K-BOB Korean BBQ

44810 Valley Central Way #2A, Lancaster
(661) 338-5531

Recent Reviews

Josie Aidulis

Excellent all the way around. Staff wonderful, attentive... Food was awesome!!!

Mister Doan

Food is okay. Service is mediocre. A little overpriced, imo.Staffs were plenty, but weren't working at their full capacity. Notice how burnt our grill was?

Patrice Floyd

Excellent food and service! Kind of expensive.


We didn't have the all you can eat BBQ. We ate some individual dishes.Soy bean paste stew (Ddaenjang jigae) - not enough soy bean pasteBlack Bean Noodles (ChiaChiang Myun) - Not bad- a little sweetUdon - not great, but not terribleSweet and Sour Pork (Fried) - this was the most disappointing. The sauce was very sweet and had too much vinegar (sour). It made me cough each time I ate.The food was ok (a generous 2.5 stars). I honestly wasn't expecting much from a Korean place in Lancaster. Service was very good (4.5 stars).Restroom was a disaster... Please spend some money cleaning and maintaining it.

pook ie (Living Like Larry)

Way too expensive for the quality and amount of food provided. Came here to celebrate with friends— staff was AMAZING! Still had an enjoyable time, but I’m very unsure about coming back in the future.

Kalen Rolfe

With lots of choices of food you cook at your table, and dishes ordered from the kitchen, the price is great and service was decent

Isabel M.

After coming to this kbbq place I will never go to any other one again. The food here is amazing, I have zero complaints for the food. However, I would suggest going early so that you can get served faster because when it's packed it can take a while. The service is great and are very attentive.

Pearry P.

Excellent food, service, and atmosphere! We will definitely go back again. My meat choices are beef brisket, beef tongue, boneless short rib.

Chelsea Hays

The food was really good and the service was super fast due to the little “call” button they have at each table!

Jonalyn L.

Went here on a Friday afternoon, no wait time but there are people already dining in. My top 3 must try are as follows: thinly sliced brisket, thin beef belly& thin pork belly. They have unlimited sides, steamed rice & miso soup. Paid almost $80 for 2, not bad for buffet will definitely be back & recommend to friends :)

Aimee L.

The food was good, but a little too pricey. It was not $30 a plate good imo, but I will still go once in a while for variety bc I did like the atmosphere and food.


If I could put NO stars I would. Stood waiting 45 minutes for a table, while 3 booths were open. I am guessing the manager stated those tables were for 2 or more people and he expected me to stand and wait upwards of an hour longer for a birthday party to end so he could place me at a smaller table. ZERO stars and I will make sure EVERY fire crew and aviation crew knows.

Deanna Contreras

This restaurant sucks ? We were 5 adults and 2 kids and we waited more than an 1hr ridiculous!!! Please be aware of your customers and give them a faster service. 1st and last time coming to this restaurant.

Armando S.

Sam the owner has horrible customer service. The server came sat us down brought our drinks and we never saw him again. Another sever from another table brought me my second order of meat. When I asked for the check I was overcharged as my son was 7. When I brought it up. They said ok we're now charging you for the left over food. I left no tip as the server never came back. The owner checked me out and has the worst attitude won't be coming back. Food wasn't as good as the price either. Hey Sam. I made sure to add your name like you asked me to.

Xo X.

My first time going and it was delicious. Great customer service even tho I do wish i would see the server more. I would come again if it was not to pack with people.

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