2710 Alton Pkwy #215, Irvine
(949) 566-1766

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Veronica Calixto

This place is a must! Our server Victor was beyond exceptionally attentive and fast. It was our first time here and he walked us through the menu. The food was so gooood! Meat and the soup broth was so tasty. Definitely coming back

Isaac Pacheco

everything g is good...with excellent service

Tony Thach

One of the best hot pot I've had! I really enjoy mokkoji for their sauces and marinated beef, but the flavors here are so good. Highly recommend their Tom yum and tomato soup. Also, make your own sauce (get the sesame one) so damn good! Super filling too.

Annika Munguia Chon

From the moment we were greeted by the hostess to sign in to the wait-list to the time we walked out the door, the experience was amazing! It was our first time to Haidilao and our server, Emily, did such an awesome job explaining the ordering process and products to us. We orders the Kobe Beef Belly combo, some extra veggies, and 4 soup bases: tomato, miso, mushroom, and tom yum. All was so yummy! And Emily even made us her favorite soup from the sauce bar, thank you Emily! (And btw, we totally recommend the sauce bar, it's full of different sauces and some other treats!)

David Bradshaw

Great customer service and all the staff are super friendly. The food is amazing. We always get the spicy and miso base. The meat is amazing quality.Overall this is amazing place for hot pot. I also really like the yogurt soju.

Sagar Ramprasad

Lots of variety to choose from for both the broth base and the food that goes in it. Tons of combinations to try so it never gets boring even after a few visits! Personally recommend the miso broth and the spicy options (they have significantly more flavor in them). Overall a must visit for both hot-pot lovers and people curious about what flash cooking things in boiling soup feels and tastes like :p

Han Phan

High class hot pot restaurant with a-la-carte style ordering system. Quite expensive for what you get, but the quality of food and service makes up for it. It's best to go with 4+ people where you can utilize the large hot pot fully and split the bills. A sitting with two people can rack up $100 total easily (attached photo of what you get for that price). I'd recommend Happy Lamb or Little Sheep all-you-can-eat more as you will be better bang for the buck.


I like this place! However, it a bit over priced for the amount of slice meat you receive. You don't get a lot of meat sadly. But the both is so delicious!

Phi D.

The overall experience from customer service to the food was phenomenal. Typically when I go to an Asian restaurant I don't expect the type of service I was provided when I went here. Upon sitting, everyone immediately reached out to see if we wanted drinks and since it was all our first time, they explained the prices on how everything works. There were 7 of us so we had two tables. There's a self serving sauce station where you can create your own dipping sauce and everything is of quality and a la cart. Food is amazing and we were constantly being asked if we needed anything so we didn't have to wait for an available person to request more food our side items. They don't take reservations and you do have to have your full party present in order to be seated so be aware of that

Thidah U.

The best hot pot ever! First timer too! Okay, I'm absolutely obsessed with this place and I want to make plans to come back soon. Not only the food was fresh and so good- the service was amazing!! Emily gave us the VIP treatment! Considering we had the biggest party of 15! She peeled the shrimp table side, was super friendly to our kids and it was absolutely the best service! Can't wait to go back and try the other broths!

Tae Space Alien

This place has the best customer service! They gave us hair ties, bags to put our phone in and aprons. The waitress was kind and patient since we had a lot of questions to ask. The food was great! I really like the miso soup base. Anyways, there are also free crackers and drinks for everyone outside of the shop. In conclusion, Haidilao is one of the best hot pot in town, 100% recommend it!

Kelley Ireland

The first time had dinner at this restaurant was in Beijing, this is the first time in the US. It is a very wonderful experience. Everyone should try it!

Sophie S.

Was very pleasantly surprised how nice this place is! It's definitely on the pricey side compared to Boiling Point, but definitely worth trying at least once! Starting off the service was great, while you wait they have free drinks and snacks. And once you get sat down, they offered little plastic bags to keep our masks in, glasses wipes in case of soup splashage, and aprons for everyone! Food was pretty great, I ordered the Tom Yum Soup base and the spicy pork. And everything was ordered a la carte on the tablet. Meat was pretty great quality, and I noticed they had A5 Wagyu Beef wasn't willing to splurge this time, but next time... Overall, a great experience. I can tel they put a lot of emphasis on customer service. Will be back!

Courtney C.

Felt like I was dining in Japan! Awesome details and a very pleasant beginning from a plastic bag so our masks wouldn't get dirty, hair tie for the ladies (in case we wanted to pull our hair back while cooking/eating), aprons (can't get our clothes dirty). The restroom was a one stop shop any gal could ever need (you need it, they have it), and clean! Ordering is done on an iPad, but servers are still very involved in explaining the way the menu works, how to order, bussing the table, explaining the 10+ dipping sauces, and helping where they can (ie. peeling the shrimp so we wouldn't get our hands dirty). Endless number of sauces, including the signature "Emily" sauce (made by our server herself! The food was fresh, came out quickly, and TASTY!!

Salie E.

It's our first time to be in this place and it totally gave us a good impression! We ordered their combo with meat and seafood, and vegetables and also added fish ball with roe on the side and have out refreshing passion fruit tea. The one thing that's also outstanding about this place is that our server was really helpful. In total, this place is excellent! Great food and great service! This is now our fave hot pot place in orange county.

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