Del Taco

4547 Campus Dr, Irvine
(949) 854-7102

Recent Reviews

Jim Y.

yelp says open 24/7. del taco website says open till 2am. gets to this location and its closed at 12:30am.

Haleigh Marcello

This Del Taco is great. I took away a star because they change their hours constantly. You'll go here for a late night snack and find that they've already closed at like 11pm. They don't update their hours online either so it's impossible to tell when they close. The food and service is top-notch though.

Justice Chandler

Very welcoming, the tacos are a hit! Nice, little facility to grab something quick that would accommodate your day if you're a guy like me in a hurry

Matthew Matsuda

Great on taco Tuesdays for my college student budget. They always have great window service and the staff are always nice.

Perry Lobel

chicken burrito was warm, delivery was fast but the chicken was shredded beyond recognition

Joe B.

This place has horrible service and they are always out of things. I have received the wrong order on multiple occasions and over paid. And now they have been out of ice! Very dissatisfied.

Brian Fenton

A little slow but food is always hot and in the bag as ordered.

Daniel Carlson

Great place to get some tacos and nachos.

Chris Walsh

Just pulled a long brown hair out of my mouth after biting into a quesadilla.

Norm H.

It appears Del Taco is turning into Taco Bell. We have always loved del taco over taco bell. This is the second experience in a week, with over 60 miles between the two stores. The lovely guy taking our order on the speaker had a big accent and wearing a mask, we couldn't understand a word and had to repeat everything at least twice. We were the only car in line at first. It took almost 10 minutes AFTER we got to the window. No one was in line inside the store either. We had ordered a number 9 (del beef burrito and del taco with fries and drink) Eveything seemed fine, then after we got home we realized the Del Beef burrito was some kind of green Chile and bean and rice burrito. And the Del Taco was a mushy soft taco with some kind of white sauce. Lastly, we had two orders of fries, and they gave us no ketchup and did not ask if we wanted ketchup. We won't be back.

pishoy habashy

The staff is nice, but the fish taco and shrimp tacos are so disgusting, you can’t even taste the shrimp or the fish, you just taste nasty bread crumbs the cheapest brand. I’ll never ever eat there again, paying 17 dollars in 4 tacos l, fries and coke, to throw up

Marko P.

Literally drove up at 11:20 PM ordered one bean and cheese burrito, got to the window and a nice man just handed it to me in a bag said what sauce would you like I told him... And then he just said have a nice night. I held up my credit card and said wait, here!... He said nope you're good! Happy Easter! Regardless of any other review... This is worth mentioning absolutely five stars :-) thank you so much whoever you were that did that. You have a very nice kind heart and deserve A great review in the least :-) thank you again and have a great day!

Sanjay B Dalal, oGoing

Love their Avocado Veggie Bowl. It’s healthy and nutritious. We also love their Avocado Beyond Tacos. I have always felt that Del Taco provides higher quality Mexican fast food.

Ines Quesada

Fast service, good prices

Rich Hemsley

My daughter loves the beyond meat

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