The Stand "American Classics Redefined"

5633 Alton Pkwy #200, Irvine
(949) 262-9090

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Erik Fountain

Delicious selection of gourmet burgers, salads, chips and frys. I had the Chinese Chicken Chop Salad and my partner had the Hot dog. They were great. Seating is provided inside and outside in a common seating area.

Mike Gonzalez

I had the burger with an egg and it was delicious, my wife had a Chile dog and have to say that it was everything a hotdog should. My son ordered a burger as well and he finished that thing before we even took a bite of our meal. So I have to say that he really enjoyed it. We shared large fries and large onion rings which was plenty. They have outdoor seating that is very nice, patio style.

Chris Hann (Chryos)

Very good burger place. They have burgers, hotdogs, kids menu, Mac n cheese, chili, and more. For adults they also have beer. It's a good family place to go. They have both outside and inside seating. Tables are good size. A full adult meal your looking at about 12-15$ or more if you customize it.


I've eaten here twice now and the burgers are very good. This last time I took the food to go so my family could try it and the boxes they put the burgers in disintegrated on the 10 minute drive home. You would think with the quality they put into the food they would have that same quality on their To-go boxes. Nobody wants to come home to their takeout falling through the boxes as you attempt to take it out of the bag. Other than this the food is still very good and everyone enjoyed it. As a side note this is my second visit and the staff was outstanding both times. Would have given 5 stars if I didn't have to scrap my burgers off the inside of the To-go bag

Nick Williamson

Let me start off by saying we LOVE The Stand. We ordered the promotional steak salad a week ago and it was fantastic! Ordered it again tonight and the steak was so over cooked that it was like chewing on a piece of rubber. If you order this make sure you tell them how you would like your meat cooked. We didn't have that option ordering online. Super disappointed.


Nice decor and staff was pretty friendly. Took about 15min for my order of onion burger and fire fries which wasn't an issue. I prefer it to be made to order and take some time than have my food prepped ahead of time.The burger was tasty and the part was cooked to a fine medium rare (per my request). It could've had a little more sauce to make the burger less dry but flavor was good.The fire fries were much better than the burger. Great taste, cooked well, and the small order is rather plentiful. I recommend the fries.3 stars instead of 4 because my takeout order did not include any napkins, utensils, or the ranch that was supposed to come with the fries. Takeout orders should always include napkins at least.

Sammy Song

The portions are huge here, you definitely get your money's worth of food and it was absolutely delicious! A great hang out spot for a group of friends or family.

Jeff H

Stand burger and ABC burger for our first visit to the stand and we were not disappointed. Food was typical heavy burger joint type but very dull or flavor and filling. The sweet potato fries were so good!! Shakes are old fashion ice cream shakes and super tasty. Was happy to see the fountain drink dispenser had flavors of Coke Zero I didn’t know existed before. We will be coming back for another go around soon??

Monday Smith

Beautifully designed establishment with a wonderful outdoor seating area. But on the inside... The inside is a sight to behold. Flat screen monitors, ample seating, and the most polite servers I've had the pleasure of giving my order to.My food was so good and even better reheated, I wish there was a location in SD (you have to guess where that is ☺️) for me to grab food on special occasions. Yes, I traveled 100 miles for their food. Don't judge me.If there is a location near you, give them a try. Two thumbs and Big toes up ???! (I have to start taking pictures!)

Erick Rivera

Pretty good burgers. Pretty good fries. Pretty good atmosphereThis was my first time coming to this place. I was not disappointed.In regards to the food: it was quite delicious. I had the Buffal chicken sandwich and fries. I did wish they had meal options. I had to buy the fries separately, but I guess it's ok.In regards to pricing: It was pretty on point. I wouldn't expect to pay less and I wouldn't pay more for what I are. Everything was on pointThe staff was OK. Nothing extraordinary and nothing bad.Would I return? Definitely. So, give them a shot and tag/follow us on our world adventures on instagram/ tiktok @thehungrynomads

Dean Walker

Had a burger and fries, very good! Will go back for sure.

Bentley P

Have only had the wraps and salads, but this place is always on point. Top notch service and quality of food.

Behnam Tajaddini

Worse kitchen everWrong food, double chargeThey couldn’t even manage itNot recommend at all

Steve Turner

Don’t bother for lunch unless you have 30 minutes to wait for your food. Ordered a burger and fries at 11:51a and got my food at 12:22p. This place was good, but definitely has gone downhill.

Gratitude Attracts Blessings - Sam

Great food. Try the soy braised pork belly sandwich.Indoor and outdoor dining with a choice of seating for all.Plenty of parking too.Service was OK. While we were eating, one of the staff came, sat next to us and was playing music on his phone as loud as he can. It ruined the peace.

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The Stand "American Classics Redefined"

5633 Alton Pkwy #200, Irvine, CA 92618
(949) 262-9090