Meizhou Dongpo Restaurant

15363 Culver Dr, Irvine
(949) 433-5686

Recent Reviews

Wei Rui

It's on the pricy side, but the food quality is really impressive. Great service as well. I think it might be the best Chinese restaurant in SoCal.

Zachary C.

Fantastic service and amazing food! The duck and pancakes are great and the skin is so crispy!

Nana H

Oh I love this. I have seen other places have this PayPal Venmo promotion as well, happy to see here. Great value.

Lu S.

Good restaurant to take friends from out of town. Very authentic food, great service from Sophie. Her recommendation to cold chicken noodle was good. We enjoyed all the food, will be back.

Quazi Safin

Food was very authentic, and the service was outstanding. The taste, while good, wasn't amazing. Definitely the best duck I've had though. Would recommend trying the roasted duck, toothpick lamb, spicy chicken, and fried rice.

J Mar

Great service. Food can be picked up, delivered ir eaten on premises. It went well. Rice a bit overcooked, but good food overall.

Emily Z.

I had always been curious about this restaurant, and decided to stop by on Saturday for lunch. The restaurant was pretty packed but didn't have a wait, so we were seated right away. First thing I noticed about the restaurant was that the staff was very attentive and friendly (but most of them spoke Chinese only). When we sat down, we wanted to move placemats from one side of the table to the other, and the staff thought maybe we were concerned with the cleanliness of the table, and came and assured us the table was scrubbed clean prior to seating us. In reality we just wanted to sit away from the walking aisle. Also when we only ordered one bowl of rice to share, another staff came and brought another bowl. When I refused the second bowl of rice due to us trying to cut down on carb intake, the staff asked if we would really be full by sharing one bowl. Their extreme attentiveness was very nice much appreciated! Now about food. We ordered the braised pork belly with preserved vegetables, shrimp, this beef stew-like dish, and deep fried buns with condensed milk. Not too sure with the name of the dishes, since we just pointed at the pictures on the menu to order. But every dish was delicious!! We definitely ordered too much thinking the portions would be small, but we were wrong! My favorite dish was the deep fried buns. Had these in China a few years back and lovedddd the crispy crunchiness of the exterior and soft and fluffy interior of the buns, that I have been dreaming about this bun ever since. Now I know where to go to get without having to fly across the ocean! :) This restaurant is definitely more expensive than alot of the Chinese restaurants around the area, but it's totally worth it! I plan on coming back again soon and try their sweet and sour fish dish and their signature Peking duck!!

Willis P.

I've been wanting to come to this place for a long time and finally got my chance. My wife and I were excited so we ordered a bunch of food although there were only a few dishes that I would order again. Roasted Duck - this was the reason I came and it did not disappoint. The skin was crispy and delicious. A bit pricey ($40 for half order) but it is the real deal. Would come back again just for this. Dongpo Pork - this was delicious and has just the right amount of spice. A bit pricey ($10) for something about 75% the size of a rubix cube but definitely worth the order. Spicy Chicken - unfortunately I would not recommend this. The chicken is nice and crispy but there was an overwhelming amount of szechaun peppercorns in the dish. They could stand to tone it down a bit. Also, for those of you who have never had szechuan peppercorns it has a numbing effect on your tongue and leaves a strong after taste so I would not order this if it were your first time with szechuan cuisine. We ordered a few more items but they did not stand out. Egg rolls were not good (Panda Express' is better, sadly, and I hate Panda), and the fried rice is nothing to write home about. Overall it's a great place though. A little pricey but it is in Irvine, but the duck is well worth the visit.

Linda N.

Best Peking duck in California. I'm from the Bay Area and only one place comes close to this in the entire Bay Area. So we always make time to visit here for a meal when we travel to the OC. First of all, it's traditional served with freshly steamed pancakes instead of buns! Pricey at $40 for half and $70 for a whole duck but worth it. Husband always wants to get a whole one. I like to order half with some side dish. We've tried string beans, eggplant in garlic sauce, and pea sprouts. All solid. There are so many other good looking main entrees and specials - especially the seafood and Sichuan style numbing stir fried meat dishes but there's only us two and we can't stop ordering our beloved duck. Free with check in: mochi dessert (which totally didn't have the chewy texture of japanese mochi) but was more like a dense flour cake that was refreshingly coconutty and just mildly sweet. :)

Carla B.

I came to this restaurant with a friend from China who said that this is an authentic Chinese restaurant. We ordered several dishes. My favorites were the Brussels sprouts with pork and the Sichuan dumplings. Both were very flavorful and cooked to perfection. We also got the Serrano beef, which I had high hopes for, but it was actually kind of bland. Despite all of the Serrano peppers, it was not spicy at all, but something in the broth made my tongue numb, but again, it wasn't spicy. So strange! We also used the Yelp check in for a free Mochi cake dessert. That was very tasty. The only reason I'm giving this restaurant 4 stars instead of 5 is because the server came over and started clearing our table and placemats, telling us that we had to leave because there was a line. We had not even been there an hour and we had not received our dessert yet. When we told him we were waiting for our dessert, he rushed away to bring it back so we could eat and get out. I thought that was kind of rude, but the food was good.

Kelley Ireland

First visit, the food was very good, and the service was exemplary.

Lillian W.

Well well well... after a dismal customer service experience at another Chinese restaurant, we were not deterred to eat Chinese food that night. We Yelped for restaurants and Meizhou Dongpo fit what we were looking for in an authentic Sichuan cuisine. Plus the reviews noted pretty good customer service. So off we go. Let me say... the customer service was outstanding. We were greeted as we entered and exited. They stealthy refilled our waters and took away plates while giving us new plates. The menu was thick and literally was a book with sections: appetizer, soup, salad, seafood, noodles, rice, poultry, meats, and vegetables. Decisions, decisions!! Plus the menu had pictures and written descriptions in English and Chinese. Luvin the visuals. Besides English the staff speaks Mandarin. +Dan Dan noodles: The other people in my party loved these noodles. Slurp-luscious! Preserved pickled vegetables on top of rice noodles in a spicy oil sauce. +Beef shank: Hello. This was my favorite item that we ordered. Man, that meat was carved off the bone in perfect uniform slices and tidily placed around the bone. The meat was flavorful and tender. They served a side vinegar soy sauce, chili flakes, and pickled red onions with it. It was so flavorful that I didn't add anything to it. +Shrimp fried rice: The rice was light and fluffy, not oily at all. +Sautéed lobster: Oh did I say the beef shank was my favorite? This was a close contender for the top spot. The staff brought out a lobster to show us for our approval. It looked and smelled fresh. No fishy smell. They fried it in a wok, it was divinely delicious. Tender and flavorful. Juicy without being oily. They deconstruct it to cook it and then built it back on a platter. Nice presentation. + Roasted duck: They deboned the duck and served us the bones that were slightly fried with a 5 spice coating. There were some pieces that had meat but mostly you just suck on them for the flavor. Yum! Then we were served the duck meat with 10 crepes. Be forewarned that when they ask you if you want more crepes, you will be charged $6 for 5 more crepes. They need to be more clear about the charges. The duck meat was served with a condiment holder of finely sliced cucumber and green onions, hoisin sauce, and sugar. Yes sugar. I know... sugar?!? But hey I was game and added the sugar. Sweet! +Green beans with garlic: Wok blistered green beans. Yum! There is no complimentary dessert... no oranges, no tapioca, no fortune cookies. But I did use my Yelp checkin offer and received a complimentary mini mochi cake. I cut that little sucker into 8 pieces.

Michael Y.

Food was ok. Nothing really special. Restaurant feels poorly managed. Small details that a restaurant at that price point and opened for that long should have gotten right by now. Things like tables being made from a material that gets sticky over time, chairs with arms too high to fit under the table, mislabeled menus, dishes plated with no care (sauce splattered on edges, rice in a mishappen lump off center). Things that would be fine at a lower price point but don't really make sense at the price point this restaurant is targeting. Especially considering this is one of a chain and this location has been open for over a year, it's very surprising these issues are still prevalent.

Julia H.

We came here for Father's Day this past weekend and had mixed feelings leaving the restaurant. We enjoyed the Dan Dan Noodles and Eggplant. The other dishes such as the shrimp, tofu, and chicken were good but not worth the drive out to again. I would also note that the menu has a lot of alcohol options, but it is only by the bottle. The only reason this restaurant has four stars was from the tasty food. Service was very disappointing. My mother is fairly picky with her eating habits and we were surprised to see that out of the handful of greens they had on the menu they were sold out! The only options were bamboo shoots and broccoli (not even chinese broccoli). On top of that they were out of brown rice. We gave up and just went on with the meal, but on our way out we saw every table being served string beans! That we were specifically told were sold out! We asked our waiter what happened with the string beans and he only made a sarcastic joke in response. Very frustrating as my mother didn't eat anything!

Danielle S.

I ll definetely add this place to the list of authentic Chinese restaurants in the area! I came with zero preparation or expectations and I was very pleasantly surprised. Dishes on the menu where not really familiar to me, but the menu with pictures and the good explanation of waitress were perfect in guiding us in the right direction. We ordered some pork noodles that were really good, the right amount of spicyness to me, but I know that to be subjective. The sole dove fish and the shrimps were extremely good and delicate. My favorite thus was probably the eggplants based dish. If you look for a nice atmosphere, good food, and fair price I think this can definetely be a place to add to your list.

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