Thai Cafe

1052 W Ave K, Lancaster
(661) 942-6599

Recent Reviews

Brian Castellanos

Great server great flavor good food thanks will be back again soon.

Casondra C.

Waiting on hold ( they just set the phone down so I can hear everything in the background) for almost 10 mins! I finally hung up and called back, before I could even speak they put me on hold again and never came back to the phone ....meanwhile I hear them talking and laughing but no one is taking my order! You just lost my business! I understand you might be busy but you only took 1 order while I was on hold for a total of 16 mins


Good was good. Service was GREAT!

Debbie Brandstrom

The service was not good. We waited for an hour. Had to ask for everything, napkins, utensils etc. Had to keep asking for the rice?? 20 mins after meal got the rice. They need to hire more people or maybe some with a little more experience??

Mary T.

Worst Thai restaurant. Serving is very slow. Foods taste worst than Panda Express. Pad thai taste weird too sweet with little meat on it basically you're just eating noodles. Red Volcano sauce was too strong I just wanna puke after eating here. Will never come back. Waste of money.

erica patton

My mom and had mint chicken, curry chicken..and the spicy eggplant. Everything is always delicious..including the rice crispy soup?.and the dessert ?.highly recommend

Ryan Oates

The best in the AV hands down. Food is great. Service isn't the best. But cant beat the food.

stephanie Modell

My absolute favorite Thai place in the whole valley. Everything on the menu is delicious, great variety, food comes fresh and hot every time.

Donte B.

This place needs help! Customer service horrible!!!!!!!!! It took 15 min for someone to come take our order then another 10 min for them to bring us water which was NEVER REFILLED EVER!Another 10 min to bring us the soup! Another 20 for 1 out of 3 people to get their meal then another 15 min for the other two people to get their food! The bathroom didn't have any paper towels. And to top it off I had to go to the front to get the check and ask for our desserts. The waiter came to bring us our dessert to eat in the restaurant after I asked him to pack it to go. Then he comes back to the table and says the manager said he can't pack it to go!

Alexa S.

We just left lunch here, and it was an amazing experience! The volcano is always a favorite! We are trying to recreate the sauce at home! Our server was a very nice young woman. We can tell she is great at her job! Thanks for a lovely family lunch!

Jennifer Garcia

Did a phone order, was not told to park in the back of the building to pick up my food. The cashier is RUDE. When I asked why the price of something was different than on the menu that’s online she claimed they have no online menu. She then rolled her eyes at me when I asked for a copy of my receipt. I’ll NEVER come back to this place!!! First and last time here!

Jennifer G.

Never again! I placed a phone order, was not told to drive to the back of the building for my pickup. The lady cashier is RUDE, when asked for a copy of my receipt she rolled her eyes as if I can't see. Asked about the online menu prices as they are different from what they actually are. She was once again RUDE while saying they never had an online menu but that's where I picked out what I wanted. As it was my first time at that place. I'll NEVER GO BACK TO THEM. I'd rather drive to Palmdale.

Dana Sachs

I called to order and they said one moment and had me on hold and never returned, so I hung up. When you order there, they're so disorganized and seem like they don't know how to take orders. I ordered the sweet and sour chicken and my husband ordered the chicken bowl. They were lunch specials that said served with a fried wonton. The chicken had a weird flavor and texture like it was old frozen chicken breast. The sauce tasted weird and the "fried wonton" was actually just crunched up pieces of wonton wrapper like chips? The only thing that was good was the steamed rice. I will definitely not be going back.

Kanesha Ortega

A little cluttered when you walked in?! Nice food! Good customer service!

Cayson Schmidt

We arrived at this place for dinner. This spot was recommended to us by a friend. Well, it was a winning. the crew were so friendly and we had a great feeling. The food was just great. We had a great time and we will visit this place again. Recommended.

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