Lemon Leaf Cafe

39800 Country Club Dr, Palmdale
(661) 942-6500

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Maria Esther Rios

Came here for lunch. First time dining here. I had the Greek salad with salmon. It was delicious. Great service too.

Mary Born

Cranberry turkey cobb salad

Ruth K.

I like the new location at the Country Club. Great view of the the golf course. Creatures of habit, we shared the Greek Salad--love her vinaigrette and always order more on the side!!!--and they have started adding garlic hummus which we liked. Pair that up with the Mediterranean Platter and we're happy. By the way, her Garlic Hummus is amazing! Next we ordered the Chicken and Mushroom pasta in Alfredo sauce. Wow, that was amazing!!! We both loved it and wondered why in the world it had taken us so long to try it. Definitely heading back for more of that soon. We finished with Carrot Cake and Orange Coffee Cake. Another enjoyable meal.

Victoria Elizabeth R.

I love the spicy pink pasta! The new location is a bit different but the food is still great.

Jordon H.

Absolutely delicious!!! We haven't tried everything on the menu, but the hummus, spicy pink pasta, and brownie are soooo good! The process of getting curbside orders is so easy. We haven't dined in, yet but every time we get food here it is super good! I would highly recommend giving it a try.

Charlotte Parnell

Food is always delicious. Salmon cooked to perfection.

Bob Bonkowski

The Cafe catered a recent special event we attended. Food and wait staff are always excellent. Give them a try if in the area.

Jocelin O.

I saw the amazing reviews and decided to order via Yelp / Grubhub delivery. When it got delivered we realized a Caesar wrap was missing from our order so I called the cafe and they told me that they aren't able to tell me if they didn't make the wrap, or the delivery driver just didn't include the wrap with our other order. Then they said if I ever order a wrap online I need to call the cafe and tell them my name and that I specifically ordered a wrap. I don't understand why I have to do this in the first place and/or why don't they have a better system? They told me my only option is to refund the wrap by calling Grubhub. I don't normally leave bad reviews but the way they handled this situation was very unprofessional. They at least were honest by telling me they don't even know if they made the wrap but from experience they probably shouldn't have disclosed that information and then tell me for future wrap orders to call and leave my name. I will not be ordering ever again from this place but for future references in case anyone decides they want to order a wrap - According to the cafe you need to call and let them know because you might not get it delivered. This happened today. June 12, 2021.

Patricia Bricker

Poor service, losy atmosphere, I will not return

James Pendleton

Great place to eat with great food and service.

Steph N.

I have always been a fan and huge supporter of Lemon Leaf. I don't eat chicken but love one of the pasta dishes so I asked for it no chicken...gets delivered and there's chicken. Ok, no biggie. I call, tell the issue, get placed in hold for 6 minutes. I hang up and have made my own dinner in that amount of time. I call back to tell my disappointment and she says, oh yea, I just talked to you, sorry. She did offer to send more but at this point, we're done after 6+ minutes in hold

Rosy Garcia

Good and service is always

Leon R.

My wife and I first time here was great! Something different but all went well. The service was fast, courteous and with a smile. Definitely something different for the Palmdale area. Had the Turkey B.A.T. which was on point. Great views of the golf course and classical music was a breath of fresh air and relaxing. We'll for sure be back!

Skye S.

The new location at the country club leaves much to be desired. The old Lancaster Blvd location was so cute inside and had great atmosphere. The new location is the opposite - no atmosphere, no charm, no warmth. The entryway features an empty bakery display case and a mess of cutlery prep behind it. The dining room is set up for banquets with a podium, large television, and wall of faux greenery and white curtains to hide the sliding wall panels. It looks like late 80s/early90s style carpeting and chairs. The walls are stained. The carpet is dirty and coming up in some places. The room is stale with zero air flow and smells slightly musty. There is no music playing. You can hear everyone's conversation. It is so quiet, awkward, and uninviting. You feel you should whisper being in there. Yes, there is outdoor seating which seems like it would be more pleasant; however, we were not allowed to sit out there because we are not members of the country club. Our server told us they only allow club members to sit outside at this time. Seriously? At the time we ate, there were only two occupied tables outside and two inside including our party. It was an hour before closing and dead. The entrance to the kitchen is across from the entrance to the dining area, so all the clattering of dishes and employee chatter carries into the dead space of the dining room. The food is the same as it always was; some delicious dishes, some mediocre. I'm not sure if they are paring down their offerings, but they said they did not have soup today (even though daily soup is on the current menu). No big deal, but still... The server seemed disinterested and bored. Came by just one time to check on us, so we got no drink refills. After asking us if we needed boxes when taking our payment, the server returned with our receipt, said "Have a nice day," and walked off. She didn't return with the boxes she asked if we needed. There were no employees at the front. We had to pop our head into the kitchen to ask for them. Overall, this was a huge disappointment. Even good food isn't enough to bring us back here.

cathy brown

Their food is great, if you have an opportunity try them out, you won't regret it!

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