Go Yummy

15333 Culver Dr #430, Irvine
(949) 653-9989

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Vincent S.

I hoped that this place would be better after the rebrand to Go Yummy "instead of Tea station, which I didn't think highly of a few years back" - it wasn't. Same bad green milk tea with boba, not sure how your boba can taste old at lunchtime but... oh well. Poor service and low quality drink for the price. Don't recommend.

Liz A.

my boyfriend and i always come here as our go to late night boba spot :) we always get peach green tea and mango green tea with extra mango! i love how they are open late perfect for when i'm craving boba :)

Betty C.

Just got some boba! Tasted great. Plenty of boba options. No complaints! I like they they give a sleeve so it's not too cold to hold .

May L.

Love this restaurant, absolutely top choice when you craving for taiwanese food and it is late at night.

Annie H.

We ordered boba milk tea from Go Yummy since we took a rest stop in Irvine after finishing our hike in Torrey Pines. The drink did wonders to quench our thirst. We tried the royal milk tea, and it reminded me of a Hong Kong style milk tea. The milk tea wasn't overly sweet, which was a plus! We adjusted the sweetness level for our drink. They also serve entrees and appetizers here.

Katie S.

Drove here on a Saturday night, expecting this place to be open since their hours say they're open till midnight. Hopefully you guys can update your hours because it's a bit disappointing and frustrating. Wouldn't want it happening to anyone else.

David H.

Mediocre food nothing special. Drinks taste okay nothing spectacular. A place you would want to grab and eat on the go if there was nothing better to find or too lazy to find.

Helen Y.

Not bad for Taiwanese comfort food. I got the pork stew over rice dish. Price is reasonable. The soup isn't that good, but their dish perfect. The pork stew is on the oily side but this dish also kind of need all that pork fat to taste good. This location has an outdoor seating area set up. It's a good place to do take out. I also got the almond milk tea. Can't go wrong with boba.

Grace B.

Love their squid balls, milk tea boba, and pork stew meal. They're one of the few places open late night that isn't fast food. The food is always made at time of order and they're super efficient at picking up the phone and getting your order made quickly for pickup. Thumbs up all around!

Steven P.

Came here a month ago with my gf and really enjoyed their royal milk tea. The owners were very kind, too. Will definitely be back.

Purnima G.

Absolutely love love love this place. It's literally a mom and pop shop that originally started as a branch of Tea Station. So glad they decided to rebrand in 2019 and go independent! They make the literal best honey milk teas and I would have them cater my birthday, my wedding, my funeral (I would bathe in this stuff) if I could! The drinks are always quickly made, perfectly frothy and light at the top with the right ratio of boba to tea. Their teas are always flavorful and never, ever watered down. Their boba for the most part is the perfect texture, lightly flavored with honey and has the right amount of chewiness. They aren't always consistent with their boba quality but their drinks are just so stand out that I'll let it slide :). Additionally, their potato croquettes and popcorn chicken snacks are da bomb!

James Y.

Drink review only 3 stars for mediocre boba but... 4 stars of you use Retail Therapy for their BOGO deal. $5.12 for 2 drinks w/ boba addon! Pretty decent deal.

Michelle L.

Download the retail therapy app for bogo 50% off iced drink! Ordered two small drinks: Almond milk tea with boba (+$0.50 for boba) brown sugar milk tea with boba Boba is eh ~hard and chewy. Milk tea is tasty. I think they're definitely worth the price after the bogo 50% off discount though! I will have to come back to try their lunch special 11am-2pm. Parking: parking lot Seating: clean outdoor seating. My favorite part is there are a lot of surrounding restaurants so it's a great place to meet with a group who may have different cravings but still get to sit down to enjoy a good meal!

Tammy C.

I was craving some good Taiwanese food and wanted to try this place after reading the reviews saying that the meals come with a free drink if you order from their lunch menu (until 2 pm!). We ended up ordering the popcorn chicken, croquette, pork chop & rice, and spicy beef noodle soup. The lunch menu comes with either green or black tear or 50% off any of the other drinks on their menu. My spicy beef noodle soup was somewhat bland and dosed with a lot of chili oil. I ended up not drinking the soup because it all looked like oil. The soup included beef, daikon, cilantro, and half an egg. The spicy beef noodle soup is not their strong suit, but their popcorn chicken and croquette were delicious, crispy, and flavorful! Their teas are the real star of the show! Like another reviewer mentioned, their tea tastes real, as in the tea flavor is definitely there. My green tea was not too sweet, and everything I would want in a tea! I liked how this place offers different sizes for their drinks. In addition, you can get their drinks with boba for all less that $5!! I didn't order my drink with boba this time and can't comment on their boba yet, but I already look forward to the next time I come here to try more drinks on their menu! Overall, I recommend this place for their drinks and their popcorn chicken!

Allison K.

Although it must be tiring, thank you for being opened late! I love the service at this boba place! The gentleman who helped me was so friendly. I got the earl grey mt and rose mt, and they were so YUMMY. The drinks really lived up to the store's name (LOL). I would come here again to support this business :D

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