is by far the worst fine dining experience i have ever had. In terms of price range and quality. Both the steaks tasted like chewing on tough rubber (steak frites/sirloin steak). We had to send both steaks back and even the food we got back was nasty mediteranean shrimp the cauliflower tasted like baby food unseasoned. Asparagus w salmon was boiled asparagus no seasoning. If i knew walking into a fine dining place was like this i wouldve just chose tender greens instead, or even mcdonalds burger. Tbh idk if my dog would even eat the steak here, thats how bad it was. Also they have audacity to charge mastros pricing! I told the supervisor taste like shit he said " oh ya after covid our quality went down, we been getting alot of customers sending it back" LOL just never come here unless you want your taste buds to hurt after

S. S.

Possibly the worst service I have ever received at a restaurant. The waiter literally disappeared mid meal and I had to flag a busboy down to find him...turns out he left for the day. What a joke. Horrible service and the manager walked by several times and said nothing. Note the restaurant was dead. See the recent reviews for this place - going way downhill.

Nick C.

I'm going to give my honest review of this place and it really didn't hit the spot at all. We came in at 4:00 when nobody was even there. I'm giving them a 2star because our waiter was awesome and that was about it. My wife and I ordered a steak and ribs and the steak was fine but my ribs were way over cooked. When the manger came by to see what was wrong with my food I told them it was over cooked And he basically scoffed at me saying they always fall off the bone. (I'm sorry pork ribs should not fall of the bones at all if you know anything about bbq) I decided to send my food back because it was way over cooked and asked for a New York instead. I was told my meal would be comped and come to find out on the bill it wasn't. Not only did I pay for full price for the steak I had to wait 20+ min for my steak to even come out. I highly doubt I'd ever come back to this place...why would I when the food was not good and the manager did nothing to help a shitty situation! Changing my review from a 2 star to a one star. There customer support reached out and they want my personal information which I don't want to give. No I do not want to talk to you on the phone about my shitty service. Figure it out...

AnaLuisa G.

Absolutely Disappointing. We had reservations for 11:30am. Placed our order, unfortunately several items not available yet on their menu. Took about an hour to get our meals. Quality of food was not great and ended up feeling sick, unfortunately we had a long drive back home.

Giselle V.

Have been to this location several times and the food is very good, but it's kind of starting to go down. The service is always stellar so that's not the problem. The steaks are cooked in a way that the ends usually come out dry. It's charred so you think it's cooked perfectly, but it's not perfect if it's dry. As of late, I can't really enjoy the steaks on their own without adding one of the special butters that they offer as an add on. The flavor from the butter also helps the steak. The sides are lacking as of late as well. Overall, they've become less flavorful than they used to be. The macaroni and cheese just tastes bland now. Also, most of the appetizers are just OK. The last time we ate here, I tried the wild mushroom flatbread and it was literally something that tasted like it was bought frozen from the store, heated up, and some arugula thrown on top afterward. I'm not sure where they got the name "wild mushroom" from, the only mushrooms on it were button mushrooms that had been heated up. It overall felt like there was no effort or thought put into the dish and it was literally thrown together.

Nash R.

We each ordered the rib eye steak... Not impressed. A bit thin cut for price. Too much fat and gristle. Too much pepper. Not a first class steak. Service was spotty too. Disappointing meal.

Michelle K.

We came here celebrating my brothers birthday bc he liked SD location, so he thought this place would have the same menu options of bone-in steaks in Irvine as well. Nope, it didn't. My brother didn't let that upset him, he tried to order the best options off the menu & the server's suggestions. Unfortunately there was no bone-in steak option. Given the reason for our visit in the first place, it had some disappointing moments. Staff: It being a fine dining "Steak House" the female asian hostess really was not professional. How do you work & you're CHEWING GUM???? It was gross & inappropriate in a restaurant to chew gum with you mouth wide open as you seat people. I have never seen even McDonald's staff chew gum!!! Seriously blew my mind how no one told her its unacceptable. She's the FIRST IMPRESSION!!! Ahi Tacos: Wonton Taco Shell was cooked very well, everyone agreed that was good. It was filled 50/50 tuna & avocado. I don't think 4 for $19 was reasonable though. Sweet Corn Bisque: It was disappointing because the moment i saw it in-front of me, expecting a hot temperature soup but it was cold. It was not hot at all. It wasn't even luke warm. I immediately called out-loud to the manager. Once i got his attention, he apologized for the soup. Removed my bowl and the other 2 bowls of soup. He told me he would take care of our soups for the mistake and work on remaking it. The remade soup came out, it still was not very hot, but after the first mistake, I didn't want to bother him again. I didn't want to ruin my brothers bday celebration. I just felt like i got less soup than i did originally and it didn't have the toppings or garnish (which i had to request, when the manager & server asked if it was better but i lied and said it was). Its not the manager or servers fault, the kitchen staff didn't better prepare it. Would it have made any difference if i just told them the soup wasn't very hot still, honestly maybe but then by that time my entree would arrive and I would not want the soup. Filet Mignon- I ordered this medium (probably regretted it) bc it was more cooked medium well. It was more brown than pink, & too cooked on the outside that dried out the steak. Odd thing, the asparagus was not plated w/my filet mignon. Luckily, i added blue cheese butter which gave my steak flavor & juice (since my steak loss most of that. Scallops: $36 for 5 Scallops & Arugula but on the menu it states broccoli. We were not served broccoli. Again, over priced and hardly a lot of food for that price. Since they missed out on the broccoli, it should have been $30. Did not want to tell management because again celebrating my brother's bday so wanted no trouble. Server- I honestly feel bad that he had us because of all the trouble. I wish I remembered his name, but he was very kind, and tried to make our family dinner celebration great but the other hiccups truly didn't help. He knew we were celebrating my brothers bday, prepared a dessert with candles ready to be lit, and to everyones shock, my brother was MIA like Ariel from The Little Mermaid missing out on her bday party. Brothers meal that got him sick: Prime Ribeye Steak topped with Lump Crab Cakes, sides of Roasted Brussel Sprouts and Truffle Mac & Cheese. Manager: He was very concerned when he heard about my brother, but my brother felt too sick to return back and speak to him at manager's request. Instead, I just assured him that the food was too much, too rich and too much cream from crab cakes and truffle mac & cheese. To the manager on duty that night, we appreciate your concern and taking care of our soup for the mistake. Caramel Pot De Creme - Yasss the best tasty treat!!! Sad my brother had to miss it but my sister & i split it. Its like a creme brûlée just without the hard melted sugar on top. It was a delicious cream custard and almost fluffy caramel sauce. Overall, the food was not bomb. It was ok, not great or good, just okay. The corn bi

Eli Kolu

By far the best steak I have ever had! The truffle butter was absolutely incredible. The Mac and cheese and fries were to die for. Our waitress Carrie was amazing. So sweet and gave us great suggestions. It was a great end to our trip.

Lauren W.

Tried this as a walk in and was pretty happy. We were welcomed in after asking about whether they could accommodate gluten and dairy free needs. Good service throughout. Nice wine list. Steaks were well prepared and tasty. We loved the gluten friendly flatbread, minus the cheese. Most of the vegetable sides were good with the exception of the "brocolini" which turned out to be what tasted like steamed, frozen broccoli with no seasoning whatsoever. I'm guessing they improvised due to our dairy free preference.

Megu K

Steak isn't cooked right; skip this place and find another.

Jaed Arzadon

Crab cakes are awesome. We had our 16 year anniversary celebration here and they gave us nice desserts courtesy of the restaurant. Very pleasant experience. I don't give 5 stars often so this is a an excellent rating to give for me.

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