601 W Ave J, Lancaster
(661) 951-4622

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marvin long

It was good, the Chilli cheese fries always hit the spot

Jacques Brjestovsky

Tastes awesome but higher priced.

debkitty williams

This is one of my favorite places to eat since I was in second grade every time I'm in the state of California I go there I can't wait to eat chili cheese dogs they sooo Rock !!! - Debi

Britney C.

I went there expecting to receive the cheese fries they were advertising. I asked if I could add bacon and jalapeños. They told me no problem, provided the total and we get the bags. This was not the only thing ordered, so I went home. Upon checking the items I received chili cheese fries with ranch and a few pieces of bacon. This of course was all wrong as well as some of the other items. I tried to contact the restaurant, but never was able to speak to anyone. The other person that had issues as well went back with the incorrect food, and the order it was supposed to be. They went came back with the food; only for the food to be cold, the cheese was not melted, there was 6 jalapeños, and 4 pieces of bacon. Tried calling again because I didn't want to have to drive up there for the third time. Due to the lack of communication and service I will not be going back to this location.

Aprille Foster

I was at this location today and the person in front of me had an issue with thier order, the way the felt they had been treated by the cashier while ordering, and was clearly hurt. Then the manager or maybe just another employee, Alexis (but she surely should be in a supervisor position ) stepped in and offered herself as a buffer to the situation she humanized her customer and helped her with her problem reassured the customer she would be taken care of properly and did. The food was as any wienerschniztel would be but that employees ability to really help her coworker and that customer work that out was really above and beyond and awesome to see some one just do the right thing. I wanted to make sure you know Alexis your talant and abilities was definitely seen and appreciated even just by us and I know by that woman you helped. I hope your boss reads this and give you a promotion and we'll earned pay increase you could have surely lost a few customers today and Alexis really went above an beyond to help keep your customers not just happy but understood with absolute dignity for anyone involved. Good job girl! Your a rock star!

Mike Stanimirovich

It's a hot dog ? but honestly for what is served, it is really expensive. I can get better deals at other restaurants that understand budget. Personally It's cheaper to buy a pack of dogs and buns, get a can of chili and add mustard, ketchup, pickels, relish, onions, tomato, pepperchinis, cheese, shoot add peanutbutter if you want or what ever is in the fridge. Or what ever you want and add how much you want, get creative. I spent $20 for 3 dogs and 1 chili fries and 1 drink. Go to food 4 less or Winco and hook up a whole family dinner for about $25 to $30s depending on brands and still have left overs. Depending on family size of course. Enjoy Life and family ?.

Norma Rhodes

Good food. The outside tables aren't kept very clean.

Mrsnina W.

Went there the other day I ask the cashier what was the yellow drink they was serving on the menu He said he didn't know so he turned around and asked his coworker and she didn't know. So I had to back up in the drive Thur to find out the drink I wanted. I was called Lemonaid float. I pull forward and asked how you don't know what you selling and you work here. So ask for the manager oh she's on break then what's her name oh I can't give out that information So I asked when she be back from break she said I don't know I don't keep up with other people schedules. Now was that Rude or what ? Mrs. Nina

King Tyler

Decent food. Keep Jeff, awesome guy ???

Rosa marie Fox

Worst service.ever. they better get new employees waited in line for at least 15 min. When I got up to where I was to order and the guy told me to give him a few min. Sat there for another 8 min. And I could hardly understand him he sounded like he was hi. Asked for a corp #. He said why? And then said they have no number. They lost my business.

Kenneth palmer

This wienerschnitzel wasn't the same compared to 10 years its still alright but to tell you the truth I might start going to the one on palmdale

Britney Cannon

I went there expecting to receive cheese fries like those advertised. I asked to add bacon and jalapeños. However, I received chili cheese fries with Ranch and pieces of bacon. All wrong went back only to receive old cold fries, sprinkles of cheese, 6 jalapeños, and 4 pieces of bacon. I called 7 different times as I didn't want to drive all the way back for a 3rd time. No answer just rang and rang. Will not be going back.

Nathan De Binion

A little expensive for a hot dog. Will definitely use the coupons i get in the mail.

Sondra Holzmann

Good service and food, though it seemed like the hot dogs were a little smaller than I remembered! They have some great new items and the shake was delicious. The line moved quickly and everything was hot when I got back to the house with everyone's food. Recommended.

Jon Bell

As always with this chain, I find their food to quite possibly the most underwhelming, boring, lackluster experience i know of. Their food is uniformly blah, served in ridiculously minscule portions 《order a chili dog,and just try to find the chili!》, sickeningly sadly over priced, and i vow to pretend this place is nonexistent! Don't waste your time with this joke of a place!

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