8683 Irvine Center Dr, Irvine
(949) 341-0111

Recent Reviews

Hannah Moore

A very popular spot in the area. Ask any local and Fukada will definitely be on the top of their list. Everyone loves this udon place because it is delicious and not too pricy.

Edwin Fame

Excellent spot for consistent and delicious udon and soba. Combo is a great value.

Linda T.

Hands down best new discovery for me. One of those spots that have a different thing to try everyday you come by. Will be a regular

Ryan Chen

Fukada is the best udon place in Irvine. Their hot tanuki udon with spicy tuna don combo is my recommendation. So sad that they're closed on Mondays.

Derek Wu

I drove 30 minutes to Fukada and order the combo with cold soba noodles and Spicy tuna Don. After driving 30 minutes back home I realized they didn’t put the spicy tuna in the bag…so I ended up paying $13 for soba noodles and a bowl of rice

Victoria K.

I've been coming here for years. Since covid, they're operating as take out only, which is still delicious. I just call in my order and it's ready to pick up in 15 minutes or less. Their sansai udon is still one of my favorite comfort foods. Their spicy tuna don and eel don are also excellent.

Yuri J.

The sansai cold udon is my favorite during the summer. I get the tempura din on the side and it's a perfect pair!

Kathy K.

Still as good as ever, even in the pandemic!!! Honestly, I think their spicy tuna don is a better deal when I order takeout, since the tuna portion seems much larger!!! Calling to order is a challenge, though, but after 5 calls I usually get through, and have to wait only about 15 minutes for food to be ready! There's also a community park near Fukada that we eat at so the food doesn't get too cold!

Jan Y.

We supported them throughout the pandemic, the food is good. However their takeout order system SUCKS! So many restaurants had gone online, making takeout pain free for customers, what is holding Fukada back?

Chanel L.

One of my favorite spots in Irvine! Delicious and affordable. Fukada offers traditional Japanese style cuisine. You can get anything from really delicious udon to sushi rolls here. My favorite combo is their lunch special! I order the seafood salad, that comes with seared Ahi tuna and seared salmon (ginger sesame), with a choice of a Donburi bowl or a sushi roll. I always go for the spicy tuna don! Their lunch special has so much food I literally can never finish it all and always have enough for later. All their udon soups are also very delicious. I always get a Wakame (Seaweed) Udon or Sansai Udon (vegetables). Enjoy!

Katherine Y.

We ordered takeout and I tried their sansei hot udon and the tentojidon. The udon was light and comforting, the noodles were very soft and the sansei added a good variety.The don was super tasty, the tempura shrimp was cooked perfectly and not too chewy and the egg was soft, almost creamy, and seasoned well. This came with just the right amount of white rice to balance with the flavorful don toppings. I would definitely get their tentojidon again in the future, and would be interested in trying their sushi rolls too!

Les L.

I cherish Japanese restaurants that make homemade udon and soba so Fukaba stands out as one of those rare jewels in Orange County. It is in a strip mall in Irvine and a line forms without fail about 30 minutes before opening. I always get their soba, but my family likes udon more, so we usually order a mix of the two noodles. I personally love their style of dashi, which is really intense and smoky from the type of bonito flake they use. I'm partial to the Sansai soba because I love mountain vegetables. My daughter gets the Wakame udon. To round out the noodles, we order a variety of fried and braised dishes, which they also prepare very well. We have enjoyed the Nasumiso (grilled eggplant), Tatsaage (fried chicken), agedashi tofu, and their katsu don.

Gabrielle L.

My friend and I wanted something soupy before I headed back to NorCal and we both thought the udon abs hot tea was exactly what we needed. Also, we thought it was really admirable how one of the waiters was really patient and took time to answer repetitive questions from an elderly customer too.

Reya G.

Yummy quick take out dinner. They're not doing indoor dining but there are patio tables. They're also strict with covid protocols, so it's important to read the notices taped on their doors and windows. We ordered the cold soba combo with the curry and the Unagi don. Pretty straightforward dishes and they take precautions in wrapping your liquids so that it doesn't spill to-go. Unagi cravings satisfied

Morganna O.

LOVE this place! It is basically a regular staple in our house. We always get the combination with soup and don buri. I get udon soup and Oyako Don. My boyfriend gets the udon soup and Katsu don. Everytime it's perfect. And a ton of food for such a good price! I will warn you they get pretty busy, so trying to make a phone order is a pain. Honestly we often just show up and order then wait. It's much easier than calling 20 times to get through and place an order (which I will do!)

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