Sub Machine

2064 W Ave J, Lancaster
(661) 945-5030

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Miah Thomas (Mythical Muse)

I would give this a 10 out of 5 if I could. The food is so very good. The staff are wonderful too!!

Brandy Cundiff

I love this place. They always have friendly staff. Your sandwich is made in front of you with lots of choices. Joel who works often is so amazing. If your not sure what to try or want sandwich perfection he's your guy! I highly recommend Submachine for lunch or dinner. The line can get a bit long but it's worth the wait.

Daisy E.

Dear sub machine. You rock!! You made my day. I ordered sub machine through DoorDash because I'm pregnant and working from home. You must've known I'm pregnant. I only ordered a sandwich and chips. You not only sent the yummy sand which and chips, you sent me GRAPES AND PICKLES!! my favorite. I am unsure if this was a mistake, but if it was intentional, wow!! I've ordered a few times for delivery and the sandwich is always prepped as I order. You have a long term customer. This pregnant lady is happy!

Maria Borruto

Tried this place out for the first time today and I was very impressed and happy to see its not like other sandwich franchises. It is unique in a good way with keeping history alive with bomb flavors!! They use fresh ingredients, great taste and were intentive, welcoming, and very helpful with their customer service. This place is more than just a sandwich shop they put passion into every item on the menu and they have a chill atmosphere and I love the decor and theme! Definitely a must try if your in the area! My family and I will definitely be back for more!! My new sandwich go to for sure! #ComfortFood #RelaxingAtmosphere #GreatPeople

Samuel Meade

Best Subs in the city.

Antaira Elson

I used to come here all the time when I worked close by. I have left the state and over the weekend returned home for a quick visit. I wanted a sandwich and rushed over to Sub Machine because they always made the biggest an best tasting sandwiches. I ordered my usual turkey and cheese. Even after 14 yes I didn't think it possible to mess up a classic, but they did.I ordered a medium turkey and cheese. The sandwich had 3 razor thin slices of meat, a bunch of lettuce, barely any mayo/mustard and 6 pieces of cut up pickles. Yes, there were few enough that I could count them.This is the place I used to rave had so much meat and toppings you could eat half and save the rest for dinner with a medium. I don't know if this is due to staff, the pandemic or what, but this sandwich was terrible.

Tameka Williams

I love this placeI don't go nowhere else????

Jessica B.

Highly disappointed. I was picking up an order here for someone at this place. The line was so long so I thought the place must be amazing. Wrong. First sub was a French dip. No flavor, meat was dry and hardly even any meat just bread with very thin meat. My bf literally just took the entire amount of meat and just put it on one half to make a halfway decent sandwich even then it still had no flavor and the au jus tasted like beef broth from a can. Second sub was a Philly cheese steak which was more disappointing than the dip. Once again super dry, no flavor, and literally no cheese. Whole pepperoncinis with the stems still on them were just thrown in the sandwich. The Marinara that may have slightly saved the sandwich was blah as well. Ordered a side if macaroni salad which they did not have to get what tastes like store bought potato salad. Not at all what I was expecting.

James M.

Food is excellent. Pastrami, St. Val's - Meatball Sub, Club, The Gambino - Chicken Parm, Philly and Pepper Belly Wrap are all awesome. The Cobb is the best salad you can pay for in the AV! We will never bother with Subway again.

Jami Jerzy

Amazing sandwiches, and always the most friendly staff!!! Super comfy hoodies too, I wear mine all the time!!

Belrin Gonzalez

Finally stopped by and honestly best sandwich I’ve had. Staff is really friendly and the inside is decorated cool. Will definitely be my née go to for sandwiches.Also the Macaroni is 100/10

Denise Johnson-Lowe

Absolutely amazing. Best sandwiches in town. Luv staff. A must have best salads Eva?


Been coming here since the sandwich place in the AV!

Nellie W.

Been going for over 15 years. The sandwiches are good but the meat is lacking. However, I noticed the bread isn't consistent. Seems like every time I go they have a new bread. During my recent visit, my sandwich was made without asking me what kind of cheese I want. The man was getting ready to throw the cheese in the trash when I told him he could just leave it on so the cheese doesn't get wasted. He responded well if I give you the cheese I have to charge you extra for the cheddar...Wow so you rather waste the cheese... Overall, decent place. Lines can be long around lunch time.

mik patridge

OMG absolute best sub place I have ever been to. I will never go to Subway or Togos ever again. No place can compare hands down. I was so surprised when I saw in the bag they gave me some chopped up pickles, an get this, they also out some Grapes in the bag. I almost lost my marbles when I saw that. Best experience with subs I have ever had. I truly recommend this place to any an everyone. The quality of there meats are unmatched. No one can compare.

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