Flame Broiler

15358 Alton Pkwy, Irvine
(949) 379-7222

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See photo below, lots of open space not even filled. I’m being charged 12 bucks with a drink. Every time I come here they give me a different amount of food. This is my last time coming here. I started work in the area about 5 months ago and came here almost everyday. Never got better. Everything was either always broken, or sauce was out, soda machine broken, soda ran out, more chicken than beef, or vice versa. Corporate needs discipline this franchise because the owner is giving them a bad name.

julian barrera

If I could give a lower rating I definitely would. Its one of 2 things with them.. they’re either open(usually late) and giving you bad service… or just completely closed on random days for no apparent reason. Not to mention the portions are always off and bad, especially considering how much they’re charging for a little meat and rice. Beyond disappointed with this location.

Madde J.

Tried placing an order and was told they don't take orders because they're cleaning. 45 min before closing, seriously ?!

Michael S.

The woman in charge was extremely rude. I came in to pick up my order which was not ready. She then proceeded to blame me for ordering from the wrong restaurant. She didn't look up my order on her tablet, rather I had to show her the receipt on my phone to get my order. She wasn't apologetic at all when she realized it was her fault. Never going back to that location!

Andrea Gilmour


Mia V.

Disgusting black burnt dry chicken. What a joke how could you even let this leave the store?


It's a good place for study groups or to sit and work.

Lazar Gadzhev

Horrible service!!!

Stefanie D.

Had 20 min to get food for my lunch and I called earlier to see what time they closed, they said 7pm. I got here at 645 and the lady waved me off. Now I have to go back to work starving because I was lied too about their time. Thanks for the inconvenience

Lydia C.

Very disappointed in their customer service. Ordered postmates with special instructions and they didn't know how to enter it. They said no one there knew how to do their job. I have ordered there before this exact same meal. The same meal is saved in my history because I've ordered it several times. Definitely do not recommend this location. The girl that answered didn't even try nor care.

Jenny J.

Empty teriyaki sauce. I ordered a regular beef bowl with white rice and veggies. The bowl was definitely smaller than past bowls at different locations. I asked the woman for an extra sauce and she said she gave me a large sauce. The container on the right is 2 oz and the one on the left is .75 oz. she showed me the sauce and I asked for another one and she said that 3 of the small equals the large container. 3x .75 oz equals 2.25.........anyways she didn't want to give me another 2 oz sauce. I told her I like a lot of sauce and she said I'll give you the .75 oz. I walked out the store and said nothing more to her. I just paid over $10 for a bowl and the lady would not give me another sauce that I asked for! Pre COVID you helped yourself to the sauce and that was that. Not sure what the fuss is to give a customer 1 extra sauce. Anyways, I will NEVER return to that Flame Broiler!!

Da Session

Good food but the give you a small amount of sauce then get an attitude when you ask to buy more. It gets dry half way


"Sorry, we ran out of chicken."...are you kidding me, your primary item for sale is chicken, well done guys, well done.?

Glen Larrabee

Stupid slow..

Ryan Ives

"Sorry, we ran out of chicken."...are you kidding me, your primary item for sale is chicken, well done guys, well done.

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