Panera Bread

43458 10th St W #101, Lancaster
(661) 974-8366

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Dana Depreter

I ordered the half soup half sandwich you pick 2 combo. I asked for the broccoli cheese soup and the napa almond chicken sandwich. The sandwich had more arugula than actual chicken and a tomato that was so thick it couldn't be stomached. The soup had no broccoli in it. It was nothing but a cheese liquid. Panera broccoli cheese soup used to be my favorite. I literally just got cheese sauce. I have never been so disappointed in my life. This establishment has gone down hill. I feel the company ripped me off.

Johnny Zarate

Good & friendly service. Quick. Oh and the food so good. A bit pricey

Alexandra Shaw

Like look at the picture… the bowl is half filled! There is no hummus, barely any rice of quinoa. What I paid for and what I got is basically a scam. SMH… won’t be going here ever again. I’m tired of these food places cheating their customers for profit rather than give a good product.

Gary Emmons

I had the pick-2 lunch. 1/2 Turkey sandwich and Baked Potato soup!

Valerie Economu

Very good food and friendly staff.

Tina Watts

Placed order for carry out like I normally do. The difference in this scenario was boyfriend was traveling through Lancaster and offered to stop and pick up food. I ordered enough for lunch the next day, he ate his before getting back on the road. After he arrived home with the food about an hour later, and I moved onto the soup notice it was regular mac & cheese and not the broccoli mac & cheese soup. Called and informed the store of the error. They apologized and offered for me to pick up the correct item and a complementary side. And informed them that I am not local and it’s just happened to be this particular store that we stopped at and if they can refine the amount of the item charge refund it back to your card. Was inform no can-do.

Rebekah R.

I love Panera, but these employees are super cool and hooked it up with the Pan! You know your girl LOVES BREAD lol

Luis Mellado

Fast and friendly service... Love this location of Panera, it's always clean and they are fast

Bette Valdez

Recommend the corn yummy! Had an excellent server...Ashley. A very conscientious and friendly young lady.

Rayhana H.

I am a huge fan of Panera, and have come to this location multiple times and never really had any major issues. I went to this Panera on Saturday with a friend of mine, and both of us had a simple salad and green tea papaya drink. Since Saturday, we have both been extremely sick and nauseous, it's currently Tuesday night.. I don't know what was wrong with the salads, or maybe our drinks but something definitely was not right. I don't think I can come back here only because I am slightly worried about what made me THIS sick that almost 3 days later I am still nauseous.

Pimp Shoes

So am one of many homeless people in Lancaster, and Panera Bread has free Wifi and clean bathrooms and those two things make it awesome to me. So I was in the lobby charging my phone and this gentlemen approached me and asks if am hungry and offers to buy me lunch and of course am awe struck in gratitude almost to tears cause its not often people convey kindness with a manifestation attached to it.This story gets better... this awesome God fearing Muslim man in scrubs proceeds to buy me a $100 gift card so that ill have lunch for the next several days.At this point am speechless in shock all that comes our is thank you thank you thank you so much. This means so much to me. So for the next few days I order food and instead of the employee's being nice its much the opposite almost like they wanna steal my joy. This post would be much to long to explain but if you've ever been in my shoe's you know what am talking about. But the quality of food is too shelf. Prep of food is mostly the same. Quality of service hit and miss depending who's working that day.

Nick P

The wi-fi is horrible. Please don't offer it if it doesn't work properly.

Dani H.

So generally, we enjoy Panera. Great place to eat and study with a group, food is yummy, bakery goods are yummy. However, yesterday my mom ordered Panera and had it delivered and it was super disappointing. I have only done a few food deliveries throughout the pandemic, but I'm beginning to think that the quality of food is not the same as if you are there in person, at any restaurant. My husband ordered a half sandwich with salad, the Smokehouse BBQ Chicken Sandwich. Attached is a picture of the advertised sandwich and what he received. There was also a hair in his Green Goddess Cobb Salad. I watched him pull it out! The three of us at the table didn't have this hair color, and it was wound around in the salad. My mom did get in touch with them and at first they refused to refund any money, but she persisted and they finally agreed to refund her for the meal, which I appreciate. However she should not have had to push the issue. The sandwich was a let down, and hair was not appreciated. Be better!

Michelle F.

This place is getting worse. I love the food at Panera however the prices keep going up and the quantity keeps going down. My husband ordered to go and when he got home the entire order was wrong. They advertise on their receipt that they will make it right but it's not like we live next door. Really disappointing. I would not have reviewed if this was the only time but it happens frequently. He could have checked while there but you shouldn't have to check.

Cathy Quessenberry

delicious fresh food. Excellent and friendly service.

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