S'wich Bistro

16277 Laguna Canyon Rd b, Irvine
(949) 753-0227

Recent Reviews

Vicki L.

Excellent breakfast burritos and deli sandwiches. The house made tortilla chips are fabulous. The service was wonderful. Plenty of outdoor dining space.

Ally L

Cute mom and pop place decorated with anime figurines! Food was all so delicious! Loved the kimchi aioli from the Korean BBQ beef, as it went so well with everything, from the fresh made potato chips to the fries and even on my yummy veggie melt sandwich. We even tried the breakfast burrito and the egg on it was so amazing and the entire burrito was so hearty and flavorful! I was only able to eat half and save it for later. Everything was prepared well and was all tasty. And the owners and staff are all so nice. Will definitely be coming back to this gem!

Corey S.

First time at S'wich Bistro. I ordered their turkey melt sandwich with chips, which was $15, I thought it's pretty pricey - until I had my first bite. Tasted AMAZING and I immediately understood why the store is named "bistro" not "shop". I'm not even going to try and explain you how wonderful this sandwich tasted like, you owe yourself to try it yourself. Also staff there is very friendly. My husband and I brought our dog with us and everyone there was super nice to her (thank you!). Bruce the owner came out and hung out with us too, which was fun! We'll definitely come back for another visit soon, thanks for the awesome meal experience everyone at the "bistro"!

Bob S.

Pitiful waited 1:10 min for a sandwich Slow as molasses not worth it. Don't tip till you get your food

Audrey F.

A great spot for sandwiches! I love the tasty and creative sandwiches here. If you're a fan of Blizzard games, you'll love the decor as well! There are so many figurines, plushies, and more from their games. In terms of sandwiches, I really like their grilled cheese, which comes with a side of tomato soup. It's thick, cheesy, and buttery. My dad likes their Korean BBQ sandwich and the oink oink melt. What I like about their sandwiches is that they're never dry. Between the juicy meats, sauce, and cheese, these sandwiches are always moist and flavor packed. They also come with a side of crisp, thick potato chips. You can pay a few dollars extra for french fries or onion rings instead of chips.

Tom Guthrie

Breakfast burrito ? was good sized, and very tasty after a hike.

Daizo A.

Always great quality sandwiches with a good mix of variety so you can keep coming back and get something interesting each time. In-shop made fresh potato chips are an excellent match. Super friendly service, you can tell they care. I come here whenever I'm in the area.

Yang Huang

The best burger ever in the world!!!??

Brenda B.

Delicious, artfully crafted desserts with luxurious flavors! So impressed with the quality of these desserts. None of that overly sweetened pure-sugar laden cream of other bakeries. Highly recommend! Some of their simplest creations are the the most divine. Even their cheesecake took the cake!

Daniel Z.

This is a cute little spot tucked away in the corner of a company plaza. The food is just down to earth tasty with fresh ingredients and interesting selections. For instance, the korean bbq beef was INCREDIBLE and very unusual to end up on this type of menu. Yet it works so well as a comforting sweet, tender beef with fresh slaw. Additionally, the pesto turkey sando was so pretty on the rye bread with a slightly bitter undertone that compliments the savory pesto. The breakfast burrito is better than most despite having standard ingredients (the difference maker is the fluffiness of the tortilla). French toast was pretty standard good but not too special. Overall, COME HERE for brunch after a morning hike or after running errands (it'll hit different)

Clarissa C.

Delish. Got the turkey pesto and added the house special bacon. It's an up charge but soooooo worth it. Glad to have a quality sandwich spot in Irvine!

Erika W.

This is a hidden gem. We ate their breakfast burrito. Everything was so flavorful. The chips and salsa were so addicting! Hubby got the breakfast plate, and omg the bacon was incredible. Also just loved how dedicated the owners are to making delicious high quality food. Really friendly, and delicious!

Xochil Pelayo

One of the best breakfast burritos I've ever had. The spicy salsa was perfect.

Eesha D.

So no photos because it made it into my belly before I could think to take a picture. It was that good. The chicken sandwich with the candied bacon just is the best example of a grilled chicken sandwich. The bacon is so flavorful sweet and filled with spices. I have gotten it with and without the avocado and either way it kills. Can we also talk about how delicious the house chips are?! Have not had a reason to regret a visit and plan on visiting many times more.

Brenda L.

The good: I had an oink oink sandwich and modified it by adding raw onion and baby greens. The bread was great and the flavors were very nice. The roasted tomato was a nice touch and change from regular raw tomato. It also had garlic aioli that made it both tasty and messy. I thought the homemade potato chips were super crunchy and fun. There is plenty of outdoor dining space and shade. The workers bring your order out to you after you order at the counter at the front door. They have burgers, salads, sandwiches and breakfast items. The bad: I wanted to order the kefir soda that I saw they had a tap of but they weren't selling it at the time I came. I also ordered the bistro chicken sandwich at 11AM on a Saturday and they ran out. I ordered two sandwiches (the pesto chicken and the oink oink sandwich) but the girl taking my order somehow only heard one of my orders and only gave me the oink oink sandwich. I also explicitly asked her to "replace the caramelized onion with raw onion" but she documented and gave us both types of onion (not a big deal to me but my husband has a cooked onion aversion). The potato chips could also have used a bit more salt. The wait was pretty long. I saw the pastrami and swiss sandwich on their online menu but not in the instore menu. It's hard to see their wall menu from the counter where you order because the words on top are cut off from the angle that you'd be standing at from the front door. The interesting: There is plenty of parking and they are closed on Sundays and Mondays. The other days they have pretty narrow hours of operation.

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