Poke Dot

17921 MacArthur Blvd, Irvine
(949) 250-5956

Recent Reviews

Adriana Pascual

Okay, fine, I admit it.This Is the Best Place to get your Poke.

Chris R SD PR

An excellent Poke place in a cool plaza. A great lunch place. I highly recommend Poke Dot.

Amy Fisher

By far the best place to get poke in OC! We absolutely love coming here. I work down the street and come down here often for lunch. They are always great at keeping the line moving and the poke is just awesome! I've brought friends here from out of town and all of them agree that this is their new favorite poke place.

Andrew Yeung

This place is great! The staff is always friendly. They have more fish options than the usual poke places. Also try the hot cheetos topping.

r p.

Very good fish makes the best poke bowl. It is well priced as there's so many toppings you can get without extra charges. Generous portions.

Natalie F.

Amazing service, amazing food! The lines are always long, but don't let that deter you - they move through it quickly and it's only long because the food is amazing and it's worth it! From what I have heard, the owner of Poke Dot is a fisherman and catches his fish fresh locally. Makes sense, since the fish quality here is really good. The tuna is my favorite! I have been eating here since it's inception to this plaza and they have never disappointed. Yesterday, during my lunch visit I received a free drink for wearing my mask. They put a smile on my face for that.

Mohammad Saad Ansari

Great flavors, excellent portion sizes. Prefer the salmon. Prices went up during COVID, but still good value. Personalized poke bowls are worth it!

Adrian I.

The quality at Poke Dot has gone far downhill in recent years. The scoops of fish have gotten smaller, and if you order a bowl towards the end of the day, expect stale ingredients. I used to eat at Poke Dot at least 3 times a week - this was never an issue until the past 6 months. The last straw? Today, I went for a bowl, and they ran out of both white and brown rice. Yes, a poke shop, ran out of rice. The staff said they wouldn't have any for the rest of the day, either. Unbelievable. It was 3 hours prior to closing time, and they weren't cooking any more rice. Won't be returning here anymore. Pokeworks on Culver has far better ingredients, flavors, and service, for the same price.

Cameron M.

I forgot to take a picture before I started eating but the packaging for the small bowl is pretty aesthetic! I got the two protein bowl with salmon and general toppings. The salmon was really fresh and the avocado was free so big plus! The price was okay considering the poke bowl prices around Irvine. I'll definitely be back to this place whenever I'm in the area and want a poke bowl!

Nikki Arriaga

I came here on accident thinking it was another one of my favorite spots but I’m actually glad it happened! Extremely fast service & the food is very fresh & delicious! I’m impressed!

Robbin T.

The mask police is real here . My mask literally fell under my nose and I was raising it and had three employees get triggered in dramatic fashion "you must have your mask above your nose" it was truly ridiculous. Lost a customer for LIFE ... food isn't work the way you make your customers feel.

Eduardo Frias

Have been going here for years now and love it. Hate that the prices raised and they changed the bowls to smaller one's but until I find a new poke spot this will do! :)

Vee Hernandez

“Closed due to staffing issues” Good portions of food, fresh food, sounds like they need to pay employees more so they are willing to work, IMO.

troy silva (thak1dd11)

Love this spot, try out their seasonal sauces too honey Wasabi is the best

Tyler Matzke

Very generous with portions, quality Ingredients and that makes them the best !

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