Miyabi Shabu

15435 Jeffrey Rd #119, Irvine
(949) 551-0200

Recent Reviews

Mayham Nishikida

Over priced ..menu needs to be updated…. And the employees are always treated badly. Won’t be going back . Food was ok

Michael Ho

We enjoyed our time here overall. They have decent shabu although the room at the back was shockingly cold and requests to lower the AC didn't seem to change much.

WeonJun Lee

I like to go to Miyabi Shabu.Especially, Waygu Toro Beef Belly with Spicy Miso Tonkotsu Broth is really yummy.You can put some chopped green onions ,garlic and ground radish on your broth to make better taste.Meats and vegitables are good and fresh.I think you can enjoy many different taste of Shabu Shabu.

Yevgeniya Vinichenko

A little weird how menu is organized. You can order plate for $11 or for $35 but both plates will be a very small size. Pricing is probably too much as for 30 bucks you receive maybe 6-7 pieces of protein, same time when in other places it's all you can eat. Food was fresh and tasty, but because of prices and very small area for quite a lot of people (was noisy) I wouldn't recommend.

Dorothy Rubner

What an incredible experience! The presentation, quality food and highly skilled staff will make you want to come back time and time. Thank you!

Duey Duong

Great food, friendly servers. Gets a bit busy and hectic, but they try their best. Lychee Sapporo is actually good!

Chris Han

I love Miyagi Shabu!! had the half and half with ribeye and wagyu....so delicious! best of both worlds and the porridge they make at the end is the bomb!!

Jessica Moon

Service was great. Meat and veggies were fresh and tasty. I love being able to watch the meat being freshly cut. Price is consistent with others in the area

Temoc Chavez

Had the large ribeye prime with miso tonkatsu broth. Super bomb! The sesame garlic on the rice bowl was awesome too.

Sylvia dlp

I love this place! Food is really good and the service was great. I just recommend new menus. The paper ones are all dirty and stained. Throw them away or at least get them laminated and disinfect them between customers!


Good. Their yakiniku is actually good too.

Huang Matthew

I gave a two instead of one is because I only tried their grill. I don’t know if it’s the COVID or something else, my food doesn’t look like the other post I seen on Yelp. Well everything I ordered was very little even they told me it’s 8oz pre order, and pretty expensive for this amount. The seats has some oil, and the table is not that clean… I paid over 160 with tips but only had 5 meats, one shrimp and one salad…

Dan Patel

My favorite place to eat out. Healhty food that tastes amazing.

Antonio Wingate

Great vibes and super personal service. The meals were crisp and delightful. Will absolutely recommend this place to anyone. Affordable rates and big portions. Keep up the great work.

Kris Legerton

They do not allow you to request extra condiments such as "extra carrots" or anything similar through door dash. Yet if you request them through special instructions they will just say "these cost extra" and will not provide you any.If you want to charge extra, then you should make a way for people to pay for these. This is probably my last time buying from this place. They are already high priced and greedy if a couple extra carrots is too much to ask for.1 star for their customer service and amount of food offered.Quality of food is good, but not worth the service they provide.

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