I Can Barbecue Korean Grill

5781 Alton Pkwy, Irvine
(949) 502-5768

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Karina Mikhalchuk

Great Korean bbq!!! Wow big selection of different cuts and marinates for $32.99 . We were pleasantly surprised by the quality and freshness of the meats. Generous portions and very quick attentive service! All the little sides were good as well.The only thing I personally didn't like is the quality of chop sticks, very cheap kinds. Other than that amazing food!!! I highly recommend trying this place. Would absolutely come back.They also have a lunch menu and halal menu.

Alaa Allah Ahmed Elsabaa

My first Korean bbq experience and definitely not the last! They do serve HALAL beef and chicken , you can order up to 4 dishes per time, start grilling and order more, marinated food is delicious, make sure you go on an empty stomach.The mint lemonade and the ice cream macarons are not included in the price pp for dinner, but worth trying !

Chas T.

Korean BBQ is always fun. The marinated beef was really good, the bulgogi was good. Service we had was excellent. A word of caution the marinated chicken get a half order, a full order fills up two people. The Korean side dishes we're good and plentiful.

Isra Hashmi

Saturday afternoon was seated right away, just 3 of us. First tip is don't wear anything nice here. You will leave smelling like a smoked fire pit. But it's worth it. They have a special halal menu and right on the table is the QR code to look it up. First time here and kids did all the cooking. The waitress was so kind and wanted us to try one more thing, just to make her happy we ordered it. Steak marinade. Delicious! And she didn't even charge us. Gave it on the house. I thought that was really kind. Fun restaurant for kids, it's experience dining. Not a place to go regularly, as my clothes kept the smoky smell all day, so this is a place for one offs and when you're craving halal Korean bbq.

Kim Truong

Been here a few times and each time this place gets better. Best Korean restaurant in the area.I love the different choices of meats you can get and all the sides that comes with it. The waiters also come and change your grill a few times so you always get a clean grill.The place has a fun vibe and would be a great place to bring a group of people who want to try different meat and seafood items.Overall, the food, drinks, and experience were all amazing, and I definitely recommend this restaurant :)

Ayesha Khan

We ate off the Halal Menu. All the beef items were great, the chicken was okay and we didn't get to try much of the other stuff. We had at 75 min wait and then last call was within half hour of us sitting and we weren't informed that it would be so early (last call was 9:45 and the place closed at 11) before we chose to wait the 75 min. Overall it was a fun experience and the food was yummy. I would definitely go again.


this is the first time i had korean foods, BBQ . Oh my god it was suoer delicious. Guys if you guys want to try korean BBQ try this place. Crew members are si friendly, place is clean. They helpd me to choose what i like and whats there best. And the first time in my lofe i had soju. And korean super famous beer. Guys i had so many side dishes on an one table. Ill put the photos to. Try this restaurant and let me kmow frinds. Thank you guys for super delicious korean food and the great service.. Love you guys keep it up.. Ill come again.

Young Lim

Very busy well fast services..all you can eat korean BBQ...FRESH MEAT..LOTS OF CHOICE to side dishes..

Yoshitaka Katayama

The meat was delicious considering that it is a buffet. The sides were better than average. The soup isn't the best but it isn't the worst. The service was exceptionally slow. I am usually a little lenient toward saying this but the service was really really slow and for that reason I dropped it a star. I mean we asked for a second helping of sides like the kimchee and it literally came at the very end after all the meat was gone.

Alejandro Foucault Monterrey

A solid Korean Barbecue place. The bulgogi is my go-to meat in any of these restaurants, but any other cut of meat would be just as good. The attention is top-notch. Payment is effective and fast, and even putting in an order for anything is super quick since every server has a handheld computer to help out with all of these tasks. The place is clean, the grills get replaced often and the ambiance is great. I went on a Sunday afternoon (2pm) and I didn't have to wait more than 3 minutes to get seated. Truly a highly recommended option for your Korean Barbecue cravings in Irvine.

Brandon Vu

I have gone to many crowded and well kept kbbq places. It was a Friday night with an hour wait which was fine and understandable. The moment we were seated, we waited about another 20 minutes for a server to ask us for our first round of meat. We didn’t get our iced waters until 30 minutes later as well. Everything was just waiting during our dining experience. I understand it’s crowded and busy, but that does not mean provide a bad experience for customers who want to eat and leave. The price was not decent at all for the quality of meat and service we received. It was about $45 per person for a party of 6 (includes tax and their 20% addition for service of a large party). I would not recommend this place. There are plenty of other options in Irvine with better prices and service.I had to ask for cheese corn 5 times before we got it :/

Matthew Rodgers

I found the food at this location to be delicious, but I have to take away a star for the service. At this restaurant, you're given two hours to eat all that you can. You order, the server brings you the dishes raw, and you cook them on the hot plate in the center of the table. So, it is a pretty common Korean Barbecue experience in that regard. However, after a little while it seemed that the servers just avoided coming back to the table entirely. There weren't many customers in the restaurant while we were there as we were there during non-peak hours. We definitely had all we could eat anyway, but we just got the feeling that they didn't care that we were there. Other than that, the experience seemed to go well. So, hopefully you get better servers than we did.

darla R

All I can say is DELISH! SALN our waiter was so so nice. The over all experience was great . I can't wait too retire with a few more friends. I came I from RIVERSIDE CA!! TAMMY also enjoyed herself...

Gunjan Kumar

We ate at this place on one of the lazy afternoons. I must say that I have never had a server as great as the one we had that day at this place, so was rest of the staff. Food was great, you can also order half trays if you are not sure about your appetite and repeat (all you can eat!). There were sufficient sides to go with the food. They have a 2 hour limit so I would recommend that you should utilize your 2 hours and not rush through it.

Narjes G

This is my first time and last time, the meat looks unappetizing and no flavors whatsoever, they give three different sauces and none tasted good, one of the sauces is oil with salt and vinegar, you just have to dip the meat and eat, or ask for salt. The waiter is always rushing and brings what we asked for after a second reminder, I'm not sure how in the heck we spent over $200 in this place!

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