Habana Restaurant

708 Spectrum Center Dr, Irvine
(949) 419-0100

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Branden N.

Booked reservation for 7 pm on Labor Day. Our waiter Luis gave our party of two the best possible dining experience. He was attentive, friendly, and gave our party a welcoming attitude. We started off the night with the Spanish Chorizo Sofrito Steamers and our waiter recommended us the Pork Croquetas. The Steamers in the wine broth was mouth watering with the butter grilled bread. The seafood was fresh and appetizing. The Croquetas were equally amazing and appetizing. Filled with juicy pork and cheese, both appetizers were worthy in value and taste. For our entrees I ordered the Paella and the lady ordered the Lechón Asado. The Paella for one came with mussels, clams, shrimp, and salmon. The rice was seasoned perfectly and the seafood again was fresh and tasty. The mussels especially were large and large chocked full of flavor. The Lechón came with white rice, black beans, plantains, and pickled onions. The pork was surprisingly tender and juicy. It was as close as you can get to melt in your mouth. Overall, Habana is a gem. The portions of each dish were perfect and the pacing of the meal was well done. Service was exceptional and our party was offered on the house champagne as well. This place meets the 5 out of 5 stars for the quality food, detailed service, and the irreplaceable atmosphere. The outdoor seating ambience was preferred over the robust and upbeat interior seating. The restaurant was beautifully decorated and thoughtful touches were found throughout. Irvine Spectrum has a great dining option for those looking to splurge.

Abbe W.

Came here on Saturday night for dinner. Reservation is strongly encouraged. My dish was the El Churrasco while my daughter had the Roasted Chicken with fries instead of fried plantain. I was disappointed with the steak as it was very tough to cut and chew. I asked for medium rare too. It doesn't have much flavor too. However, my daughter's Roasted Chicken was very good. She finished the rice, half of the chicken, and fries. She was a happy camper. Service was great.

Stephanie V.

This isn't a rant, its an honest review of my dining experience. I came here with a group for my birthday for brunch. This was my first time at this location, I've been to the Costa Mesa location a few times and have never been disappointed. I had high exceptions and they were not met. It was a hot day and we were seated inside, it was very warm inside and the music kept going on and off VERY loudly. It must have been broken or something. So, the ambiance was not what I expected. However, the restaurant is very beautiful. The " brunch" menu is very small, which I was surprised, because pre covid, their brunch buffet was incredible. Therefore, none of us ordered off their "brunch" menu. However, what we did order, was very tasty. I recommend the sampler appetizer and the shrimp appetizer. Both were very good, the croquettes were definitely my favorite. The pork entree was okay, nothing too exciting, but the paella was very delicious. Everything was well seasoned and full of flavor. Lets not forget the drinks! The first round was very good, I ordered the lucy drink or something like that, and it was strong yet flavorful. Our second round was not so lucky. I ordered the same drink, but it was not consistent with the first one. So that was a little disappointing. Lastly, the service. By the time we sat down and placed our order, 45 minutes had gone by. Not to mention, we had to flag down our waiter to place our order. We waited over an hour for our food. An hour. I understand that a lot of restaurants are understaffed and that its a hard time for the industry, so if this is the case, they should probably not seat so many tables. The restaurant was full and our waiter said he was the bartender. Which we thought was odd. Is that normal for a bartender to serve and work the bar at the same time? We could tell he was under a lot of pressure and running back and forth like a chicken with his head cut off. I honestly felt bad for him. He was nice, just very busy, which resulted in poor service. So yes, the food is good, but thats just one part of it. Due to the service and ridiculous ticket time, my rating is three stars. I most likely will not return to this location, but I would go back to the Costa Mesa location. Thank you for your time if you've read this entire review. Have a great day. P.S Their system was down, so we had to write down our information for them to charge us at a later time.

Ryan L.

Came to Habana on a Friday night and ordered the Paella. Was a good portion for two people. The service was really nice and the food was good. Definitely wasn't the best paella I've ever had but it was solid. The food took awhile to come out though. Definitely a solid spot if you're at Spectrum and want a nice dinner. I will say though, $70 for this paella was not completely justified. Could've been better.


We made reservations and notated birthday. I even messaged the restaurant beforehand confirming we wanted a quiet table for a birthday. We were seated under a speaker. The table next to us received the birthday cake, candle, etc. We were skipped. It was a little embarrassing for my wife. It was not a busy night, but we still waited a long time for our check. The steak was fine, just not what we would expect for a filet. They did not have the ability to produce a pina colada. Really disappointed since this was recommended to me for a special dinner.


Service was good. The Salmon alla Parrilla was charred, but overly done. It tasted a burnt in about half of it. And I love this dish! Still the ambiance is so nice here. Just wish the food was better.


Great atmosphere and excellent service! Food was great!

opentable dinner

Food was delicious. Ambience was cozy. Waitress was very helpful and accommodating. Will definitely be back!


The place is really cute and makes you feel like you are in Cuba. Unfortunately the chicken empandas were dry and the chicken was dry and had no flavor. The steak and the black beans were good.


Great service!!! Food was seasoned well, good portions and very tasty. Drinks were well presented and were strong. Great experience and will definitely be back!!!

Annie N.

I have always been a big fan of Habana. I love their brunch and the other menus are great too. I just wish they wore masks during covid. I wasn't really that comfortablr that all some of the employees were masks or gloves. The paella tasted great. Portions are perfect for sharing.


Our table was sticky, not sure why? Need a chair and waited a lengthy time. I understand it was peak dining time,but the outside heaters turned on and they had the be informed to turn them off a couple of times. Server was hands on & food was delicious! We sat out side which I recommend if you don't want peoples voice echoing off the walls?

opentable dinner

The food was cold and bland. Very overpriced for what we got. Never going there again.


Drinks were really good and service at the bar was amazing.


Two of us ordered the Filet and did not taste like a filet. It wasn’t cooked right and texture was not of a quality filet. It was served with French fries (I thought I was at a Cuban restaurant). The sangrias were watered down. They brought cold refrigerated cookies for birthday dessert???? We couldn’t eat them. Please visits the original location in Costa Mesa instead. You will enjoy authentic food there, portions and sides that reflect the ambiance. For this price point I was expecting more. Will not return or recommend.

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