Yard House

620 Spectrum Center Dr, Irvine
(949) 753-9373

Recent Reviews

Ichu Limes

Always love this yard house . Just a very busy Saturday so food and drinks took longer to get served .

Mark Johnston

great beer selection, staff was very friendly and the place was clean.

Morgan Weber

great food with amazing atmosphere and great customer service from the staff.

Brandy Moore

Waited like an hour to be seated. Not a big deal it was busy but when we came to get our seats they were like “oh actually we don’t have seats for you guys” and sat us in high top chairs and then had to move us inside (we have a 1 year old and told us they don’t sit them in high top chairs). We all ordered our food with one waitress but then never saw her again. One person brought out my MIL’s food, then another 15-30 minutes later brought out my husbands. Another 30 passes and my food never came out... I went to the bathroom while my husband told them to just cancel the order and I saw what I ordered in the window sitting by itself far away from everything else and I wondered if maybe that was mine and just got forgotten about? When I came back from the bathroom I pointed it out to my husband (not knowing he canceled the order) and I was like well maybe they’ll tell us they already made it and I can eat it on the way home. But I could see the manager bring it to the back and do whatever with it. He couldn’t even come apologize or nothing. I would’ve waited but I was pregnant and getting really sick from not eating for such a long time. So while everyone had super yummy food I had fast food I waited hours to eat ?I was so excited too because I love yard house in ocean side. And we were excited to show our Mom this restaurant too but we were in Irvine not Oceanside unfortunately...

Evelyn Cost

Very friendly waitress. Not so crowded that we felt comfortable being inside. Some staff were wearing masks but not all. Ventilation was good as we could feel the air moving.

Alicia Benn

The food was great. The service was great. The cocktails were made very well. We had a great time! Shout out to our awesome server, HECTOR.

Fusion Hotline

Food was great, service was not. We came in in a fairly busy time but were seated fairly quickly. After we ate we ordered desert to go and we used the Ziosk to pay to make it easier on our server. We waited for our desert for a long time while our server was MIA. We finally flagged him down when we saw him and he said that our desert will be right out. After a while he brought us the bag but it did not have both of our boxes so he had to go back to fix the order and put another box in. We did not get any utensils with our to go order either even though we asked for them. We were pretty disappointed but might try again if not this location at a less busy time.

Dan P.

Love it here good food good drinks good service normal wait time 15-20 min Happy hour is only ** Monday's- Wednesday not Thursday or weekends Normally come at night time 9pm-11pm Always a good time here

Morales M.

Good experience, food was great! Just wondering who gets the 20 percent tip? Waitress took our order, brought kids drinks, and ranch for later. But food and drinks arrived by other servers, she just checked on us and other servers brought the extra stuff. And we paid on a computer at the table. Just hoping that the servers that actually brought our orders get some of that tip.

Julia V.

Let me start off with saying poke nachos are to die for!! I've had poke nachos at a few other places, but nothing beats the one at yard house. It's literally perfection with the delicious tuna bites on top of the crispy wonton skin chips covered in spicy mayo, cilantro, seaweed, green onions, and sesame oil. I'm drooling just writing this review - please go get it! As for the other items we ordered, the Nashville hot chicken sandwich was not very hot at all and definitely on the drier side. I would not recommend getting this chicken sandwich. But back to the poke nachos, yes! Yes yes!!! There's a reason why it's one of their top items :) Service was attentive and friendly! Will be coming back for my poke nachos fix.

Kim C.

While shopping at Irvine Spectrum, stopped in here for a quick lunch. Food was actually quite good, service was average. BUT, if you're looking for a "safe" indoor dining experience during the COVID-19 surge, avoid this place like the plague. There are absolutely zero COVID-19 safety protocols in place. Will we eat here again? Definitely NOT! Enter at your own risk.

Audrey B.

I ordered the turkey club sandwich and I got food poisoning immediately afterwards. Was on the toilet till 5am. Don't come here.

Tony R.

I've been going to the Yard house since they were privately owned and had only one location in Long Beaches Shoreline Village, many years before they became a corporate sellout. Before the corporate abomination bought them, they were easily 5 stars. Over 200 beers on tap, no duplicate tap heads. The menu was unique and the food preparation was fantastic. The staff was always top notch. Now that they are owned by a cancerous corporate monster they are definitely not what they used to be. The food is still good, but the menu is pretty much a cookie cutter image of every other corporate chain with only a small remnant of the original menus signature items. The beers on tap now have many repeating tap heads, very misleading, and the selection of beer had dropped tremendously. The staff is fine, but there is definitely a corporate mentality among them. It's still a nice place to get decent food and beer or cocktails, but it falls infinitely short of what they used to be.

Diane Mata

We enjoyed our meal. I highly recommend the seafood pasta dish. It was SO delicious I could not stop eating it! Good amount of seafood in this dish & so tasty!We dined outdoors, on a rather warm day. We were in the shade & had lots of water & ice. Fun to reconnect with a good friend, over great food, & people-watch outdoors. ??

Cameron Stiles

The kitchen was awful. Everything was dry from sitting under a heat lamp and very few ingredients were fresh to begin with. My beer was great and service was fine. But this place sucks….hard. Definitely won’t be going to a Yardhouse again.

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