Texas Cattle Co

44206 10th St W, Lancaster
(661) 948-3927

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Juana Chiappetta

The food and drinks were great. Except the bacon on my filet mignon was raw and completely unedible. I understand that I ordered my steak rare, but next time cook the bacon first and then wrap the meat. Bacon that is almost totally raw is not only disgusting, it could have also make me sick if I had eaten it!!

Pamela Cason

The French dipwas super relish and the waitress Aubrey was absolutely wonderful. Going back again

Corine Romero

Really enjoyed my stake, good flavor. Only reason I gave it 4 stars is a better blue cheese dressing would make this a home run.

Atreyu Gaming

Amazing service and best burgers in town anyone who says otherwise is just outta their mind, been coming here for 15+ yrs. Awesome custome made bar with tons of tvs for sports games and or date nights.

Becky S

Was in Lancaster for the day for work. Came in for lunch. First, the pay first then we seat you thing is odd. Computers were down so they seated me and said they’d bring check later. I ordered filet medium rare with side salad and Mac n cheese.Salad was sad with weird thick Italian dressing: iceberg lettuce, canned sliced black olives, 2 cucumber slices and 2 withering grape tomatoes. Had a few bites and let it be.Mac and cheese was meh. Super cheesy but no seasoning.Texas toast was the only tasty part of the meal.The steak was the worst. Bacon wrapped filet mignon. The bacon was limp and not really cooked. The steak itself had large grissly piece through the middle. It came out pretty much raw, not even rare. I waited for a while for service and eventually had cashier lady take it back. The refire came back more cooked but refires make steak weird. I took a bite and it tasted off. Tried a second bite and it was worse than the first.I still didn’t have a bill yet so I handed cashier 30 bucks and left. A server asked if I needed a box and I said no, that it was terrible. She said she would have fixed it but it was too late and I was feeling ill from the food.Terrible experience. Bad food quality. Hopefully I just had a fluke experience but it was too awful for me to go again.

John Kelly

friendly staff great service good food!

Angela Machuca Wright

Great food,great service. Will go again

Mr C.

Came here while in town for a softball tournament. It said grand reopening on the front which automatically made me more nervous. This is a place where you order and pay at the front then they sit you at a table, sort of like they are cutting out the waiter/waitress taking your order. It appeared the staff were still in training so took a little longer to order than what you should experience. They had pictures of local beers up to order which I thought would be on tap but actually were in cans. For an appetizer we had the potato skins and for main meal had the brisket and pulled pork sandwich. Each main meal comes with two sides. Food came out pretty quick which is on the positive side. The food is a little higher on the price point so be aware when you decide to go there that it will be 15-22 per entree. The potato skins were a good quantity but a little light on flavor the pulled pork sandwich was a little small for the price and needed the bbq sauce for flavor and moisture. The brisket was pretty good but came out smothered in bbq sauce which you may or may not want. Overall the experience was okay, but would probably go somewhere else next time I am down there.

Canyoun Williams

What a great place! So glad to see you all open again and serving such great food again. Service with a smile and hospitality to boot!!

Darla Renee Strong

Very good food. For children they have a model train running through the restaurant.

Irene Martineau

Such great food, had their delicious steaks. My husband and I go there often, great place.

Steve B.

My wife and I had lunch there and it was great like always. The new system was a little confusing but the staff more than made up for it. We'll still continue to go there

Steven Sprinkle-Jones

The food was great, my filet mignon was cooked to absolute perfection. But the lady who rang up our orders did not charge us properly for the entire order, so make sure you check your receipts.We ordered two drinks and two desserts with our meals, they made me wait till my food came, then remembered I had a drink too, then when the deserts came, they brought the wrong one 2x and tried to say we didnt pay for it, when we sat and had a 10 minute conversation with the person taking our orders about the desserts. Finally after much arguing, the manager tried to make it right. But honestly it was too late for that. The disrespect of the entire thing was not worth returning.Make sure you check your receipts before sitting down, so you're not overcharged, or so you get the right order. (There was 2 other tables complaining of similar issues when we were leaving)

Andrea W.

First time at this restaurant. Came for lunch. Hostess didn't welcome us or offer any suggestions even though it wasn't crowded. Had to order off the menu board before we could be seated. Decor was eclectic, though we had to ask that the model train be turned on. Food was just ok, only thing exceptional was the tri-tip. Ribs were just ok. Owners would be well advised at add a salad with chunks or strips of tri-tip, it was that good! (Edit: Pics of previous menus on Yelp show there is such a salad, Texas Rancher. Perhaps their menu offerings had to be cut back because of Covid, because it wasn't available when we were there.) Mac&cheese was creamy all the way to the bottom of the dish. French fries were nothing special. Lunch bill for 2 (with only 1 soft drink) was over $40. Not worth the money IMO.

Debbie Kennedy

Bit pricey, but the servers were attentive and food was served up quickly

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