Baekjeong Irvine

14160 Culver Dr, Irvine
(949) 559-9678

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MaryAnn Hale

Premium meats, plenty of side dishes and love that they cook for us!


Long wait but worth it. Lots of ban chan to start. Somewhat on the high end $$ for Korean I thought for the amount of food. But quality is there across the board. The eggs didn't quite cook during the meal. Overall 4.5 stars.

Dave Pino

The beef was very good quality. However, for such a slow time of day, I was put off by how little care the support staff was. Our waitress was excellent, but the people around her served vegetables that were uncooked and turned off the fire before we were done cooking. Not impressed.

Clarize B.

I'm visiting from the Bay and had never really had exceptional kbbq experiences and decided to try out Baekjeong. The wait was estimated to be 1hour and 15min - 1hour and 30min by the host. You can check on Yelp waitlist to see how many parties are on the list and your place in line. After 1 hour and 30 min, I came up and the host said she was about to call in my party. We waited another 5-10 minutes as they prepared our table and brought in two other parties. Our server was named Michael and we ordered the small Beef combo, seafood pancake, and tripe fried rice. I noticed that he didn't write down our order and didn't forget anything. He asked if we wanted Kimchi or Soybean stew for the combo and also if we wanted short rib or rib eye. We picked kimchi stew and short rib. He asked how we wanted our meat and we said medium rare and I was very worried he would overcook it but it was perfectly done. I didn't know that the servers grilled for you so you don't have to cook it yourself. The vent is also retractable so you don't smell like kbbq after the meal. The meat quality was very good in comparison to all you can eat places. Some free banchan that surprised me was the egg, pancake, corn cheese, and rice wraps. My dad isn't a fan of pickled things but enjoyed the kimchi and radish. In total our meal was almost 100 dollars for three people, but we were quite full at the end and that's basically the same price as ayce kbbq but better quality. Really enjoyable unique kbbq experience and hope to be back again soon.

Shwe N.

pls there's nothing bad 2 say !!! I just wish the large order was EVEN BIGGER I WANT MORE MEAT but yeah I left so full and satisfied with my food baby. Great quality! Next time I shall try even more but I can't stop thinking about the eggs; so runny yet well-made... I live for radish and rice paper and ugh xD

Meghan B.

My family and I have been wanting to give this restaurant a try; however, we were always deterred by the wait time and price.But yesterday we were in the area around 4 p.m. and found the wait to be ~30 minutes. We were sat down within that time frame! FOOD: We ordered the small beef combo, and opted for the kimchi stew and prime ribeye options, 10/10. We were surprised that the employees cook for you! The hoods also lower right above the grill, so there is no worry that you will smell like KBBQ after leaving! Upon sitting down, you'll notice that there are sides laid out around the table. I was excited for the cheese corn and egg. We ate nearly every side that was placed at the table, and we were even surprised that they provide more cheese corn! I personally loved the thinly sliced brisket, and my family enjoyed the seasoned prime boneless short rib! Everything was delicious, and between two people, we ended up leaving with a significant amount of leftovers. CUSTOMER SERVICE: Our waitress was attentive and friendly! My family and I continued oo'ing and aw'ing over how much food there was, and our waitress laughed along with us. They asked us if we'd like more corn cheese when the boat was running low, and provided us with extra side dishes. WAIT TIME: The wait wasn't terrible. We came around 4 p.m. on a Saturday. We had our names down at 4:27 p.m. and we're seated at 5:05 p.m.! While the price is on the higher side, we were more than happy with our experience!

Lucee V.

This place never fails to amaze me with their service and quality of meats. Their meats are way better than what you get from an average all you can eat kbbq restaurant and their side dishes are 10x better. If you're looking for a korean bbq place that will serve you top notch service and quality meats, this is definitely the place! They cook the meats for you and always ensure that you have everything you want and need when they're present. I went with a bigger party and got the small size beef and pork combo. I also got the lunchbox there as it is one of my favs! It's quite enjoyable to see the workers shake up the lunchbox for you. Yeah sure, some of the comments says that they have poor service or you'd have to ask for what you want multiple times, but maybe it was just a bad day for the restaurant/servers. Sometimes you do have to be more vocal about what you want and that's okay too. I always have to ask for refills on the side dishes or waive a server to come to me but isn't that what we all have to do at a restaurant when it's busy? A restaurant can't always be perfect and if you want what you want, just be vocal about it and appreciate how hard a server has to work just to satisfy many other customers. I always leave feeling extremely satisfied and happy so thank you servers and workers who make this place function and go well! Keep up the good work, I appreciate you!

Mark Madkour

Service was very good. Meat quality was also good. Didn't take too long to get seated.

Elizabeth L.

Quality of meat was good, but their staff is poorly trained. We had to ask for rice, sauces, bowls and tea (twice) about 1/3 of the way through the meal. The service was subpar. The wait was about 45 min so pretty reasonable on a sunday evening. Being here was just so disorganized and hectic. My friend asked if she could get a diet coke from the cooking guy and he said no. Then after a pause, explained, "you have to ask the server." It was all jarring and not at all a comfortable experience because there was always something missing. The first server also asked what type of sauce we wanted and what to drink and he didn't bring any of it until we asked a second time. I'd hold off until they get their operations in control.

Brenda L.

So glad I was able to find Baekjeong on Instagram!! I've always seen so many raves about Baekjeong and it's been on my list for probably about 3-4 years. I'm from Northern California unfortunately, so I was happy to visit for the first time as I was on vacation. I came on Sunday afternoon about 10 minutes after it opened and BOOM... it was already an hour wait. To be honest, I was super shocked but it also shows how popular their restaurant is haha. One hour exactly later, I received a text to check back in. Upon being seated my partner and I ordered the Beef Combo, which was just enough for the both of us. I didn't do too much research into the restaurant before coming as I've only seen pictures, so I was surprised that they actually cook for you here! I'm used to AYCE KBBQ restaurants, so this was a pleasant surprise to have. I appreciated the fan placed directly above the grills too - for once, I didn't smell like KBBQ after leaving the restaurant! (-: We had an extremely nice server who cooked our food. Since it was our first time, I would've appreciated it had she also explained a little bit of what everything was, how it worked at Baekjeong, or even a couple of recommendations of what we should order. The food was super tasty! The Beef Combo was the perfect amount. The quality of meat was a 10/10 across the board. The brisket was probably the best out of the three in my opinion. It's pricy here, but it's well worth it considering the quality of meat, the atmosphere of the restaurant, and the amazing customer service!

Jianbin Luo

Yesterday we had ten persons. And we really like the cite. The dining experience is really nice. More people better experience.

Christopher Ruiter

Very friendly staff, high quality side dishes and meats. Great ambiance and super fun music! Highly recommend!!!

Serena N.

Kang Ho is probably my all time favorite korean bbq spots I've ever had in my entire life!! (So far LOL) it sucks that there aren't any locations up in the Bay Area, so it's always a must when I visit socal. I've only been to a couple of Baekjeong locations and so far, this one in Irvine is my fave! Probably because I'm mostly in the OC area. I like how Kang Ho does not do all you can eat because it focuses on the quality of the meat! And each time I've visited, they've never disappointed. I also appreciate how workers come to your table to help you cook! (Recently, bc of Covid, I'm not sure if they still do this! I came here a few weeks ago and they didn't really help cook - which was perfectly fine! But I just remember them cooking for us once in a while) This place gets BUSYYY. Even on the weekdays so I suggest calling every time to see how long the wait times are!

Audrey W.

I was really craving kbbq, and baekjeong did not disappoint at all. The food was amazing as usual, and I always love the cheese corn and egg. The service was great too; Vincent was super helpful and nice. Baekjeong is definitely my favorite place for kbbq, and I can't wait to go back whenever I have the chance.

Frances N.

The food here is so amazing, the kimchi was phenomenal! Our hostess Vincent was really attentive and made sure our table had everything we needed before he left us, and always made sure our banchan was refilled. The service was so quick, and the quality of the meat was superb. I will definitely come back here when I am in town again!!! Worth the hype and I can see why the reviews are so good! Ask for Vincent when you're here!!

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