Johnny's Real New York Pizza

6721 Quail Hill Pkwy, Irvine
(949) 823-1900

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Arthur K.

The ordered pizza and the pizza was stuck on the box. Horrible how they prepared the pizza. All my slices were broken in half. Turned out to very messy to eat. Never getting pizza from here Screw this place

Jake F.

Pizza is average. Delivery and customer service was terrible. Half of our order was missing and I just kept getting told it was about to be delivered. An hour later and still nothing but excuses.

Scott M.

Johnny's Real New York Pizza is one of my two "go to" pizza places in Corona del Mar. Which one I choose depends on the mood I am in. I do tend to eat lunch more at Johnny's because they always have slices ready and I love their garlic knots, but for dinner and whole pies to go, it is a bit of a toss up. For whole pies I really like The True Sicilian and I ask them to put anchovies on half, which they do cheerfully. Besides the pie we order garlic knots and the House Special Salad and sometimes throw wings in too. Overall they are all very good.

Oldman J.

Back in the days Johnny's was amazing, that's when the owner cared, he would actually come out and talk to you. Unfortunately, he sold the place and the quality immediately went down. We still went because it was still pretty decent. Made a trip today and something has dipped again, we will never go back. They must have changed the recipe to the crust, bottom line it was terrible. No 'pull' at all, it was actually crumbly, it would break off like a shortbread cookie. Another one bites the dust.

Larry C.

Wow - how things have changed ! Johnny's is putting out some really good pizza. I mean REALLY good. We returned to Johnny's pizza on a whim post-pandemic reopening for some slices and the crust was good and topping were good. And just like you judge an ice cream maker by their judge a pizza place by how good they can put out a cheese pizza. And it's pretty darn good. In fact, it's better than the authentic, made in Brooklyn pizza we received from Goldbelly. So good job Johnny's!

S B.

They never close at the time it says I walked up at 8:43 and doors were locked while the employee was doing closing duties. Just change your hours then at this point because it's not the first time this has happened and no one will answer the phone after 8:30 so I gotta drive 20 minutes out to see if they're still open. I just wanted some pizza man

Jashua P.

It's local NY style. Good for a quick pizza fix, but quality is usually pretty mediocre. I usually have to tell them exactly how i want it made. If I leave it up to them, they skimp on all toppings except the cheese. They cheese the sht out of the pizza. Ask for them to go light on the cheese! Dough is a bit too pilloweee. Needs a bit more crunch.

David S.

Came to pick up my pizza, employees were blasting music to the point where i felt bad for the cashier answering calls because the customers probably couldn't even hear the worker. After waiting a while, the employee walked up with my "order." Walked out to my car and realized it wasn't my order so I walked in and the employee proceeded to be rude and tell me I needed to speak up louder when I give my name. Maybe stop blasting music and having fun with your coworkers and just be a normal functioning restaurant? Pizza was bland too.


I enjoyed my cheese and pepperoni slices. Loved the crisp the crust had. I would go again.

Dennis H.

First time trying Johnny's and it definitely has that floppy NYC pizza. I'll do my Portnoy rating for each slice I got 1. Cheese pizza - 6.5 2. Andolini - 7.8 3. Pepperoni - 7.2 4. Special of the day sausage pepperoni olives - 6.9

Foodie H.

I got their slice of cheese pizza and it was absolutely perfect. Thin crust that stays crispy and evenly spread out cheese and sauce. One slice filled me up and is a great deal for the price.

Diane G.

I came here because they have a coupon on Retail Therapy "buy one , get one free" there is nothing on the coupon that states it is limited to there smallest pizza. When I asked for a manager, he was conveniently on break for an hour. When I explained that the coupon doesn't say anything about it only being for a 12' pizza he didn't care , was rude and just brushed me off. I won't return.

Randy L.

Service is indeed poor. The girl taking the order has the worst customer service. No smile or thank you to be found. Not sure if she is having a bad day, but definitely shows she does not want to be there. Haven't even tasted the pizza yet, but had to write this review based on such poor service.

Danielle S.

Terrible service and food! Really??? I hope the owner sees this picture and talks to the staff that was there Wednesday late afternoon on May 5th, 2021.

Ana T.

Great pizza and service just a little pricey, but that is expected for Quail Hill as I'm sure the rent is crazy. I personally love the pepperoni. You can ask for double cuts too for kids parties.

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