Moms Teriyaki & Bowl

1128 W Ave I, Lancaster
(661) 945-9240

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Sylandra Jenkins (Niecy)

She has the most delicious chicken and beef teriyaki bowl&shrimp fried rice her food is great , i highly recommend you try her will enjoy.!!

Lyrical S.

The food is good, but you can't separate the food from the service, so 2 stars. We're masked and the small slot opening makes communication difficult, I know. But if we don't hear each other and the order is wrong, don't get mad, fix it. The solution to a miscommunication about tempura isn't to put steamed veggies on top of crispy shrimp. Just ask how you can fix it, don't yell at the customer and double down, talking about recordings and explaining what tempura is. So disrespectful. The owner wanted no parts of the bad service and left without even trying to help. The cashier is an a$$, and the food was so expensive, it soured me on this place that I'd been coming to for years, and so I'll say that if you want this kind of food, make your own, and go elsewhere. 40 dollars for 2 plates is ridiculous, but topping it off with bad, disrespectful service is a no.

Lance T.

Great lunch spot! Better than Yoshinoya. The meat is much better. Got the teriyaki beef bowl, rice is cooked perfect, to accommodate cabbage, broccoli and carrots must have been here before just don't remember it. I need to try the rest of the menu just kept it simple at first.

Frederick Hill

I have been going here for years. The food is great and the menu has been enlarged.Only 2 people are allowed in the location at a time. Today I bought the beef and teriyakiPlate with vegetables and rice. I also boughtVegetable Egg rolls. Great choices.

Danny Clifton

It was my first time there and its small but clean and the food is good.


Good n reasonable prices

lushawnya thomas

Good as usual. I love their food.

Stove Marino

My new favorite place to eat in All of Lancaster, California

Genevieve K.

Teriyaki chicken and/or beef bowls, egg rolls, etc...that's what you will find here. This is a real mom and pop small restaurant. But don't let that stop you from trying their fresh made-to-order food and enjoying it! I called to order a chicken bowl and veggies (no rice) and a chicken/beef combo plate to go and I was told to come in 20 mins. I arrived and it was being packaged as I was paying. It was delicious and fresh! They serve so much I now have leftovers for dinner.

N. Gatewood

Its okay. Very small place. Too expensive.

Jan S.

A bit of a hidden spot in the AV but a gem of a place once you try it. If you're able to wait ~30min for your meal (which is cooked fresh to order), then you're in for a teriyaki meal far better quality than the Yoshinoya chain. If you simply cannot wait, then that's what fast food is for. This here is more of that "Mom's home-cooking" feel (hence the name) and you wait for it cuz you know it's going to be good. I've tried both their beef and chicken teriyaki meals and they're great. But what keeps me coming back is their Galbi Ribs. To me, this is the entree that sets them apart from the Yoshinoya and Flame Broiler that's nearby. You just can't get it anywhere else and that makes it worth the wait. You can also call in your order ahead of time so your order is ready when you get there.

Peter H.

Ok I ordered a simple chicken bowl, Took 30 minutes for that. There's not much service and good luck trying to ask someone what happened to your food. They have no way of tracking your with written paper receipts. I asked for a copy and the lady had a look like tuff luck. I'd definitely skip this place for sure due to the service aspect. As for the food you can tell they cook the chicken when you oder. You can taste the char from the grill which was was not pleasant. Rice and veggies were very basic. You'd like to eat your food mixed together but you can't. The styrofoam bowl and small plastic fork are not ideal for handling. 2 star overall

Tommie Olson

I eat here all the time and I enjoy the food I even reccomend that my friends and family wat here, but today I am very unhappy with the customer service experiences! I spent over $30 on food and was charged for teriyaki sauce at a teriyaki place, I paid the extra fee and told owner how unhappy I was, she didn't care was not accommodating to my concerns.I will never eat here again! Worst experience ever!

Margaret Ramirez

The food is very bland, no flavor at all. Plus the shrimp tempura looks like it was just bought at costco and heated up and thrown on the container. Like if you are paying for a $50 food because that's how much they charge for a shrimp and chicken fried rice and shrimp tempura with a lot of rice and broccoli. Expensive and flavorless. Make your food from scratch if you are charging an arm and a leg for it.

Mary J.

So I got the Bulgogi with rice and I really went to say it was good but I couldn't taste it through all the pepper and the noodles that I'm sure they put under my Bulgogi to make it look like it was more there...But the Yaki Was good.

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