TOGO'S Sandwiches

14252 Culver Dr E, Irvine
(949) 551-5636

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Sterling W.

Up for a cold, almost frozen hummus and feta sandwich? I threw the 11$ Hummus and Feta sandwich in the trash after four bites. The sourdough bread wasn't toasted. The Hummus was straight out of the fridge and so cold it had frozen the bread. Feta, pepper, lettuce, etc. were also very cold. The guy behind the counter who made the sandwich was friendly, however he clearly needs training in sandwich making. That is management's job.

Jacqueline T.

I have been going to Togo's for years and never had a bad sandwich. The costumer service is always excellent too

Rich C.

I've been coming here for years. Good value for great taste. Workers are friendly and fast. They do work fast so have to make sure the ingredients you select are right.

Brittany S.

Completely disappointed in this place today. First of all they had paper signs on door saying closed, system down, yet when we walked in they were open. The two girls working were by far the RUDEST employees I have encountered. I mean it's like if you hate your job that much, do something else don't work in customer service. We ordered a bbq chicken salad, I asked for my chicken warmed and she rolled her eyes like it was such an inconvenience. In the middle of me ordering she snapped at me to "HOLD ON" while she decided to talk with her coworker for a minute. After that her abysmal attitude continued as she proceeded to tell me they were out of: oil and vinegar and huh? You're TOGOS...a sandwich shop and you have zero onions or oil and vinegar?! I also ordered a meatball sandwich, after she put the dried up old meatballs and marinara on there I requested a little side of marinara to take home for my dried out sandwich and she said no she couldn't do that because there was nothing to put it in. Okkkkk. So we then said what about a soup bowl or little ramekin to the other girl working, she then went to grab it and the original girl said they didn't have any more marinara sauce they were pretty much out. The other girl managed to scoop what they had left ( a tablespoon) into the plastic ramekin. I have been here in the past and had great service, I am completely appalled by the service and lack of ingredients at a big sandwich chain like Togo's. I wish I would have gotten the girl's name who helped me, she was the shorter of the two girls working this Sunday afternoon around 3 pm. She is a HORRIBLE asset to your place of business.

Alice He

I used to go here for lunch after shopping at Daiso. I ordered online to pick up in the same exact way multiple times and always had the order done correctly. One day, the order wasn’t done like usual which wouldn’t be a big deal except the owner was very condescending when he got the order wrong. He said he was gonna remake one, but I’m pretty sure he only took out all the stuff that was squished into my sandwich instead of making a new sandwich because when he gave it back to me it was all smushed up and tasted like peperoncini juice (I was too short to see what he was doing).I liked eating here before but I don’t want to have that experience again so I have now switched to Chan Chan across the parking lot as my main food place for post-Daiso shopping (which is really good!!)

Casey W.

This place closes at 6 on Sundays apparently. Google, Yelp, and even the idiotic Togo's app all say 7pm close, but I got a rude awakening when I showed up to locked doors minutes after 6pm today. The Togo's app allowed me to place an order since it doesn't even know its own store hours apparently and said my order would be ready at 6:13pm. I called the store and the woman told me I'd have to wait until tomorrow for a refund. No sandwich was insult enough. I love Togo's but it makes sense why they're dying out. I went to Jersey Mike's since they don't close ridiculously early. Will I get my refund without hassle? Stay tuned.

Carlton W. Terry

This very small Togo's has lots of outdoor seating, which was very nice. Employees were very friendly and fast. I didn't look or find a restroom. The food was high grade. Covid times means no brewed tea, but there i are plenty of places in the marketplace to find some.

Cindy T.

I usually write constructive reviews and or reviews that move me for good service or when I'm upset over bad service. Well today was very upsetting. I know what I like and I like my sandwiches with all the fixings. I usually have no problems elsewhere getting my order done right. Well not today. The girl server making the sandwich tells me it would make my sandwich too full to add tomatoes, lettuce, onions, pickles and peppercinis. Ok, so please put them on the side. Oh, we don't have containers. Really? Ok then just make me the reubens pastrami the way you normally make it and I'll call it a day. I'm just too tired and too impatient today for your nonsense. The store did not have any customers besides me so, no, they were not too swamped to serve this customer. AND, both she and her coworker proceeded to continue speaking in Spanish. Not acceptable. No, I'm not happy with your service. I took a picture of the sandwich and it looks very boring without my fixings request. I hope it at least tastes better than it looks. Store manager - please train your staff to provide quality customer service and listen to the customers when they put in their orders. Don't post your flyers offering options when you do not adhere to them.

Chen Nisynboim

It was okay, but it's basically like subway, just more expensive and not as good. And they got my order wrong in multiple ways.

Adam Tucker 48

Great sandwiches and really good customer service.

Sheila Hoagland

Very nice employees and got a great sandwich as usual!


Very tasty hot pastrami on a pretzel roll has my endorsement.

T. S.

Have been patronizing this Togo's since the one in Tustin closed last year. Service is good, although the female sandwich maker in the mornings isn't too pleasant, however the male sandwich maker is always very nice. Anyway, here's my complaint: we are in the middle of a pandemic, yet the bathroom is locked. The owner has always been nice to unlock the door for me to just wash my hands and I lock the door behind me. Never seems to have been a problem...until today. I order my sandwich and, like always, ask the owner if I can wash my hands and today he says 'oh no ma'am, I got a bad review.' So as I stand there thinking huh? what's that got to do with washing my hands before I eat my sandwich? He says it again but this time tells me I can use the hand sanitizer. Seriously? Any other restaurant, even my gym for God's sake has their bathrooms fully can even use the damn toilet! I will NEVER EVER EVER patronize a restaurant that will not let me wash my hands. So now you just got yourself another bad review and one less customer. Keep up the nonsense.

Angela G.

CRAPPY service! Stay away! SLOW meal prep. Server was RUDE. Was, literally, only person in the Togo's but the 2 employees just stood around talking and refused to help make my 4 sandwiches. Too many other sandwich shops do it better. NOT WORTH IT GUYS!

Elizabeth G.

Ordered online due to COVID, easy ordering system even left a tip. But apparently they can't read the directions of extra Mayo. Called and let them know to be more careful, guy who answered said he had just got there Bs. He knows, he made them and dgaf I want my money back. Horrible customer service, lost my business forever.

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