Dragon Garden

1063 E Ave. J, Lancaster
(661) 729-0886

Recent Reviews

Jonathan Escobar

This place used to be the best in town. They started watering down their sauces and how much they use to make their chow mein. This place would and still does give you alot of food, but the quality just isn't there any longer. They no longer give you fortune cookies either, pretty lame way to save a penny. (you can buy their almond cookies for 1$ ea, or you can go across the street and buy a box of them from the 99cents store.)

Jordan E.

Omfg this place really sucks! All the food including the beef tastes and smells like fishy and they probably do not was their wok or anything else! Do not eat that shot if you are in your right mind please stay away!

Pamela Smith

This was a great place, but lately the food just isn't the same, and the employees act like they are doing you a real service serving you..I won't be back..

Felipe “DJ TIBURON” Ruiz

Loved this place. Great food great service!

Lisabet Gomez

Didn't have problems with this restaurant until I found a cockroach in my food. I lost my appetite and thought I was going to throw it all up. I'm very disappointed.

Blue View

The ladies didn't understand me and had a hard time ordering. I was short changed 2x and gave up since it was so hard to communicate. The food is really bland no flavor the experience was bad the food was meh. Don't think I'll go back.

Paola G.

Their food is yummy, and let's not forget the portion sizes! They are always making sure the to go trays are packed with their yummy food! I think a house favorite is the black pepper chicken, we always make sure we get it in our combos. My daughter is 11 months old and loves their chow mein noodles! Definitely a place we will continue being customers for.

Shelley Hurle

I go here twice a week. Don't forget they have great noodle soup. I usually get shrimp but they have varieties. One of the best and absolutely the best customer service! ❤️

M A.

Great Chinese food. Huge and I mean huge portions. You really get value for your money here and leftovers for days. They even have rice noodles now - which I LOVE.


good food, professional and they pack your carryouts.

Karen Lynn DeHerrera


Amada Meacham

Favorite Chinese food not only in the AV but anywhere. Now, I haven't been to many Chinese restaurants, but this is the best when it comes to its price and food quality. I've gone to great ones but they were more catered for dine in and were also more expensive. The food here is yummy and the chow mein is my favorite anywhere! I now live in Santa Barbara and wish I could have anything remotely as good as Dragon Garden near me.


I've always loved their food and service...very quick and always the tastiest!!!

Stacy Largy

Great pot stickers. Food is good when fresh.

Elizabeth Espinoza

Really enjoy their food and their prices! Not to mention their customer service is great!

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