Krisp Fresh Living

2272 Michelson Dr #100, Irvine
(949) 536-5735

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Micaela C.

This is a one of a kind specialty shop that I definitely think you "need" to try. There are tables to really just sip, snack and work on your laptop. I've now tried jasmine cold brew tea, creamsicle coffee, mayan coffee, blueberry matcha and the pecan bar.... I can't tell you what my favorite is as everything has tasted like heaven!

Crystal F.

Great menu selection to choose from. I ordered the blueberry matcha latte with soy milk and it was dee-licious I will definitely stop in the next time I'm waiting for Hiros long wait

Kelley H.

I started going to Krisp nearly two years ago because they have good and healthy acai-type bowls and uniquely-flavored coffee drinks plus free wifi, and they are in a safe area. I can do work on my laptop for hours and no one bothers me. Today I was extra impressed. I'll start by saying I wear hearing aids, and the face masks and plexiglass partitions have been a nightmare for those of us who already can't hear well. Well, Krisp has impressed me even more than they could imagine - by placing a speaker on the plexiglass partition so their customers can hear the person taking their order loudly and clearly. Thank you SO much for this much appreciated effort, Krisp!

Danny N.

guys. nutella madeleine hot. trust(if youre "sorta" a sweet tooth). GUYS. NUTELLA MADELEINE HOT. TRUST(if youre "sorta" a sweet tooth).

S S.

We got pistachio and Nutella lattes...the Nutella tasted better but they both tasted good. Also got a cacao was really good!! Would like to come back when we're in town! By the way the Asian guy was really nice!

Mia P.

This has quickly become one of my FAVORITE cafes in Irvine! Their strawberry matcha is seriously so tasty (I usually get it with oat milk btw). I've also tried a couple of their acai bowls which are fairly big and pretty yummy too. The place has a great ambiance for studying/work!

Elisa G.

This place is in a strip mall in Irvine. Stopped in before I picked up bf at the John Wayne airport airport. I ordered the refresher smoothie and they have a lot of gluten-free pastries and cookies that I'm also going to get. Esther is very nice and helpful! Yum!

Sam B.

#13 in the coffeeshop chronicles. This is going to sound harsh and I generally don't like to write these type of reviews, but my drinks really were disgusting. I ordered an iced pistachio rose latte and one of their seasonal lattes, an iced butter rum latte. I imagine the pistachio rose tastes better hot because the iced version I received was pretty bad- overly floral and artificial-tasting. The butter rum latte was worse- it was way too cloying and I honestly thought it tasted gross. I don't know if that is what my drinks were supposed to taste like or if the barista messed up, but either way my drinks ended up in the trash. Service could have been better too but I won't go into that and instead will just focus this review on the lattes I wasted money on. ********************** My Ratings: 1 Star: Terrible; just thinking about it makes me angry. 2 Stars: Wasn't a fan so Not likely to return. 3 Stars: Meh. Average. Might return if others drag me. 4 Stars: Yum! Will definitely return. 5 Stars: Amazing! Would plan my day around eating here

Christy N.

Holy cow, it's about time I've written about this place. For starters, I can daresay that I will be coming to KRISP for the BEST lattes, matcha, coffee, and everything in between, until the end of time. That's how good they are, my friends. And I was never compelled to write a review until today, when the establishment confirmed my true love for them with premium customer service. I was waiting in line during their morning rush, ordered through their kiosk to bypass the line, though 10 minutes in I found that the people in line after me had already received their drinks, while mine was nowhere to be found. I inquired with the staff about my lost drink, in which they proceeded to immediately make, and upgraded it from a 12oz to a 16 oz! I'm not sure if it was a mistake on their part, but I'll give them the credit. Aside from that little antidote, every time I've come here, I've been met with quality drinks/food, in addition to quality service. I have not found matcha anywhere else that oozes the quality and premium taste that KRISP possesses. Everything on their menu is also super unique, I've been so tempted to try everything! They also have an array of acai bowls that I have yet to try, though I don't doubt that it will be awesome. Their matcha series in particular is exquisite, in addition to their latte series. Choose anything off the menu, and I'm sure you won't be disappointed! I can't express how much I love this place, it is definitely worth the go.

David C.

I recently tried Krisp Fresh Living with a friend and really enjoyed the experience. The food and drink was super good and absolutely loved the place as a study spot. The Nutella Madeleine latte was my favorite of the drinks. It was definitely on the sweet side but super delicious and tasted exactly how it sounds. I think it would taste even better hot instead of iced but I wasn't about to order a hot latte during the summer. The Rose Oolong Matcha was very light, with the matcha flavor being stronger with notes of rose and oolong. The Butter Rum Toffee had a very strong toffee flavor and was slightly too strong for my preference but definitely worth trying if you're a big toffee fan. Finally the Pitaya Guava was very sweet and refreshing and was perfect to eat on a hot day. Definitely will be back! Must tries: Pitaya Guava ($8.75 for 16oz) Nutella Madeleine Latte ($5.50)

Ashley Santos

The drinks here are delicious, hydrating, fresh, and original. I recently had the iced strawberry green! I was impressed. I would totally recommend this place!

Cadi Goodnow

I enjoyed my date smoothie VERY much. I'm going back to try their salads and sample their espresso, I'm a coffee fiend!!

Jaclyn Smith

Loved this little coffee house. Everyone was top notch on custom service, they had a ton of options from coffee, to tea, to smoothies and even vegan and gluten free dessert options. Highly recommend! I hope we can swing by for another treat before leaving California.

Hassaan Shakeel

One of the best açaí bowls I’ve had. Really great.

Jeanet Padilla

Their customers are always parking in our credit union reserved parking. My appointments have to go the extra mile and look for parking which is hard to find here. Please tell your customers not to park in our reserved parking. Thanks.Tried a couple drinks... its ok

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