Red Salmon Japanese Restaurant

2010 W Ave J8 #113, Lancaster
(661) 945-6565

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Angela Garcia

Had to wait awhile to get in since the dining area is so small but it was really good food. I got the dinner box and it was a lot of food. Definetely worth its price. All the sushi we ordered was devoured

Giselle L.

18 July 2021 *Review is based on overall service and food* It's my sisters birthday and she loves sushi and our parents have been here multiple times and they talk veryhighly about this place. So we decided to give it a try. I understand that this place is short staffed, but the staff/owners are absolutely NOT trying their best to accommodate guests. No chairs outside for guests to sit, and we had been waiting for our party to be called for about an hour and when I went inside to ask about how long it would take for us to get seated. I had seen 3 booths emp Staff, is honestly not that great. They are no where to be found until your food is ready to be served. You have to take initiative and get everything you need/want within the 2 split seconds that you see them, if not then, you'd have to get up and get everything yourself at the mess of a damn table that they have showing in front & center, where all the guests can clearly see how unorganized, small/cramped place, and unprofessional this place is. Not to mention, the owners here, obviously don't care about customer service or their staff, if they did, they would ensure that there is enough space and a section for every single thing from packets of sweet and low to boxes of napkins or even to-go boxes. If they cared about their employees, the employees might actually be pretty okay with working there. You can see that the employees don't care about the customers and it all boils down to how the owners/managers treat them. Food came out okay, I don't really like sushi but from what I've seen, every item my family ordered came to us at different times and it took about 30 minutes for the last item to arrive.

Dyana C.

It was ok. Nothing was labeled and all the sushi's were in two boxes, was left confused as to which one was which since I had never ordered from there. Many looked similar. Took 40 minutes for 4 rolls. I understand that Covid has made people not want to work but they should let people know it's a longer wait.

Luis L.

I was looking forward to eat at this sushi spot. We got there in peak hours and is completely understandable that it gets full quickly and write your name on the list. Is not ok when you witness people just bypassing the list and sit without checking in with the staff there. Very unorganized and poor customer service. The food was below average sushi I have tried in countless restaurants I been too. The salmon was soggy and the rolls were also soggy. I won't be back for sure.

Deanna Caballero

They need a bigger restaurant.. I get there were capacity restrictions and they have limited staff.. but waiting an hour or better for a party of 5 because they seated a small party at the only large table they have is a bit much. Otherwise my family loves the food and the staff was nice.

Rigoberto Aguirre

Right now under covid conditions my new I can understand being a little short staffed during the lunch time it's limited to every other table so maybe about five parties of no more than four.Now in regards to the food I found it a little lacking the fish was clean tasting but the rose and a combinations and lacked some depth of flavorIn some of the pictures I posted there is a miso vegetable soup do not order it the waitress forgot to ask if we would like it with bacon or without but it's not really vegetables it was more like bacon and cabbage fortunately the waitress agreed to removing the item off my bill do not order it.On the other hand please do order the oysters which I also took a picture of fantastic very clean good size very fresh in regards to soups please try the Miso tempura soup which was fantastic great tasting broth the sushi which is why we were there the Ono and the albacore and the tuna were okay the owner and the albacore definitely locked some taste on the albacore the crunchy onions were soggy because the sauce was added after it was topped with the onions so you don't get the crunch and all the flavors go dripping by the side instead of penetrating deep in would I give it another try be honest probably not anytime soon maybe if somebody else was going and they want to go there I would go

Gabrielle B.

The staff here is ALWAYS cheerful and so accommodating. And their food is yummy/well-served. That combination of service and food quality is what keeps me coming back! Right now the restaurant isn't at full capacity because of social distancing... so we did wait about an hour for a table of 7 people. Hopefully they'll re-open to full capacity soon!

Ron Bachiller

Good food but they need better help. They don't answer the phone. And when they do, they put you on hold until you drive there. At which time they forgot they put someone on hold. Another thing, they have about a 20% chance of getting your order correct the first time. I'll be eating at Big Tuna from now on until they get some competent front people.

Christine Ortiz

The sushi is good not the best. The loaded mussels are Bomb! There will be a very long wait so if you don't want to wait an HR or more get there before they open. Service isn't the greatest but im a patient person. I know a lot of people are just learning to be servers. I know the restaurant industry is hurting for people to apply. So anyone not working and wants to work. I'm sure there are more opportunities out there. Good luck

Bun Ee

If I could leave a zero I would! I know the AV area is not where we should expect top tier sushi but this was just bad. I usually never complain but the food was not fresh and their fried rice was burnt and smelled like butt. Vegetables in the “sushi” rolls were close to rotting (black spots on them). Do not visit this place! There are better places to go to.

Dreamy Venus

It took like an hour for my food but that's just cause they were short staffed so I get that. But when I got the food, it was..underwhelming to say the least. Nice people though. Cool place to take pics.

Morgan M.

Red salmon is delicious. I have spent way too much money here just because I can't stop. You have been warned. They are very busy and understaffed but my order always comes out good and they are always nice to me even when things seem crazy inside. I appreciate you all.

Moody F.

Solid service , wait was a little long but that's expected due to amount of seating in the restaurant . . Had the chefs choice Sashimi Sampler along with the oyster shooters , which proceeded to give me food poisoning later on the same night . Although I guess that's expected when ordering oysters from a sushi place in the middle of nowhere on a Sunday . . I'd honestly recommend the spicy shoyu ramen over everything else !

Jana B.

Not sure if I will be back to Red Salmon. Been coming here for many years. Food was always on top. Yesterday I was in town so I ordered food to go. 3 Orders of sea urchin, 4 orders of Salmon eggs and 2 orders of Japanese scallops. I didn't check the food because I never had a problem. When I got home I was disappointed. My order was not corekt. Not only that. The sea urchin was not fresh at all. It tasted terrible. My stomach is still not feeling that great after the sea urchin. Eel was dry. How can someone mistake Japanese scallops with fresh water eel?!!! The only thing that was corekt and taste good was salmon eggs, ginger and wasabi.

Danielle M.

Thank you Crystal for making my experience with you fantastic after not recent correct takeout order last night!

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