Lucky Luke Brewpub

735 W Lancaster Blvd, Lancaster
(661) 522-3775

Recent Reviews

Luis Ramirez

Great customer service! Food always great ?Chill environment, a really friendly staff Mikena and Isaiah are great. But I want more service I felt neglected jk there rock

Rick Rote

We have had 2 great meals here, outside only. Meal choice is good, I very much enjoyed the Cesar chicken wrap and totally loved the Fancy Pants burger. Each and every other member of our parties also enjoyed their meals, and not just because I paid. Waitresses were great and very friendly. Happy to return any time.

Alan copeland

I have tried the Pulled Pork and Turkey burger here and both were absolutely fantastic. Hands down the best bar food in the AV. The outdoor seating is nice and service is quick and friendly.

Derrick G

Takes a bit of time upon ordering but when you get it, it makes sense. Bacon is great. Firm but not burnt, not dry and yet not greasy.Get it while you can before the state's bacon ban!

tyler mercer

Excellent place to grab a delicious burger and drink some beer with the boys. I would recommend trying this place. Not good enough to go frequently, but good enough to return.

Susan Higgins

Shrimp tacos were the BEST!! Everyone enjoyed their meals and drinks. Great service. Love Lucky Luke!!!

Angie sanchez

Tried the vegan Nashville sandwich and it was decent bit soggy because of the slaw the cauliflower fried Nashville patty was very tasty, vegan chili was over spiced and doesn’t include vegan cheese nor cream. Came in on Sunday at 12:30 but took over 30 minutes for the waitress to come back and take the order. The blonde original tasted great ? I recommend just coming in for the beer.

Debbie Grace

Wow! Those loaded tater tots are impressive! Good beer, nice staff. Fun location.

Peter Redman

We are new to the Palmdale/Lancaster area and were eager to explore the local breweries and restaurants. The staff at Lucky Luke Brewpub was extremely friendly and accommodating of the severe food allergies in my family. The servers and kitchen staff went above and beyond to serve us a delicious, allergen-free lunch. We’ll definitely come back for food and drinks!

Joe E.

The service and food was excellent one of my new favorite places the server marissa is excellent

Gordon R.

Tried this place for the first time and I didn't enjoy it at all. The food was overpriced, way too rich and heavy. The beer was very underwhelming and they didn't have much to choose from. Staff doesn't seem very happy to be there and they look like they're all walking on eggshells. Very tense feeling which makes me wonder how well they are treated. I ordered a burger and it was terrible. Extremely greasy and one of the soggiest burgers I've ever wrapped my hands on. Mid way through my meal, I had to get up and go to the restroom to vomit because the food made me sick.

Debbie Rankin

Such a wonderful and friendly staff. Good food. Nice place just to hang.

S. S.

Bad Food, High Prices, and Unsanitary Practices: The Fancy Pants Burger is grossly overpriced at $15 and is a repulsive clash of flavors. Far too much grainy mustard, far too much blue cheese, far too much onion jam, and far too little beef. Side salad dressing (sesame and ginger) was another flavor failure. Any version of simple vinaigrette dressing is not available. Service was ineffective. Two different waitresses, slow food prep and sloppy meal delivery added to dissatisfaction. The burgers and sides were mixed up and served to the wrong diners. Worst and saddest of all was the staff's gross and unsanitary mishandling of a sick diner's vomit under the table area in the outdoor patio. A dreadful, unfortunate task (as our meal was delivered) was made unsafe and unsanitary for staff and nearby diners due to an incompetent response to the stinking mess, most likely due to poor or non-existent food safety training. Plain water was poured over the area, some of which flowed away toward a nearby diner's table, before towels were used. This method was ineffective in removing the vomit from the table area. Inadequate amounts of cleansers were used to disinfect the table and patio surfaces. The cleanup work was done by a waitress who was also serving the patio tables. There was very little protective gear. When we departed, the patio area at the table remained unclean and unsanitary 45 minutes later. No manager was on the premises tonight to supervise the cleanup or address the sickening impact on other diners. No apologies, no acknowledgement. Stay away from Lucky Luke's overpriced and heavy-handed food, poor service, lack of professional management, and unsanitary conditions.

Marcos H.

Love this place! Sam, Payton, and all the other staff are extremely friendly. Not to mention, the food and beer is A1! 10/10 y'all gotta go try em out!

Hamlet O.

Awesome service, waiters are all nice and come by and ask anything you need at-least 2-3 different waitress came by asking. Stop by for a quick bite Ordered the cheese curds - basically tatortots with cheese filled inside like mozzarella sticks but way better. Pub house burger - Great choice they make the cheese which is melted cheese that tastes really good. They got couple of there own beers they brew but didn't try any but if I'm in Lancaster again will be back for some good food.

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